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New York Ripper, The

Jet Li's The Enforcer

original title: Kap baa baa dik seon


  • Regular Version
  • Taiwanese DVD
Release: Apr 19, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Regular Version on the Hong Kong DVD by Kam & Ronson and the Taiwanese DVD by Ritek

- 7 differences
- Length difference: 70.8 sec (= 1:11 min)

A few additional jump cuts with a length of less than 0.5 seconds each have not been listed in the following comparison.

This is not the first comparison for the actioner Jet Li's The Enforcer (1995). While the US got a version specifically cut for a domestic release, the Laserdisc from Hong Kong was also of interest because it exclusively contains one additional scene with some dialog.

As for the following comparison, the here compared Taiwanese DVD also contains an exclusive version of the actioner. The additional scene from the Hong Kong Laserdisc is missing but there is another longer scene that has been added here: In some kind of montage, Li's son in the movie is writing some letters. A bit tacky, yes, but nowhere else to be seen. There are further alterations that do not always make sense though - except for an explosin with cheap plastic props stands out negatively. All in all, the Taiwanese DVD is something for die-hard fans only.

Time index refers to
Hong Kong DVD in NTSC / Taiwanese DVD in NTSC
Additional logo on the Taiwanese DVD.
Not considered as length difference.

11.8 sec

29:37 / 29:50-29:52

At the end of the explosion, the Taiwanese Version contains an additional shot from the front.
It appears the shot has been cut in an other version because from the front, the cars a lot like what they actually are: Toys. In addition to that, the second explosion on the right looks pretty cheap as well.

1.9 sec

47:56-48:50 / 48:11 bzw. 56:50-57:43

Before Kung' (Jet Li) report by the phone booth, the Regular Version actually contains a further scene with Kung and the gangsters looking at some antiques. The Taiwanese Version contains that scene approx. 9 minutes later, subsequent to little Siu and Fong (Anita Mui) have left the country - the scene is identically equal though.

+ 53.6 sec
Screenshots to illustrate the scene

When Siu and Fong arrive in Wei Tung (right after the previously mentioned scene in the 57th minute of the Taiwanese Version), the text looks a little different.

Hong Kong DVD (Kam & Ronson)Taiwanese DVD

66:26 / 66:41-67:45

After the exterior shot of the car, the Regular Version shows Kung reading a letter inside. Only the Taiwanese Version contains a montage which shows Siu writing several letters like that. Among other things, he describes the bad health his mother is in and there is some footage of that as well. Furthermore, there is footage of Kung in the car & tears dripping on Siu's sheets.

63.9 sec (= 1:04 min)

76:56 / 78:15-78:16

With the truck being around the bend, the camera pans sideways in the Taiwanese Version.

1 sec

85:19-85:23 / 86:39-86:43

Alternate angle of Kwong (Ken Lo) giving the order to get the bombs ready.

no difference

Hong Kong DVD (Kam & Ronson)Taiwanese DVD

97:23 / 98:44-98:47

Subsequent to Sui and Kung running off, there is an additional shot of Ngai (Collin Chou) saying something to Kwong who is immobilized at that point.

3.8 sec

At the end of the credits, the Taiwanese Version lacks the English characters for "Win's Entertainment Limited". Other than that, the end credits are identically equal.

Hong Kong DVD (Kam & Ronson)Taiwanese DVD