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artist: t.A.T.u


  • TV Version
  • Original Version
Release: Aug 05, 2012 - Author: WiccanKM - Translator: Matar
After the scandal around the allegedly lesbian duo was exposed it became silent with the Russian music export. Now they are back with a new album and the fitting single. However, without a scandal one can not sell anything the mucsic video offers sex and crime, put into a 3:30 min video.

The video seemed to be a bit over the top and had to be censored beforehand before going on the screens.

Compared is the uncensored version and the regular version which runs on MTV and VIVA.
Censored version: 03:23 min
Uncensored version: 03:33

There are five alternative takes and two cuts.
00:01:27 - 00:01:32

During this scene the German version uses alternative material.

The uncensored versions shows how Yulia walks down the street when suddenly a car appears.
There is also a take of Lena and again one can see Yulia how she walks and sings and turns around for the car.

The censored version shows mainly singing Yulia who turns around from a different angle (whereby one can not see the car) and a different take of Lena.

00:01:34 - 00:01:36

Yulia seems to be lost in thoughts in the uncensored version whereas she is smiling in the censored version (thus, the censored version lacks the prostitution context).

00:01:40 - 00:01:42

Alternative material:

One can see how Yulia gets into the car. The censored version shows one take instead of singing Lena in front of the neon sign.

00:02:09 - 00:02:17

One can longer see in the censored version how Yulia diverges from the guy’s belly but a take in which she passionately gets intimate with him is missing. This take was exchanged with a more harmless one in which the scenery is covered by pillows.

No time difference.

00:02:25 - 00:02:26

The uncensored version shows Yulia how she shows her middle finger to the guy in slow-motion. The censored version shows her hand blurred and the scene runs in real-time.

No time difference.

00:02:30 - 00:03:09

This happens in the uncensored version:
Yulia is beaten down by the punter and drops down to the glass table which shatters. Now he grabs her hair and hurls her along the hallway. Yulia, laying on the ground, is now being strangled but is able to free herself and crawls towards a chest with a weapon, which she is loading up in slow-motion, and uses it to shot the punter with a headshot. In the meantime one can see some intercuts of singing Lena how she is driving through the city.

In der Zensierten Fassung ist der Szenenablauf wie folgt:
Man sieht die singende Lena öfters und der brutale Kampf, zwischen Yulia und dem Typen ist stark abgeschwächt worden, zu einem Gerangel. Die Nahaufnahme der Kugeln und wie sie die Waffe lädt fehlen völlig und der Kopfschuss wurde ebenfalls zensiert.

Difference: 8,5 Sec.

00:03:14 - 00:03:15

Yulia drops the weapon on the floor and kicks the punter’s body.

Difference: 1,5 Sec.