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  • US TV Version
  • R-Rated
Release: Jul 20, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US TV Version, taken from the bonus footage of the German 3-Disc Edition by Capelight and the R-Rated, taken from the German VHS by Lightning Video.

36 differences, including
* 18 zoom effects
* 4 blur effects

Difference in running time: 84,9 sec (= 1:25 min)

The German VHS is running in NTSC speed. Minor mastering mistakes shorter than 0,5 sec. will not be mentioned in this comparison.

There are already some comparisons concerning the more famous versions of this genre classic by Stuart Gordon in our archive. The 3-Disc Limited Collector's Edition that was released by Capelight in Germany in September 2013 can be seen as the ultimate release, containing several interesting cuts and even an integral cut combining the uncut movie with the additional plot scenes of the R-Rated version. It also features a US TV Version, which has been cut rather interestingly. It is based on the already heavily cut R-Rated Version and contains all of its plot scenes. However, the MPAA cuts were not enough for US TV and especially scenes with nudity had to be softened down further. There were rather creative effects such as zooming and blurring used, which is why the actual alterations are more extensive than the running time difference of only one and a half minutes might suggest. Some of the remaining violent moments have been removed as well, however, the frequently heard word "shit" was left in the movie.

The picture quality of the old German VHS is of course worse than the one of the modern versions, however, it has been chosen for a reason. The picture format of 4:3 and the coloring are very close to the TV Version and can serve as a very good comparison and explanation why exactly these alterations were made.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
US TV Version / R-Rated
09:55 / 09:55-10:06

During the sex scene the beginning of the shot was removed, the TV Version starts after Dan's climax.

11,2 sec

12:17-12:46 / 12:28-12:57

In the middle of the shot the TV Version zooms into the upper picture area. Obviously, Megan's briefly visible buttocks and her (not really discernible) breasts were too much for the censors.

US TV VersionR-Rated

18:34 / 18:45-18:55

Before West breaks the pencil there is a first cut to him, then Dr. Hill presents the brain. The same happens again directly afterwards.

9,9 sec

18:36 / 18:57-19:00

Another shot of Dr. Hill and the brain.

2,4 sec

49:10-49:16 / 49:34-49:40

When the zombie fends West and Dan off, the shot was again zoomed in towards the upper half of the picture in order to cover up its briefly visible groin.

US TV VersionR-Rated

49:24-49:25 / 49:48-49:49

And again during a short shot.

49:34-49:36 / 49:58-50:00

A zoom would not have done it here, which is why the zombie in the background was just blurred.

US TV VersionR-Rated

49:37-49:40 / 50:01-50:04

Again when it approaches Dan.

49:48-49:51 / 50:12-50:15

And another zoom.

US TV VersionR-Rated

49:51 / 50:15-50:16

The end ot the shot was removed. The zombie jumps on top of the door under which Halsey is lying. Again from a closer perspective.

1,6 sec

49:51-49:58 / 50:16-50:23

Two shots directly after each other were zoomed in. The first probably in order to make the zombie seem less gory, the second one because of some nudity.

US TV VersionR-Rated

50:02-50:12 / 50:27-50:37

When Dan and West try to keep the zombie away from Halsey, the butt was zoomed out of the picture.

US TV VersionR-Rated

50:19-50:21 / 50:44-50:47

There is an unaltered shot because Dan is covering up the evil body part in it anyway, then the zoom returns.

US TV VersionR-Rated

50:23-50:24 / 50:49-50:50

And again before West reaches for the drill.

US TV VersionR-Rated

Shortly afterwards, when West drags Halsey's body past the zombie lying on the ground, the editors briefly forgot to make the butt indiscernible.

51:40-52:01 / 52:06-52:27

Another time the lower part of the picture is missing in a shot from above.

US TV VersionR-Rated

70:50 / 71:16-71:43

The TV Version stops before West grabs Dr. Hill's head and twists it so the bloody wound can be seen. He then injects the serum into the back of the head.
The following shot is missing as well: he turns towards the torso.

26,9 sec

82:03 / 82:57-83:13

When Halsey gropes Megan, the shot ends before the shirt is removed. There is a cut to Halsey, then Dr. Hill's torso grabs the hand in the same perspective.

16,1 sec

82:41-82:43 / 83:51-83:53

The side shot of Megan on the operation table is still in the movie but had to be digitally altered because of her breasts showing.

US TV VersionR-Rated

82:43-83:08 / 83:53-84:18

Directly afterwards, a zoom was used.

US TV VersionR-Rated

83:49 / 84:59-85:02

The end of the shot was removed because Megan's right breast can be seen briefly.

3 sec

84:17 / 85:30-85:31

A naked zombie is rampaging in an additional shot.

1,4 sec

84:24-84:25 / 85:38-85:39

Again a shot of the guy was left unaltered, but a strange effect was applied to the shot at this point, making the butt indiscernible again.

US TV VersionR-Rated

84:29 / 85:43-85:44

West is being pushed around longer, this shot was probably shortened because of some frames with too much nudity as well.

1,2 sec

84:30-84:34 / 85:45-85:49

Once more groins are zoomed out of the picture.

US TV VersionR-Rated

About ten seconds later, a penis was forgotten on the left side of the picture.

84:56-84:58 / 86:11-86:13

Another lower back was zoomed out of the picture.

US TV VersionR-Rated

85:00-85:09 / 86:15-86:24

Naked people in the background. And again the work was not made very thoroughly, note the butt in picture two.

US TV VersionR-Rated

85:10 / 86:25-86:26

The end of the shot was cut because a man in the background would have entered the zoomed picture.

1,1 sec

85:12-85:18 / 86:28-86:34

And again another zoom made to cover up some lower back nudity.

US TV VersionR-Rated

85:20-85:24 / 86:36-86:40


US TV VersionR-Rated

85:24 / 86:44-86:45

The beginning of the shot and thus hanging breasts were removed.

0,5 sec

The rest of the shot with the falling shelf is zoomed in as well (no pictures). The following views of West and the attack of Dr. Hill's torso were zoomed as well, probably because it was the easy thing to do. The following altered shot of the female zombie obviously has a censoring background again.

US TV VersionR-Rated

85:30-85:31 / 86:47-86:48

The glass acid container breaks in the regular shot, the following shot of the woman is zoomed in again...

85:31 / 86:48-86:49

...and slightly cut at the end.

0,6 sec

86:10 / 87:28-87:35

The pursuit in the corridor starts earlier, the flickering light exposes some additional body parts.

7,2 sec

86:14-86:35 / 87:39-88:00

When Dan pushed the zombie aside, the picture in the US TV Version only shows the upper part of the original, hiding the naked body in the lower part. The following shot is affected by this as well.

US TV VersionR-Rated

86:44 / 88:09-88:11

When Dan comes back grom the fire alarm, the tracking shot stops earlier because of the approaching naked man on the ground.

1,6 sec

86:44-86:46 / 88:11-88:13

The following shot was zoomed in again although there is nothing special to be seen anyaway.

US TV VersionR-Rated