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Medal of Honor: Airborne


Censored Version
Rating: PEGI 16+
Region: Europe / Australia

Uncensored Version
Rating: Teen
Region: USA

Release: Nov 21, 2011 - Author: Schaffi - Translator: Bensn
Airborne is a World War Ego-Shooter which has been released by EA in 2007 to join their extremely successful Medal Of Honor series.

The game:
Unfortunately, the promise for innovation was not kept and the gamer merely gained a function to upgrade his or her weapon (this cannot even be done manually) and a certain degree of freedom in terms of where and how to start a new mission.

Right at the beginning of the game, the biggest novelty, that is the parachute jump, is being explained during a tutorial. Since the bold warrior always lands on his feet, even if you crash heavily into a wall, everybody has to decide for him- or herself whether or not this is necessary.

In order to survive as long as possible, however, you should avoid landing inside the enemy’s tent camp or firing range. For better orientation, the cunning designers placed green wads of smoke at several points. They actually highlight safe zones, meaning that you can land there without catching a bullet right away.

That luckily gives us a good transition to the next “innovation”, namely the weapon-upgrades. The more often you use a weapon in order to kill somebody, the faster a bar will fill up and tell you when the next upgrade for this weapon is ready. All weapons share the same three upgrade-steps, most of which are very similar but some are different. That way, ammunition capacities are extended; improved recoil-valves are installed; etc. etc…

At the end of the day, however, these innovations are not enough to make a good game. Although the graphics are pretty reasonable, they can only be entirely enjoyed at a constant frame-rate on high-performance computers. The gameplay itself falls completely by the wayside. Now, we can move on to the storyline.

Right after this, here is the reason why you did not read anything about the storyline: There is none. Somewhere over Europe, you are thrown out of a flying airplane and must accomplish some missions. There is not even a rough common thread which would tie the single missions together. This also explains various leaps in time which can be noted during the mission briefings.

The censorship:
As it is the case with a lot of titles of the Medal Of Honor series and with World-War-Shooter in general, any Nazi sign has been removed or altered because of the German law that forbids those symbols. Because all PAL-Versions are equal every other European country as well as Australia does have the censored version too. Furthermore the European and Australian PC-Versions are affected. The US- and the Japanese versions are uncensored.

The following report compares the Teen rated uncensored US-version and the censored European release which was rated 18+.

Unless otherwise indicated, you will find the pictures of the uncensored version on the left hand side.
The whole game features only one kind of flag. On this flag, the swastika has been replaced for an Iron Cross.


Some uniforms had to be alleviated, respectively altered for the European version.

There is a skull on a soldier’s collar which is removed in the European version.


Additionally, a sniper who is wearing a swastika on his chest can be seen. The swastika is removed in the European version.


German Officer
Regarding the officer, two flashes on his uniform had to be altered for they contained a swastika.


Nazi Storm Elite
The German Storm-Elite are dressed in a black uniform which is ornamented with various swastikas and other delicate details.


Apart from the gasmask and the helmet, the uniform of this soldier is not distinct from that of the Elite Storm-Troopers.


From time to time you will find a bookshelf on which you can see a book decorated with SS runes. These have been removed for the censored version.


The loading screen
The loading screen shows several enemies of the gamer. One opponent is called Nazi Storm Elite in the US-version. The European version calls this unit "Deutsche Sturmelite", meaning “German Storm Elite”.


The synchronization
The word Nazi has been rigorously extracted from the vocabulary of the European version. There, you can only hear the narrator telling about the “Germans”. The uncensored version, by contrast, uses the word “German” as well as “Nazi”.