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Release: Aug 12, 2012 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Due to the Twilight-movies' huge success, there was a real flood of horror movies and series with a romantic touch in the past few years. Especially vampires and werewolves are the most successful themes. Other figures, like for example zombies, of course, too - they will get their own Twilight with Warm Bodies next year.

Aside from just that vampire-franchise, especially the Vampire Diaries are an international success on TV. Impressed by that, MTV developed its own series combining a horror plot with romance. Loosely based on the 80s-comedy Teen Wolf with Michael J. Fox, MTV sent the series of the same name into the fight for the audience's favor in summer 2011. The ratings were good and the broadcaster ordered a second season, which is on air in the US for a fwe weeks now.

Before the second season was broadcast, though, 20th Centurz Fox released the first season on DVD in the USA on May 22nd, 2012. As a special gift for the fans, an extended version of the season finale "Code Breaker" was put on the disc next to the TV-version. It differs from the TV-version in numerous ways, but rarely offers any interesting or important changes of the plot. What remain are extended and additional dialogue or generally scenes which run for a few more seconds.

The TV-version has been compared to the extended-version, which are both found on the US-DVD by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

There are 23 differences between the two versions. In total, the long version offers 4 minutes and 5 seconds of alternate and new footage.

Connotation: Some names are faded in in different places during the opening credits. This was not listed in the following report.
0:49 minutes
Scott keeps turning his head towards the grinning werewolf-hunter.
3.2 sec.

Extended: 0:53 minutes/ TV: 0:49 minutes
A different shot of Scott.
Extended: 3.8 sec./ TV: 1.8 sec.

Extended versionTV-version

2:18 minutes
Scott is running longer through the forest.
11 sec.

4:06 minutes
The shot of Kate is slightly longer. She then says: "And from what I hear, Scott's adorable brown eyes were glowing a distinct shade of yellow tonight. Correct?"
6.3 sec.

Extended: 5:00 minutes/ TV: 4:36 minutes
Mr. Argent: "I know. Which is why you're taking Allison out of here tonight."
In der Extended sieht man während des Satzes lediglich Mr. Argent. In der TV-Version dagegen wird gezeigt, wie er die Scherben aufsammelt.
In the extended version you only see Mr. Argent during this line. The TV-version on the other hand shows him picking up the shards.
Kate's following line is new: "Okay, well, that sounds like a particularly 'not open for discussion' tone of voice"
Extended: 5.6 sec./ TV: 2.1 sec.

Extended versionTV-version

6:23 minutes
Allison's mother: "Think of it like you just found out your father secretly works for the government, and of course he couldn't tell you, but you unterstand because he's worked his whole life to make the world safer.
13.9 sec.

9:26 minutes
Allison opens her eyes and confusedly asks: "Did we miss the highway ramp?"
Kate: "I think we did"
Allison: "Are we gonna turn back?"
Kate giggles: "Now that's a fitting choice of words."
26.3 sec.

12:06 minutes
Stiles: "What do you mean?"
Hale: "When they catch him, and they will, do you really think that they're going to let him live? Especially after having been so close to one of their own? Stiles, all of the power is in your hands now. It's your choice. Are you gonna save him?"
24.8 sec.

14:24 minutes
Hale and Stiles look at each other and sigh. Stiles: "It's loading... Come on."
20.5 sec.

Extended: 14:57 minutes/ TV: 13:04 minutes
Hale is shown longer saying "Under it.".
In the TV-version on the other hand, Stiles is shown.
The extended version then continues their dialogue.
Stiles: "What? What's under it?"
Hale: "The tunnel and basement that I used to escape the fire."
Extended: 5.3 sec./ TV: 1.3 sec.

Extended versionTV-version

18:46 minutes
Hale drives away.
11.1 sec.

Extended: 18:57 minutes/ TV: 16:50 minutes
The scene in which Scott is going through the forest is different. Additionally, Derek's house is shown in the TV-version.
Extended: 10.9 sec./ TV: 6.9 sec.

Extended versionTV-version

19:10 minutes 316
Scott in front of the house is shown longer.
2.6 sec.

19:26 minutes
Scott is shown longer.
2.9 sec.

19:31 minutes
Scott is sneaking longer through the forest.
10.1 sec.

Extended: 21:26 minutes/ TV: 18:58 minutes
The camera keeps moving across Derek's stuff, past him up to a werewolf-hunter, who turns on a big floodlight.
The TV-version shows a slightly different shot of Derek and the werewolf-hunter.
Extended: 34.6 sec./ TV: 4.3 sec.

Extended versionTV-version

27:39 minutes
Scott is going through the tunnel with Derek, they leave it and ascend the little hill. Derek is weakened and supports himself on Scott.
27.6 sec.

Extended: 28:18 minutes/ TV: 24:42 minutes
Before the previous scene continues in the TV-verion, the extended version shows an insert to Derek.
Extended: 3 sec./ TV: 4.5 sec.

Extended versionTV-version

28:30 minutes
Derek: "I mean, something doesn't feel right."
An insert to Scott follows.
7.2 sec.

28:51 minutes
Scott says: "So if things are going right for, like, two seconds, can we just not question it?"
Cut to Derek.
Scott: "Can we just shut up and thank God?"
9.2 sec.

35:21 minutes
Derek raises his head.
1 sec.

42:16 minutes
Stiles and Scott are shown longer before standing up.
5.9 sec.

42:29 minutes
Scott and Stiles are standing in front of Lydias bed.
Stiles: "Do it."
Scott: "You do it."
Stiles: "I can't. I'm way too worried."
5.4 sec.