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original title: Il Boia Scarlatto


  • US DVD (SWV)
  • Uncut Version
Release: Aug 14, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: matze_hg - external link: IMDB
This report compares the US-DVD by Something Weird Video (SWV) with the uncut version by

According to imdb there are two versions of this movie. The uncut Italian edition "Il Boia Scarlatto", which has been imported into the USA under the name "A Tale of Torture", and a version cut by ca. 9 minutes. This cut version was released under the name "Bloody Pit of Horror".
The uncut version used to be published by SWV on VHS years ago.

SWV restored the movie from an original 35mm negative image, but unfortunately only the cut US version. The missing scenes were not integrated into the final movie due to the big differences in image quality. Although most of them can be found in the bonus material, a shot featuring the photographer instructing some models is still missing.

Apart from the cuts the SWV-DVD has another flaw: the sound contains quite a lot of static. All in all, this DVD is a success. The image quality is outstanding and so far nothing comparable has been published. The presentation is well done and the DVD contains several obscure extras besides the deleted scenes.

In the US this movie is public domain and can be downloaded legally at: The quality here is pretty bad though.
Comparison of image quality: (256 kb)

SWV (deleted scenes)



Uncut: 82:23 min. (NTSC)
SWV: 74:00 min. (NTSC)

In the SWV version there are 8:51 min. missing

After the opening credits the cars can be seen driving along the street a little longer.

25 sec.


Perry starts climbing up the wall.

Max: "He's a good boy. I bet he gets us inside."
Rick: "Yeah, you're right. Three years for unlawful breaking and entering."

Perry keeps climbing while the others looks on.

Kinojo: "Take care, pie."

Perry succeeds in entering a window.

Perry: "Max, you owe me a bonus with this little stunt and a double whiskey."

Max: "Ah, what about that?"
Rick:"I still think you are playing with fire."
Max: "You should know me by now. I'm not the kind of man to let obstacles to get in my way; I'm a man of action."

Nancy: "Well, what we do now?"
Girl: "We follow the leader. What else?"

Perry opens the door.

Perry: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the old ..."
Max: "Let's go."

The group walks through the door; the next shot shows them crossing the courtyard.

The SWV version begins only after the group has nearly crossed the courtyard.

1:42 min.


Susie: "You and your practical jokes."

Raoul gets up and a girl can be seen dancing around the room.

40 sec.


Raoul can be seen swinging the pendulum.

Perry: "I bet Max will flip on this one. Can you imagine finding a thing like this here? Wasn't it lucky?"
Raoul: "I'll take credit for that. I found it."

Max appears.

Max: "Food for everybody."
Raoul: "Hey Max, I want a bonus for finding that thing."
Max: "Alright, let's see about the bonuses. Now eat quickly."
Perry: "It works perfectly for the skeleton trick series."
Raoul: "Hey that looks fine."
Max: "Fine boys fine, but now let's get back to work."
Raoul: "I'll take the food for the girls."
Max: "No, I take care of that myself."

Max leaves again.

40 sec.


Raoul enters the cellar.

Raoul: "How's the food?"
Photograf: "Terrible."
Raoul: "As usual."

Perry: "Ah bottle of wine they call it. Tastes like water."
"That's awful, isn't it? But I know where we can find real wine. I discovered where the cellar is. Come on, I'll show you."

The next shot features a guard checking the basement. After his disappearance the SVW sets in again.

35 sec.


The dolly shot continues, several crew members can be observed working or waiting.

The SVW starts in the middle of the next scene, when several photos are shot from a different angle.

30 sec.


The scene continues with Edith helping up the model.

Photograf: "Ok Susie it’s your turn now."
Susie: "Sure I am. But where is Perry. He's in it too."

Perry shows up.

Perry: Here I am. Your personal skeleton. All as good as if it died in your hands."

Daniel approaches the girls.

Girl: "You're never around when you're needed."
Daniel: "Right, but look what I've got for you."

Daniel runs over to Rick.

Daniel: "Rick, can I have your knife for a minute? Thanks."

Perry chats with Kinojo.

Perry: "Kinojo, what is it?"
Kinojo: "Just a little homesick I guess."

Max: "Are you all asleep over there. Get behind that camera, damn it."

The scene in which the photographer struggles to position the knight‘s armour starts considerably earlier.

At this point the SVW features a short shot of Perry taking off his mask and laughs. (2 Sek.)

1:47 min.


The beheading scene begins notably earlier with the photographer instructing both actors.

53 sec.


Max und Rick leave the room.

Max: "Remember Rick, even the master of the house suggested that we keep calm. Tomorrow we notify the police."
Rick: "What do you mean tomorrow?"
Max: "Listen, after all it was only an accident. A tragic one, but an accident and besides, it's too late now."
Rick: "Look Max, this double talk leaves me cold. What do you really mean?"
Max: "Well, I'm an editor. You've got to see my point. I've a deadline to make."

30 sec.


The following dialogue is missing:

Max: "Where is Susie?"
Annie: "I think she went off with Raoul."
Max: "That's just like her. She always disappears at the wrong moment. We'll worry about her later. Let's get back to work, now."
Rick: "Well, I thought I've just seen about everything, but this kind of bargaining is really more than I can stand."

Not the SVW sets in again.

17 sec.


Rick: "Edith, I know the accident upsets you. You're terribly tired. What happened was a very bad shot for you. Stop crying now. Go to Kinojo. She's been through more than the rest of us."

The next shot features the host crossing the room.

31 sec.


Max: "Hi girls. Has Susie come back yet?"
Annie: "Maybe we should go on without her. She'll be along."
Max: "You make a big hit in that costume, Annie.
Nancy: "Won't I, too?"
Max: "Oh no. What's gotten into you? You mustn't hide those beautiful legs of yours."

21 sec.

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