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Tears don't fall

artist: Bullet for my Valentine


  • Censored version
  • Uncensored version
Release: Aug 29, 2013 - Author: Hollandkäse - Translator: Blake47
Cut: 4:36 min.
Uncut: 4:38 min.

One cut
Two alternate cuts

The video "Tears don't Fall" from Bullet for my Valentine was aired in both versions, but mostly the cut version was shown on TV. The alternative video was never aired before!
In the uncut version, the dumped girl lights a zippo lighter, in the censored version the band plays instead.
no time difference

Uncensored version: The woman runs up with the zippo lighter in her hand, threatening.
Censored version: The new girlfriend may keep on moaning a little while longer.
no time difference

uncensored version:censored version:

The woman throws the zippo lighter into the water.
2 sec.