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  • US Version
  • UK Version
Release: Aug 25, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The Legacy

Together with her boyfriend Pete Danner, the artist Margaret Walsh flies from Los Angeles to England to carry out a commissioned work. Beforehand, the two treat themselves to some time off and ride around on a motorcycle. In the process, they are forced off the road by Jason Mountolive's limousine. Jason offers the two to stay at his mansion for a few days until the motorcycle is repaired. Pete is suspicious, but Margaret agrees. Shortly after their arrival, more guests arrive at the villa. They seem to have one thing in common: They are all very wealthy, thanks to Jason. Gradually, Margaret learns that the people are devil worshippers and that the dying Jason is looking for a successor. One by one, mysterious deaths occur among the guests.

The Legacy is a kind of an occult horror interpretation of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. A group of occultists meet in a lonely mansion and are killed in turn. This is connected to the leader of the group, who is dying, and two Americans who seem to have landed here by accident. The whole thing is peppered with mysterious events, whether it's Margaret and Pete failing to leave the mansion or Jason's shady servants. Whether this all makes any sense is for everyone to decide for themselves, but The Legacy doesn't really get going. The occult horror hangs back a bit, at least the murder scenes are creatively executed. The film is directed by Richard Marquand (Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi) and the script is by Jimmy Sangster, one of the creative minds from Hammer Studios.

UK and US version on Powerhouse Blu-ray

There are two versions of the film on Powerhouse's UK Blu-ray. The main version is the US version, which is restored and in excellent picture quality. Alongside that, you'll find the UK version in full frame and SD quality. The UK version is longer by a few plot scenes, while the US version also includes an exclusive plot scene. The two versions are therefore to be considered independent versions. By the way, the voice of the dying Jason was re-recorded for the US version and the dialogue was changed. The US version is less cryptic than the UK version in this regard.

Picture comparison:

US version:

UK version:


US version: 99:39 min.
UK version: 102:11 min.

Comparison between the US version and the UK version.


The US begins with the Universal logo.

The UK shows the Columbia Pictures logo instead.

US: 23 sec.
UK: 23 sec.


After seeing the mechanic Reg, you can see the car moving on earlier. Maggie thanks Jason for his help.

Maggie: "This is really very kind of you."
Jason:" Oh, no, not at all. Americans are the kindest people on earth. I look on this as an opportunity to repay some of the marvelous hospitality that I've been shown in your country."

UK: 19 secs.


In another shot, the car pulls up to Jason's mansion. After that, Maggie is seen earlier.

UK: 7 secs.


After Jason gets out of the car, Pete and Maggie are seen deciding to look around the house.

Pete: "Take a look around?"
Maggie: "Do you think we should?"
Pete: "Why not? Maybe we'll find Adams. Come on."
Maggie: "Oh, there's so many choices."
Pete: "Yeah. Let's go in here."

UK: 13 secs.


The US fades to Maggie and Pete in bed.

The UK also fades over, but the scene starts earlier.

Maggie: "Pete?"
Pete: "Hmm?"
Maggie: "How did she know we were from LA?"
Pete: "Did she?"
Maggie: "I think that, um... that man, Jason Moutolive... Very... handsome."
Pete: "Oh, yo do, huh?"
Maggie: "Nice... Oh, not as nice as you."
Pete: "Thank you. And I doubt that Nurse Adams can be quite as nice as you."
Maggie: "Thanks."

UK: 1:03 min.


After the scene in which the household staff confer in the kitchen, Pete is seen being doctored by Maggie. He's heading downstairs to call the garage. Maggie looks around the room.

Pete: "I'll go call the garage. I'll see you downstairs."

UK: 26 secs.


After Jason asks for Maggie to join him, missing is how she just wants to thank him for his hospitality.

Maggie: "I just came up here to thank you for your hospitality and tell you we'd be leaving first thing in the morning."
Jason: "Please, Margaret. Please come to me."

UK: 11 secs.


Crying Maggie can be seen on the bed for longer.

UK: 5 secs.


The US version has an additional scene where Maggie and Pete are talking as they walk upstairs.

Pete: "Hey. I want to know why you came back in here."
Maggie: "Because we can't stand around outside. That woman drowns. The selected six. What does that mean? Jason's will. This ring I can't get off. What..."
Pete: "Okay. Now just tell me. Just talk to me."
Maggie: "What if it's some kind of black magic? Maybe that's why I came back."

US: 38 sec.


In the UK version, Barbara leaves the room after the conversation. Pete says that Maggie shouldn't trust anyone here.

Barbara: "That's my adivce to you."
Pete: "My advice to you is don't trust any of 'em."

UK: 31 sec.


The UK cuts to the dead Clive one more time before Adams takes the piece of bone down.

UK: 2 secs.


As Maggie reads from the book, the US version cuts to Jacques standing by the stairs and then back to Maggie and Pete.

Maggie: "...for I shall press thee to my service in the halls of darkness. And when my six seal bearers shall be assembled on my last days. I shall select one among them."

The UK shows a flashback of Jason sitting at his desk. A cat runs out the window. Maggie's dialogue is the same.

US: 16 sec.
UK: 16 sec.


The UK shows another shot of the dogs eating Karl's body.

UK: 4 secs.


In the US, Maggie can still be seen as she says that Jacques is dead.

Maggie: "Jacques is dead."
Jason: "I know."

In the UK, it cuts to Jason earlier instead. Dialogue is the same.

US: 5 secs.
UK: 7 sec.


Maggie can be seen in the US.

Jason: "Now... now you find six souls, and when you're dying, kill five, and the sixth will inherit Satan's power.

The UK shows another shot of Maggie, in between cuts to Jason, whose statement is clearly more cryptic.

Jason: "In return for five damned souls, the lord Lucifer.... in your body."

US: 12 sec.
UK: 18 sec.


The US shows Maggie as Jason says that she should accept his inheritance.

Jason: "I'm dying, Margaret. Take my legacy."

The UK shows Maggie sitting with Jason instead, after which Jason is seen earlier as he dies.

Jason: "You will inherit my legacy."

US: 6 sec.
UK: 9 sec.


As Pete and Maggie walk down the steps, the US is missing the phrase "I can't believe we can get away with this goddamn thing." from Pete.

No time difference.