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The Uncut R-Rated Version on

The Truman Show

Scream 6


The People Under the Stairs

National Lampoon's Vacation


Night of the Living Dead


  • R-Rated
  • Workprint
Release: Mar 22, 2008 - Author: Leatherface666 - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
R-Rated (German tape from Starlight): 1:21:21 (without Ending Credits/with photos at the end)
US Workprint (NTSC): 1:26:42 (Without Ending Credits or photos)

The blackscreens and countdowns have not been considered for this comparison.
The opening credits are missing in the workprint.

Cut = 1.29 Min.
The full moon is seen longer in the WP.
[11 Sec.]

The car drives through the landscape longer.
[52 Sec.]

The fire hook is stuck in the zombie's head - Barbara pulls on it.
Cut to Barbara looking disgusted.
[7 Sec.]

The moon is shown as a change of scene.
[0 Dif.]

A zombie bashes four times against the barricade instead of three times.
[1 Sec.]

Barbara looks out of the window. The WP shows the forest. The R-Rated shows the house with zombies wandering around. [0 Dif.]

The McRuder zombie is shot off screen in the R-Rated. Only Barbara pulling the trigger is seen. The WP shows a bloody close-up of the zombie getting shot in the back of his head.
[2 Sec.]

Barbara shoots the zombie in the head. The R-Rated contains an unbloody version of the head shot while in the WP blood splatters out of the back of the head.
[0 Dif.]

The scene in which Cooper leaves the stairs and enters the upper floor is longer.
[9 Sec.]

Now follows a little recut. In the WP Tommy runs across the room and looks out of the window. Then Helen climbs down the stairs into the basement to look for her daughter. In the R-Rated it's the other way around.
[0 Dif.]

Tom blows a zombie's head right off. The first frame is still included in the R-rated.
[1 Sec.]

As Bill runs to the stairs to shoot Cooper Barbara calls after him, gets up, turns around and shoots a zombie in the head.
[6 Sec.]

Of course the credits and the photos are missing in the WP.