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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Mar 17, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version taken from the German DVD (FSK 16) and the Extended Cut taken from British DVD (BBFC 18).

Shrooms turns out to be a surprising alternative to the current terror movies. Of course, there's a mad killer here as well. But there's more: Mushrooms that not only get everyone who eats them high but also give him/her the ability to see the future. Because of them and the surreal visions they produce the viewer never really knows who the killer is until the end (and even then not everything is clear).

The Extended Edition - having been promoted as the "Unseen Edition", isn't really that spectacular at all. It has only been slightly extended by 3 scenes, that's not more than 2 minutes in total. Two of these scenes are only containing some rather unimportant storyline, only one is a bit gorier. All in all I think the normal version is enough and there's no real need for the longer cut.t.

Starting times always refer to the Theatrical version

Theatrical Version = 80:44 min.
Extended Version = 84:08 min.

Longer/additional scenes in the EV = 2:03 min. + 3 secoonds because of an additional black screen at the beginning.
Longer scenes in the TV = 17 sec.

The rest of the different running times is the result of the different scrolling speed of the ending credits.
00:00 The EV starts a bit earlier (black screen).
3 sec.

11:29 A scene in which Lisa cuts Bluto's hair is missing.

Lisa: "How does that feel?"
Bluto: "Nice and tight. And speaking of tight.."
He squeezes Lisa.
Lisa: "Bluto, stop!"
Bluto: "Jesus, Lisa."
Lisa: "Not here."
She stands up and walks away.

20,5 Sek.

33:55 After Bluto has been clubbed by the mysterious person one can see blood running over his face and him moaning and twitching.

4,2 sec.

38:11 The search for Bluto is a bit longer. Troy and Jake talk.

Troy: "Man, I'm so domed. These fucking bugs, man, they're like a halo of piranhas."
Jake: "There you go man. It's just your sensory perception."
Troy: "Where did you learn so much about shrooms?"
Jake: "You know how I was sent to boarding school in England?
Troy: "Yeah."
Jake: "Well they used to bully me pretty badly there. And then..."
Troy: "Jake. This is what you get with the self-defence. You get a martial art."
Jake: "What about Bluto last night?"
Troy: "It takes time to get perfect. You see, it's a lot... It's the way of the tiger."
Jake (lacht): "Like the eye of the tiger?"
Troy: "My art is a discipline. And that's what I'm trained to do. I'm trained to be disciplined. Now, if I abuse the forms and the methods that I know for every petty argument or stupid-ass fight, Jake, people could die."
Jake is laughing.
Troy: "What, you don't believe me?"

Now Troy, Jake and the girls are standing in front of a tree. Troy hits the tree in order to show off his martial art skills. It doesn't really work out and he's grimacing. Lisa giggles and Holly starts loking concerned.

Holly: "Baby, are you okay?"
Troy: "Holly, it takes time to perfect this."
Lisa (lacht): "Yeah, right."
Tara: "Guys, stop fucking around!"
Lisa: "Tara, chill out."
The girls go away. Troy finally tells Jake: "Girl is serious, man."

Total length 98,3 sec.

42:36 After Lisa fell in the pit we can see her longer in the Theatrical Version.

+ 1 sec.

42:39 Ditto. She screams for help.

+ 6,5 sec.

42:48 Lisa is reaching out for the hand longer + cuts to Holly and Tara. (TV)

+ 2,8 sec.

69:46 After Jake jumped out of the window we see Tara (in the original version) startling and running through the building.

+ 6,5 sec.