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Nazi Undead

Zombie Holocaust (aka Dr. Butcher M.D.)

original title: Zombi Holocaust


  • Japanese VHS/Laserdisc
  • Unrated DVD
Release: Mar 10, 2014 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the cut Japanese Laserdisc by Ropponica and the uncut and not rated DVD by XT Video.

Differing opening credits = 40 seconds +cut version.
21 cuts = 6 minutes and 12 seconds.
2 alternative scenes = 37 seconds +uncut version.
8 blurred shots = No difference in running time.
Differing end credits = 67 seconds +uncut version.
1 additional scene in the Japanese LD = 5 minutes and 4 seconds.

This trashy zombie/cannibal splatter movie made in Italy was released in Germany in differently cut versions. The first uncut version on VHS was released by the label Dragon, which later also released it on DVD; the label Laser Paradise put an uncut DVD on the market, too. Some other countries also got cut versions of the movie, but not to the extent of Germany. This report deals with the Japanese version. The Japanese VHS and Laserdisc release is apparently based on the cut US version, which was back then released on VHS and cut in some plot scenes in order to tighten the plot, but all the violent scenes stayed in the movie. Additionally, the pubic regions of naked actors were blurred in every shot in the Japanese version. It is not quite clear whether this is exclusive in the Japanese version or also featured on the cut US VHS. The DVD by SPO Entertainment is uncut, by the way. One last thing: an additional scene, which didn't make it to the final cut of the movie and which can be found in the bonus features of some releases, has been reinserted into the Japanese version. This scene is missing in the US version and should have no place in the Japanese version, either.

The remaining difference in running time is due to the different playback speed.
0 Min
Differing opening credits in the two versions. The camera pans to the hospital in the uncut version, while the cut version shows a zombie coming out of a grave and staggering around. This scene actually makes no sense, because it hasn't anything to do with the rest of the movie. The titles are also different in the two versions: "Zombie Holocaust" in the uncut version, "Doctor Butcher" in the cut version.
Cut: 152 sec
Uncut: 112 sec



2 Min
The stranger opens the door and walks longer towards the mortuary.
14 sec

3 Min
The pubic region of the corpse lying on the stretcher was blurred in the Japanese version.
No difference in running time


5 Min
In the autopsy room, Dr. Drydock walks over to the corpse and uncovers it.
12 sec

5 Min
The scene of Dr. Drydock doing the autopsy in front of the students and explaining how the stomach works is longer.
21 sec

6 Min
A short conversation between Dr. Drydock and Lori is missing, after the class has been dismissed and the students have left. They talk about the severed hand not being an isolated case, but Dr. Drydock doesn't want to inform the police in order not to put the hospital's reputation at risk. Then he asks how such a thing can still happen in modern times. They leave the autopsy room after the conversation.
24 sec

6 Min
Longer tracking shot over the city. A car is driving along the street and the camera zooms in on it a bit.
19 sec

7 Min
The camera moves from the building down to the street, where the car is driving. Then the camera cuts to the inside of the car and we see Lori and the professor.
28 sec

7 Min
Lori walks the way up past the restaurant, after she has said goodbye to the professor.
7.5 sec

8 Min
Lori goes to her bedroom and takes off her jacket.
21 sec

9 Min
Lori lights a candle in the living room.
24 sec

10 Min
Susan asks Lori where her fondness for exotic art stems from. She says that she's also active in anthropology, apart from medicine. Susan turns back to the dagger hanging on the wall and takes a closer look at it.
13 sec

11 Min
This shot was shortened a little bit. The part of the culprit opening the door to the mortuary is missing.
5 sec

12 Min
Another shot of the culprit is missing, who is now being held back by two male nurses.
2 sec

12 Min
The tracking shot over the building is longer.
10 sec

13 Min
Chandler says to Dr. Drydock that he has to go without his assistant a little bit sooner, because he needs her for the scientific consultation. Drydock says that this is out of the question.
8 sec

14 Min
A shot of the surprised Lori, as she is inspecting a picture on a screen of a cannibal who has been shot. There's some alternative footage at this point.
Cut: 3.5 sec
Uncut: 2.5 sec


15 Min
Lori says that there's a connection between the dead cannibal on the picture and that of the other cannibal from the hospital, who jumped out of the window.
4 sec

15 Min
This shot was shortened by half.
5 sec

16 Min
Peter and Lori are walking together and talk about some unimportant stuff. Then they get into the car.
54 sec

18 Min
Peter asks Lori during the drive if she's feeling better now and goes on by saying that it's not that unusual today when apartments get robbed. Lori answers that she's not sure whether it was a burglar or it's about something else, on which she can't put her finger yet. She goes on and says to Peter that it must have something to do with the symbol and that she's just scared right now. Peter says that he's got the right thing for this situation and that's why the meeting's taking place in his office. After he has said that they shouldn't let their traveling companions wait, Lori asks where they are traveling to, whereupon he says nothing and just smiles at her. Then he stops the car. They get out and cross the street.
79 sec

19 Min
The jeep is shown driving. The camera cuts to the inside and some dialogue ensues. Peter wants to know for how long Dr. O'Brien has been living on the island. The front-seat passenger says that it's probably been five or six years. Then Lori tells them that this humid heat is wearing her out. Susan says thereupon that this is a reporter's usual job. George interrupts and says that this statement is rubbish, because the top reporters never do their research on-site and never leave their desks. Susan adds that you can only do that if you're rich and famous and she plans on being just that; that's what this journey is for. Then follows a shot of the jeep approaching from afar and the group in the jeep is shown again. Peter says that they are close to Dr. O'Brien's house now. Lori wants to know why a famous surgeon, like Dr. O'Brien had been once, settles down on an island like this. Peter explains that Dr. O'Brien wants to help the indigenous people there.
Cut: 28 sec
Uncut: 66 sec


23 Min
Lori's pubic region is visible as she changes her clothes. This was blurred in the Japanese version.
No difference in running time


24 Min
A shot in which the camera pans to the sea and two shots of the boat are missing.
14 sec

25 Min
A shot of the sea was cut.
6.5 sec

52 Min
A longer scene was reinserted into the Japanese version at this point. This scene is actually not supposed to be in the movie and can be found in the bonus features under "Deleted scenes" of some other releases. This is what happens: Lori and Peter are walking through the jungle. Eventually, Lori falls into deep pit and can't get out again. When Peter is trying to help her out of there, two indigenous guys appear and Peter then hides behind a tree. The two indigenous men walk towards the pit. When they are standing at the edge of the pit, Peter attacks them with a stick and one of them falls into the pit; Peter beats the other one down with the stick. After that, he helps Lori out of the pit and they walk away.
304 sec

58 Min
The beginning, where the tube is being fastened in Susan's neck, is missing.
1 sec

63 Min
The pubic regions of the corpses hanging upside down were blurred.
No difference in running time


72 Min
Lori's pubic region was blurred again when she's walking through the cave together with the cannibals.
No difference in running time


73 Min
Again, 1...
No difference in running time


74 Min
No difference in running time


74 Min
No difference in running time


75 Min
...4 shots of Lori's pubic region were blurred.
No difference in running time


81 Min
In the cut version, the picture freezes during the scene with the burning barn and "The End" is displayed. The burning barn is also shown in the uncut version (but the picture doesn't freeze) while the end credits start rolling.
Cut: 19 sec
Uncut: 86 sec