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Assault on Dome 4


  • Director's Cut
  • Original Version
Release: Dec 11, 2023 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey

Assault on Dome 4 is actually a US TV movie, but even a TV audience is likely to feel addressed by this Die Hard version, as the whole thing is too cheap and lacking in suspense. But sometimes you do risk a look if there is an actor who can lend his character a certain eccentricity. This is the case here with the whimsical Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead), who effortlessly steals the show as the villain from the profile-less hero actor Joseph Culp. A fun fact on the side is that a certain Jordan Belfort was one of the money-spinning producers. His financially not quite flawless vita was once portrayed quite entertainingly in a little movie called Wolf of Wall Street. If in doubt, you might prefer to watch that one (even if Bruce Campbell isn't in it).

The director's cut was compared with the original version (both included on the German FSK 18 DVD from Maritim Pictures / CARGO Records).

8 cuts = 559.6 sec. or approx. 9 minutes 20 seconds

0:00:20: First of all, you see a long list of further credits, including the aforementioned Jordan Belfort. Then a scene that is completely missing from the DC. Chase is called in for a hearing to explain what happened on Dome 4. As a peacekeeper, he is accused of a series of official misconduct and his actions have cost the lives of both civilians and civil servants. Chase defiantly says that without his intervention there would have been many more deaths and that they just want to get rid of him now because they've never liked his approach to things. They should go ahead and try to kill him, but it was clear that he had done something. Now the suits want to know more and Chase begins his account of the events. The beginning of the story is not on Dome 4, but on PC7 with Alex Windham.
277.36 sec.

0:13:42: Chase tells them that Windham's escape was an uninteresting side story because Chase was on vacation on Dome 4 to surprise his wife with a visit for her birthday. She was stationed on Dome 4.
15.4 sec.

0:22:45: The committee wants to know why Chase didn't report it to Earth. Chase asks why, because Windham was in control and had already killed a Peacekeeper. When accused of playing the hero instead of waiting, Chase says that his wife was threatened. What would the chairman have done? He says he acted strictly by the book, to which Chase says that's probably why he has the badge. The committee is more concerned with the question of what liberties Chase is taking with that very badge, but he replies that he just had to do something, Windham had broken out and was about to take control of Dome 4. Sitting quietly in the corner was not an option.
50.28 secs.

0:30:20: Chase says the first guy he took out had explosives on him, half of Dome 4 was already mined. When did Chase contact Earth? As quickly as he could, he had manipulated an enemy radio to do so - the committee should probably include that as a further offense in his indictment. They take note of it rather dryly.
33.6 secs.

0:38:51: The committee tells Chase that Chase's intervention could have also provoked Windham to execute the hostages. Chase says he made Windham nervous, weakened his position as leader and stole a few kilos of the coveted explosives. So all in all, in terms of military strategy, it makes a lot of sense. The committee replies that they don't want to discuss strategy here and Chase says mockingly that he was dealing with a real situation.
40.44 sec.

0:57:37: Chase has to justify why he didn't help Dan Block, his friend. Chase says he was ordered not to comply with Windham's demand. If he had turned himself in, Block and he would both have been killed by Windham. Block knew the risk he was taking and wasn't just doing it for Chase. He helped turn the tide by wounding Windham and taking out Quaid.
60.6 sec.

1:09:19: The scene of Chase dragging himself through the corridor continues in the original version, he crouches down in pain and remains there. Then fade to the hearing, Chase reports that he was exhausted and that the fate of his wife and 40 other hostages was hanging by a thread. The government had also decided to sacrifice them all in order to minimize its own losses. Windham had almost achieved what he needed and all he had to do was fly off and all would have been lost.
38 sec.

1:25:55: Chase addresses final words to the committee. They'd need someone like him, he'd like to grab his badge now and get back to doing his job. Then he walks out.
43.92 sec.