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Release: Jul 09, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the censored R-Rated Version on the American DVD by Unobstructed View and the uncensored Unrated Version on the German Blu-ray by Studio Hamburg.


- 33 Deviations

- Difference: 75.3 sec (= 1:15 min)


Jonas Åkerlund has been mainly involved in directing music videos for several decades, but he has also delivered a few feature-length films. The best-known entry in his filmography is Spun, which also had to be censored massively for the R rating. With the 2018 film Lords of Chaos, he started a movie adaptation of the book which came out in 1998 and goes by the same name. It gave an insight into the probably most legendary case of the black metal scene. It's all about Varg Vikernes, also known for his solo project Burzum, who caused a sensation with more and more blatant provocations from setting a church on fire to murder. Fact and fiction often can't be completely distinguished and it's just a subjective description. Among fans, the novel was discussed controversially. Åkerlund's film adaptation therefore comes up with drastic pictures and is worth a look even for viewers who are not familiar with the music or the band’s background.

After the movie got the R rating, we were able to report that an uncensored Unrated Version also exists. While the German home cinema releases were already released at the end of March 2019, the US Blu-ray was released later, at the end of May 2019 and the US DVD came out on June 18, 2019. While the HD version also contains the uncensored Unrated version, the DVD only contains the censored R-rated version.

With a difference of almost 1.5 minutes, the actual amount of censored scenes is significantly higher. Mostly alternate material was used, which often shows less drastic shots. Especially the suicide of the first singer, Dead, as well as the murder of a homosexual man in the park were worked on quite extensively. Varg's final murder of Mayhem leader Euronymous, portrayed by Macaulay Culkin's brother Rory, was of course also toned down for the R rating. All in all, the carefully carried out interventions did not make the version bumpy, but it was considerably tamed. Therefore, it can't really be recommended to interested parties. Fortunately, even in the USA there is an alternative with the more widespread, uncensored Blu-ray and besides, Germany or Great Britain, for example, only got the unrated version.



Runtimes are ordered as follows:

R-Rated in NTSC / Unrated on German Blu-ray

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Alternate Material
21:14 / 21:54-21:55

Here the frontal view of Dead in the R-Rated is a bit longer, but in the Unrated the following shot starts earlier.

No time difference


Alternate Material
21:15-21:19 / 21:55-22:06

Instead, the R-Rated now remains in the same shot until the outdoor shot of the house, while the Unrated switches to more explicit detail shots from the cutting into the arm.

Unrated 6,4 sec longer


Alternate Material
21:26-21:38 / 22:13-22:18

Dead looks at his work in alternate shots. The R-Rated is now much longer and recycles at least one shot from the previous cut.

R-Rated 6,6 sec longer


Alternate Material
21:44-21:46 / 22:25-22:27

In the Unrated, Dead slits himself slightly longer in the same shot as well as in from a closer perspective. The follow-up shot of the knife being pulled away also starts a few frames earlier.
In the R-Rated, we instead see a close-up of his pain-distorted face.

Unrated 0,3 sec longer


21:50 / 22:30-22:33

Dead looks down longer and you see the arm wounds again.

2,6 sec

21:51 / 22:34

In the R-Rated the blood on the ground can be seen insignificantly longer.
+ 0,3 sec

22:09 / 22:52-22:53

Dead reaches for the knife a little earlier.

0,9 sec

Alternate Material
22:10-22:13 / 22:54-22:57

How he applies it to his neck can be seen in the R-Rated longer from the front and then laterally how he continues cutting.
The Unrated changes earlier to the lateral perspective and shows how the knife contacts the skin. The incision can be seen in a bloody close-up as well as in the follow-up shot that begins earlier.
R-Rated 0,2 sec longer


Alternate Material
22:17-22:21 / 23:01-23:07

In the R-Rated, the phone rings during two shots of Dead that show him being relatively quiet and calm.
In the Unrated, we instead see him from the front again, blood is running down. A close-up of the neck wound follows.

Unrated 2,7 sec longer


Alternate Material
23:06-23:15 / 23:52-24:05

After showing the first bloody frames of the head shot, the R-Rated changes to black for a few seconds and then fades in a little earlier with the sheet of paper again.
The Unrated shows said head shot two frames longer and then again from another perspective, where Dead also tilts to the side. Then, more pictures of the bloodstained inventory can be seen.

Unrated 3,6 sec longer


25:31 / 26:21-26:24

Euronymous bends down to Dead in an additional shot and you can see his damaged head.

3,6 sec

Alternate Material
25:47-26:01 / 26:41-26:49

In the R-Rated, Euronymus can be seen in front of Dead's corpse again in a distant shot, then briefly from the front and then he stands up again to take another photo.
In the Unrated, we instead see two close-ups with Dead's face and then Euronymus shooting a photo here as well - but in a shorter shot that slightly varies in terms of perspective.

R-Rated 5,4 sec longer


Alternate Material
56:33-56:38 / 57:21-57:24

In the R-Rated you can see the homosexual fidgeting again, the knife is already in the stomach. Faust moves back and a shot of the victim from above follows.
In the Unrated you can see the new puncture instead, then Faust moving back alternatively/shorter and again the same perspective on the victim.

R-Rated 1,8 sec longer


56:40 / 57:26-57:30

Faust stabs again and the homosexual suffers in several shots.

3,8 sec

56:43 / 57:33-57:34

Another puncture, a change of perspective and the view of the victim from above a little earlier.
1,4 sec

Alternate Material
56:45-56:46 / 57:36-57:38

In the R-Rated, Faust moves to the side a little longer.
Instead, the Unrated changes to another view of the victim and then the man gets up early in the follow-up.

Unrated 0,7 sec longer


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