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The Dallas Connection


Deadly Manor




  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Mar 28, 2008 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Ryker - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cutted Warner US R-Rated and the uncut Warner German Unrated DVD.

The Third Part of Warnerīs "Raw Feed" Series "Believers" was released both as cutted R-Rated and as uncut Unrated Version in the United States. In Germany only the Uncut Version was released.

The missing material in the R-Rated version is actually a joke. The cuts contain some breasts, a sex scene, which anyway was filmed very gentle, and a little violence. It seems that Warner planned to make more money with the UNRATED banner.

Running Times:
Unrated: 98:33 Min. (PAL)
R-Rated: 101:16 Min. (NTSC)

The bullet wound is missing.

0,76 sec.


The Sheriff takes care of his partners wound.

1,17 sec.


The scene while the car is driving along the road is missing.

4,83 sec.


The sight of the convicts backs is missing.

1,35 sec.

Alternative Material


The girl shows her bare breasts with the characters on it.

1,48 sec.


The camera moves down on the girlīs body.

1,48 sec.



Colt puts his hands on her breasts. Then a short snip on his face.

4,62 sec.


Therefor the R-Rated shows his hands stroking over her body earlier .

0,82 sec.


Also the end of the shot is longer in the R-Rated, as his hands stroke over her body and we see Colt a bit earlier too.

1,03 sec.

The touching on the screen is showed longer.

4,28 sec.


The sex scene between Colt and the girl is missing.

38,00 sec.


The girl packs her bags and leaves the room.

22,62 sec.


The sheriff gets an electric shock and quivers.

4,69 sec.

The R-Rated therefor shows him lying further on the table.

1,52 sec.


The sheriff gets more torture.

7,41 Sek.