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American Pie Presents: The Book of Love

original title: American Pie 7: The Book of Love


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jan 15, 2010 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The now seventh part of the American Pie-franchise is being, as all the predecessors from part three on, directly released on DVD. Again, the "Unrated"-label is being used to suggest especially risque footage compared to the R-Rated version (for pervasive strong crude sexual content, language and drinking, all involving teens). It should come to no surprise, though, that the additional footage completely consists of pointless filling material. Concerning promiscuity and showing-willingness, the version rated R is in no way inferior to its praised counterpart. At least both versions are found on the DVD, so you cannot really call it a rip-off.

4 differences, of them
1 extended scene
3 additional scenes

The R-Rated-version has been compared to the Unrated-version (both contained on the DVD by Universal).

The unrated version is 154.44 resp. approx. 2 minutes 35 seconds longer than the R-Rated cut.
Additional scene
0:24:12: Imogen comes up the escalator and a short dialogue, during which both parties express their mutual repulsion, takes place.

Imogen: "And what are you wankers up to today?
Nathan: "Cheerio."
Lube: "Hello, love."
Nathan: "Word to your mumsie."
Lube: "Just waiting for some ladies to join us, in fact."
"You nancy boys couldn't get laid at a Jonas Brothers concert with a fistful of backstage passes. Cheerio."
Lube: "Was that a slam?"
Nathan: "You bet your bollocks."
24.72 Sec.

Extended scene
0:26:56: Rob hads the credit card to the vendor.

Vendor: "Madeleine?"
Rob: "It's my mom. I'm... I have a note."
Amusedly, the vendors examine Rob's warrant of using the card, and he signs the bill.
Rob: "Thank you."
Vendor: "Have a nice day."
Vendor 2: "Come again."
40.6 Sec.

Additional scene
0:52:07: Stifler and Imogen have are having a short conversation on the party.

Stifler: "Hey, what's up, beautiful? You know, I got so drunk last weekend that I nailed my cock to a table and set it on fire. Wanna check it out?"
Imogen: "The table? Or your cock?"
Stifler: "God, I love that accent. Could you do me a favor and just say: 'Spank me, Stifler. Spank me wee little bum.'"
Imogen: "How did you know I like to be spanked?"
Stifler: "Awesome! So where's this boyfriend Richard you keep talking about non-stop all the time?"
Imogen: "He doesn't attend high-school parties."
Stifler: "Sounds like you might be in the market for some home-grown American beef."
Imogen: "Sorry, I'm vegan. Cheers."
Stifler: "What if I use a cucumber?"
63.16 Sec.

Additional scene
0:57:53: Nathan pleases his girlfriend orally. She gives him ecstatic orders in the process.

Dana: "Faster. Okay. Now, slower. Yes, yes! Slower. Tickle the bunny. Yes, yes. Oh, God, the man in the boat is out. Paddle, paddle, do the alphabet. Swirl! Back to the bunny! That's it. Okay. Now, more to the left. More to the left!"
Nathan: "My left or your left?"
Dana: "My left, my left, my left!"
Nathan: "All right."
25.96 Sec.