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Psychopathic: The Videos DVD

An American Werewolf in London


Ghostbusters: Afterlife

House of Gucci

Eastern Promises


Afraid of me

artist: Twiztid


  • DVD
  • Internet
Release: Apr 23, 2013 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: HuZim MayXX
Compared were the DVD Version, represented by the Version on the Psychopathic: The Videos DVD, with the Internet-Version. Interestingly, none of Twiztid's videos can be seen in their uncensored form on the DVD.

Besides the 3 big changes (alternate effects), the Internet-Version runs 12 seconds longer and has a much better quality:



The Internet-Version shows text-dependent backgrounds, while the DVD-Version shows generic backgrounds. Monoxide and the lower screen region are on fire as well.



The Internet-Version shows different effects and fonts, while the DVD-Version shows a bad gradient. The flying objects also lack an alpha-channel in the DVD-Version, resulting in squares. Madrox and the lower screen region are on fire again.
Worth a mention is, that when Madrox says "life's been hanging on a string", you can see life hanging on a string in the Internet-Version (5th picture).



The Internet-Versions shows textdependant background again. There are also effects that the DVD-Version is lacking.
Worth a mention is, that Monox and Madrox are somewhat hidden in the Internet Version while they mention they're hidden. In the DVD-Version they're always pretty easy to spot.



The Internet-Version runs a little longer. And as the song fades out, the constant repeating "me" slowly transforms into "you".

12 seconds