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  • BBFC 18
  • German DVD
Release: May 03, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the shortened UK VHS tape (BBFC 18) released by Entertainment in Video and the uncut German DVD released by Laser Paradise.

There are 16 missing scenes resulting in a difference in time of 2 minutes and 47.5 seconds.

Thus far, the action movie starring Dolph Lundgren has only been released on VHS in the UK. Unfortunately, this version had to be cut down in order to receive the BBFC 18 rating. Most of the missing scenes take place during the shootout in the warehouse. However, a few elements of the plot have also been cut out.

Short differences that result from a bad mastertape will not be considered for this report.
0 min
The movie's title, as well as the shot of the mountains are different for both versions. The German version shows the title "Barett - Das Gesetz der Rache", while the UK Version shows its original title "Joshua Tree".
No difference in time.

55 min
When Barett slides down the conveyer belt, he shoots another bad guy.
1 sec

55 min
Another bad guy is hit by several bullets.
3 sec

55 min
The bullet wound of the bad guy was cut out.
0.5 sec

55 min
A bad guy is shot outside near the cars. Subsequently, several henchmen shoot at Barett who takes cover behind a car.
6 sec

55 min
Again, there's a bloody bullet wound when a bad guy is shot.
5 sec

55 min
Barett shoots another henchmen. Subsequently, the hero walks to the car to take cover underneath it.
8 sec

56 min
Barett walks to the bad guy who is on fire and kicks him. The bad guy staggers backwards towards a few barells with explosive liquid inside. As you would imagine, the barrels - along with the man - blow up. After that, Barett picks up a uzi and walks off screen.
14 sec

57 min
Again, the UK audience misses out on a bloody bullet wound when a bad guy is shot.
5 sec

58 min
The bad guy is hit by a few more bullets and drops dead.
8 sec

58 min
While Barett slides backwards, he shoots another henchman.
2 sec

58 min
Barett's bullets destroy a bad guy's legs.
2 sec

58 min
During the shootout, two more bad guys are hit.
4 sec

59 min
The wounded guy who just shot at Barett is lying on the floor and then hit by a few more bullets.
1 sec

60 min
This henchman is hit by a few more bullets.
4.5 sec

63 min
There are two more shots of the deputy being shot in the head.
2.5 sec

87 min
The deputy gets out of his car and looks at the security cameras of the warehouse. Then he goes inside. He enters the security room and takes a look at the surveillance video where we get to see that it was not - as the police assumed - Barett who shot the Deputy, but Severence. The deputy looks at the monitor in shock, rewinds the tape and looks at the sequence again. Then he goes back out of the warehouse and to his car, where he tells sheriff Cepeda via radio that he just looked at the surveillance videos which showed that Severence shot the deputy and not Barett. The sheriff asks his deputy to repeat this message and the latter does so. The sheriff then says that he will take care of the situation. Immediately, he contacts Severence via the radio.
101 sec