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The Last of Us

The People Under the Stairs


The Burning

The Covenant

So I Married An Axe Murderer

Sonny Boy


  • R-Rated / NL VHS
  • Unrated
Release: Feb 16, 2011 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the shortened R-Rated Version by Media and the Uncut BBFC 18 UK VHS by Entertainment in Video (= Unrated).

There are 12 Unterschiede with a total length of 6 minutes and 14 seconds:

11 cuts = 6 minutes and 7 seconds
1 alternate scene = 7 seconds

Both in Germany and the US, there's just a cut version of this pretty entertaining flick available. An uncut hasn't been announced so far so that the UK VHS wasneeded to be used for that comparison because it is uncut.
19 Min
The entire of Pearl breastfeeding the baby with her artifical breast has been removed. Slue storms the house and wrenches the baby out of Pearl's hands violently.
49 sec

21 Min
Slue clears the diner table, gets little Sunny out of the box and puts it on the table. Then he cuts off his tongue with a knife in the off.
96 sec

21 Min
Several shots of Sunny being chained and dragged by a car while Pearl is running after him are missing.
23 sec

35 Min
The Sheriff and the woman on their way to the dead Mayor on the ground. He's already surrounded by several other people.
35 sec

43 Min
Sunny gets out of the car and runs to the church.
22 sec

45 Min
In the church. Slue and the others are walking up to Sunny who is eating the dead priest at that exact moment. Then Sunny gets a mask from Slue and puts it on.
29 sec

47 Min
Extended shot of Charlie torturing Sunny with the taser. The R-Rated contains an alternate shot of Weasel instead.
R-Rated: +3 sec
Unrated: 10 sec

48 Min
After a shot of the open door, a shot of Weasel follows.
4 sec

50 Min
Weasel is looking at his wounded hand. Shots of Sunny with Weasel's bitten off finger in his mouth in between.
16 sec

50 Min
Charlie spills alcohol on Sunny. Then a shot of Sunny putting Weasel's finger in his mouth. The others are looking at him oddly. The Cadillac with Sunny and Weasel leaves.
50 sec

55 Min
Extended shot of the guy following Sunny.
2 sec

69 Min
After the shot of Sunny's leap in the crowd in the R-Rated Version, he also fights through the crowd. He has to take several hits while doing that.
21 sec