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  • Final Cut
  • Theatrical Version
Release: Jul 31, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the Final Cut and the Theatrical Version (both included on the German 4K Blu-ray by Arthaus / StudioCanal)


- One difference

- Runtime difference: 138.4 sec (= 2:18 min)


In addition to Extended Cuts and Director's Cuts, there are also a number of examples of films for which a "Final Cut" has been added over the years - mostly because there had been several versions of the film before then. Examples of this include Ridley Scott's Blade Runner where the situation is almost chaotic and Apocalypse Now, which will get another version in August 2019 after the already released Redux Version. Dust Devil is also available in several versions and since May 2019 it is also available in HD with the "Final Cut" in a Collector's Edition that makes fans happy. Starting July 25, 2019, Oliver Stone's 1991 music biopic The Doors will be added to this list, although there has only been one theatrical version so far.

Stone used the chance of the 4K restoration to remove a scene from the film that was considered unnecessary at the end. He stated: "I've made one cut of 3 minutes to a scene I thought was superfluous to the ending, which helps close out the film in a more powerful way." This is the scene that takes place almost 10 minutes before the credits, in which Jim struts drunkenly on the hotel façade and is saved from possible suicide by Mrs. Pamela.

In fact, the scene slows the movie down a bit at this point and doesn't contribute much to the character. That’s a quite justifiable attitude for the shorter "Final Cut". But one way or another, the well-known theatrical version is also included on the UHD premiere. If you don't want to do without it, you have the choice and otherwise there are actually no differences during the movie.


Timecodes are ordered as follows:
Final Cut 4K Blu-ray / Theatrical Cut 4K Blu-ray
122:51-122:53 / 122:51-125:11

After Jim has noticed that he's probably having a nervous breakdown, there's a longer black screen in the final cut and it fades up again with the city shot during the day.

Instead, the scene known from the theatrical version is missing, in which Jim is heavily intoxicated and staggers down on the facade. The camera team and the friends watch the scenery. Finally, Jim is caught up by Pamela and calmed down. Jim says a few kind words to her and then cries in her arms. From this shot, a soft fade is made over to the following scene in the city.

Theatrical Version 138.4 sec (= 2:18 min) longer