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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

The Matrix 4-Film Déjà vu Collection

The Sword and the Sorcerer



Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Marvin Gaye

artist: Charlie Puth (feat. Meghan Trainor)


  • Capital TV (UK Free TV)
  • YouTube
Release: Dec 25, 2017 - Author: Redeemer - Translator: Tony Montana
Compared are the
Censored Version on Capital TV (PAL) and the
Unccensored Version on YouTube (23.98 FPS).

Since YouTube made sure that certain videos like this one can't be downloaded anymore, this comparison has been made with the very same version of Warner Denmark which contains an info text at the beginning. In addition to that, the TV Version is in PAL. For those reasons,there might be a slight deviation of one single frame.

Time index refers to the Uncensored Version which lacks the info board at the beginning. All in all, there are 5 cuts with a total length difference of 15.08 seconds. The screenshots of the Censored Version are on the left.
Missing intro at the beginning.
9.38 sec
(Screenshots only from the Uncensored Version.)

The Fiat plug has been blurred. Since this changes the focus, it is hard to say when exactly the blurring ends. The shot of the kiss is definately not blurred, that is for sure.
0.83 sec

Here, one says 'no' to the leg and 'yes' to the very same shot one gets to see 40 seconds later again.
The beginning of the shot (the mist on the glass is being removed) is still in it, the problem is the leg. By the way, the Fiat logo is not an issue here even though it does not become readable until the end of the shot (resp. it would if it was not for those overlays but it has been checked with a different broadcast).
1 sec

In the Uncut Version, the people in the stalls drop their clothes. The Uncensored Version contains four shots from other scenes. The first one is only a single frame long.
2.67 sec

Since the song is longer than the video in the Original Version, a black screen follows. As a result, footage from a previous shot is being used here before the final shot of Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor kissing.
1.21 sec

At the end, the copyright and the infobox that the song can be purchased on iTunes are missing.