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  • R-Rated
  • NC-17
Release: Nov 02, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored R-Rated version and the uncensored NC-17 version (both featured on the US-DVD by City Lights Home Entertainment)

R-Rated: 94:16 min without credits (98:09 with credits) in NTSC
NC-17: 100:55 min without credits (104:48 min with credits.) in NTSC

- 12 cuts
- 2 re-cuts

Duration of cuts: 399,1 sec (= 6:39 min)

Rosario Dawson, who also acted as producer of this film, plays a student who is being raped in the first half of the movie. She tries to fight her trauma by changing sides: the rapist gets raped by a bisexual acquaintance of hers in an almost 10 minutes enduring sequence.

And this very scene didn't cheer up the MPAA who gave the uncut version the infamous NC-17 rating. Almost 7 minutes had to be cut out (exclusively out of the finale btw.) in order to achieve an R-Rating. The shorter and more harmless rape scene of Dawson's character Maya at the beginning was left unchanged.

The time codes were taken from the R-Rated version

The shot is longer. Jared pulls down his slip and looks a little confused while standing there.

21 sec


The beginning of this shot is missing, the R-Rated sets in after the camera doesn't show Jared's genitals anymore.

3 sec


The camera tilts to the upside of the bed and one can see Jared who is being bound. Maya sits down next to him, ties his underbelly and beats him twice. While doing so, she commands him: “No more talking!” and he responds: “What the fuck?”

37,2 sec


Shot of Jared from the bird's eye view. Maya puts something between his legs.
The following shot of Jared screaming loudly is shown a bit earlier.

This cut is rather sloppy, one frame (see the first screenshot) can be seen in the R-Rated as well.

11,8 sec


Maya sits on top of him a little longer moaning.

1,5 sec


The following shot of Jared is a bit longer and one sees again how she further moves the stick between his legs.
While doing so, Maya says the same words he used when he raped her; “You fucking maggot. You fucking nothing.”
24,1 sec


The R-Rated, however, inserts here the previously removed rest of the shot of Maya (this is not documented with screenshots a second time).

+ 1,5 sec


Jared is seen longer. Maya pulls out the stick between his legs.
(The R-Rated version sets in when she strokes the leg)

13,4 sec


From above one can see that Adrian joined them. He begins raping Jared and says: “Down way!”
The following close-up starts earlier. Jared waggles helplessly while getting raped.

26,5 sec


Actually, this shot is much longer. Then, there's a bird's eye view, Maya assists Adrian with her hand. Finally, Adrian is seen earlier, he says: “That's right. That's it. Make me feel it. Puta!”

70,9 sec


Adrian is seen much longer while poking wildly into Jared. While doing so, he mumbles: “Who's stretching you now? Like that. Love it.”

17,7 sec


The R-Rated, however, inserts here a vague, short part of the shot that shows Jared (this is not documented with screenshots a second time.)

+ 2,1 sec


Jared looks at his tormentor much longer. Adrian moans loudly offscreen: “Puta, you like it. You want me to help you, don't you? Sure? Fuck you! I'm not a fucking faggot!" he then moans and pokes harder - "You're mine, maggot. Fully mine.”
The shot of Adrian starts much earlier and after some strokes he says: “Look at that. She made a mate. All over the stuff.”

79,8 sec


Adrian intensifies his rape of Jared, who just looks up apathetically. This is followed by the camera panning back from the bed and a long frontal shot of Adrian in action. He says to Maya: “Hey, you got water? I'm getting thirsty. Everything's ok now, right? It's ok.”

96,1 sec

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