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The Six Million Dollar Man

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Child's Play 3


True Romance

Uncle Sam

Throat Full of Glass

artist: Combichrist


  • Clean Version
  • Dirty Version
Release: Mar 21, 2014 - Author: FishezzZ - Translator: Tony Montana

Compared are the Dirty Version of the music video and the Clean Version.

In this particular case, there's no alternate version for the song or video. Instead, an image has been added to the video in order to cover up the explicit details.
The violence hasn't been altered at all though. As usual, the problem was the nudity which has been removed from the Clean Version by adding the mentioned image to those scenes.

Basically, every alteration can be explained with breasts and nipples.

Clean Version: 5:06
Dirty Version: 5:06

Opening credits / Intro not considered in the calculation.

All in all, there are 17 censored scenes in the Clean Version.
In order to keep the song itself unchanged, the removed footage has been replaced by one particular image. As a result, one gets to see this lovely image instead of nudity during the entire video:

Time index: 01:39
Length: 2.5 sec

Time index: 01:43
Length: 1.6 sec

Time index: 01:46
Length: 2.3 sec

Time index: 02:03
Length: 3.1 sec

Time index: 02:12
Length: 1.1 sec

Time index: 02:23
Length: 0.8 sec

Time index: 02:28
Length: 2.0 sec

Time index: 02:36
Length: 0.3 sec

Time index: 03:15
Length: 1.0 sec

Time index: 03:33
Length: 0.8 sec

Time index: 03:36
Length: 0.7 sec

Time index: 03:52
Length: 1.4 sec

Time index: 03:58
Length: 0.4 sec

Time index: 04:01
Length: 1.5 sec

Time index: 04:23
Length: 1.0 sec

Time index: 04:29
Length: 1.6 sec

Time index: 04:32
Length: 2.2 sec