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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Nov 24, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut R-Rated edition and the unrated Director's Cut.

Redneck Zombies... you either love or hate this fun splatter movie by Troma. You shouldn't expect good acting or humor that isn't moronic, but I somehow actually like this idiot trash, partially because it was one of the first "home made" horror movies from the states.

The R-rated edition lacks every splatter sequence but offers quite a few additional scenes that expand the plot. (Note that the uncut 20th Anniversary Edition features some of those. A detailed comparison will be added.)

The time in brackets always refers to the uncut version of the movie.
R-Rated = 84:09 Min.
Dir. Cut = 90:11 Min.
00:00 (00:00) The R-rated edition(RE) starts with the logo of Trans World Entertainment. The Director's Cut(DC) features the Troma logo. Additionally, the black screen is displayed a bit longer.
RF = 13 sec.
DC = 18 sec.

R-RatedDir. Cut

03:04 (03:07) The talk between the two physicians is a bit longer in the RE.
RE = 31 sec.

03:50 (03:18) Another part of the conversation is missing in the DC.
Re = 32,7 sec.

05:05 (04:01) When the camera zooms to Lisa's face a lot of gory cuts can be seen in the DC. The RE only shows the unedited zoom.
RE = 35,1 sec.
DC = 35,1 sec.

R-RatedDir. Cut

07:09 (06:05) At this position the RE is featuring more plot: You can see the group led by Wilbur straying through the area because he has no idea where they are. An argument is beginning to heat up when suddenly a military jeep is racing by and almost runs them over. You can see the black driver talking to the camera, then the group again. Following is the shot of a combine harvester.
RE = 151 sec.

17:40 (14:06) Again more scenes showing the group wandering around and talking in the RE.
RE = 36,8 sec.

27:46 (23:35) Another longer part containing more plot is missing: At first a shot of handy holding a spray can can be seen longer, after that the Clenson family comes in view. The four rednecks are standing in front of the contaminated waste barrel and discuss what they should do with it. Junior stirs the pot with their home made liquor while Billy Bob puts some fire wood beneath the barrel. Then Junior and Jethro take the pot and pour it's contents in the barrel, causing the poison to pollute the ground. Daddy joins them and is beefing about his sons. He tells them to turn around so he can add the secret ingredient to the schnapps. The secret ingredient is a dirty sock which he is wringing out over the barrel.Finally, he snorts into it.
RE = 247,2 sec.

33:59 (25:42) And again solely included in the RE: Junior takes the liquor and wants to taste it but Daddy takes it away and states that it isn't ready yet. Then you can see them packing the glasses and Daddy asking Jethro how many they already have. Unfortunately, Jethro is too stupid to count. Last you see Billy Bob spitting in one of the glasses and putting it in a cardboard box.
RE = 60,8 sec.

36:49 (27:31) The RE contains some more shots of the camping group.
RF = 15,7 sec.

39:22 (29:48) When the Hitcher cuts himself with the razor you see the bloody razor on the arm (DC) or the car from outside (RE)
RE = 5 sec.
DC = 5 sec.

R-RatedDir. Cut

40:22 (30:48) The beginning of a shot of the bottles at the bottom can be seen earlier in the RE.
RE = 8,8 sec.

40:53 (31:10) Wilbur is preparing the joints longer in the RE.
RE = 4,4 sec.

43:10 (33:23) The joint is being passed on by Andy. Following are distorted shots of the high rednecks (longer in the RE).
RE = 15,8 sec.

43:35 (33:33) Again the youths smoking their joint.
RE = 15,7 sec.

44:21 (34:03) Bob can be seen a bit earlier in the RE.
RE = 9,1 sec.

44:38 (34:10) More shots of their "trip" in the RE.
RE = 5,5 sec.

45:25 (34:52) And again the youths are allowed to have a bit more fun in the RE.
RE = 9 sec.

45:58 (35:16) At the camp fire. Wilbur is telling a scary story. They are fooling around, from time to time you can also see the high rednecks. Some of the scenes as well as some alternaive shots can be found in the DC.
RE = 108,6 sec.
DC = 28,6 sec.

R-RatedDir. Cut

47:54 (35:51) The DC shows the rednecks' mutation (either bloody or slimy), in the RE you see the youths and merely some of the mutation (distorted and less gory).
RF = 38,3 sec.
DC = 41,4 sec.

R-RatedDir. Cut

51:33 (39:35) Zombie-Jethro scalping Sally can only be seen in the DC.
DC = 8,8 sec.

51:34 (39:45) He bites in the scalp.
DC = 3,6 sec.

51:35 (39:50) Sally lies on the ground and Jethro attacks her. A flock of birds in the sky.
DC = 11,7 sec.

51:42 (40:08) Jethro tears heaps of flesh out off (off-screen) Sally.
DC = 9 sec.

51:49 (40:25) He eats the flesh. Cut to Theresa, who is calling out for Sally.
DC = 19,1 sec.

51:51 (40:46) Theresa runs into Jethro who is just about to suck an eye out of Sally's skull. Upon seeing her he stands up and runs after Theresa. In between you can see Ferd investigating a corncob.
DC = 25,6 sec.

52:36 (41:56) Shots of the driveling Jethro & cut to Ferd and Theresa.
DC = 11,1 sec.

52:37 (42:09) After Ferd has asked whether Theresa is Jethros girlfriend Jethro can be seen screaming in the DC.
DC = 10,1 sec.

52:47 (42:29) Cut to Jethro biting Theresa's neck.
DC = 5,8 sec.

52:49 (42:36) Again, this time with more blood. Theresa falls over dead and Jethro takes some flesh off her neck. Dito. Diesmal etwas blutiger. Theresa fällt tot zu Boden und Jethro nimmt sich etwas von ihrem Halsfleisch. The DC now continues with Ferd finding the glasses with liquor.
DC = 20,4 sec.

53:34 (45:12) The RE now features the scene with Ferd and the glasses.

54:20 (43:42) Different shot of a corpse.
RF = 1,2 sec.
DC = 1,2 sec.

R-RatedDir. Cut

54:24 (43:46) RF: A flock of birds. DC: Intestines on the ground.
RF = 4,7 sec.
DC = 2 sec.

R-RatedDir. Cut

54:47 (44:07) Before drinking from the liquor Ferd is looking sceptically towards the corpse.
DC = 18,2 sec.

57:50 (48:13) End of a shot. The camera zooms further out and a cut-up corpse becomes visible.
DC = 6,9 sec.

57:54 (48:23) Beginning of a shot (guts).
DC = 0,7 sec.

58:20 (48:50) The lower half of a corpse is missing in the RE.
DC = 1,8 sec.

58:26 (48:58) End of a shot, directly after that a corpse and the beginning of another shot.
DC = 7,5 sec.

59:41 (50:21) In the DC Billy Bob is turning around and a guy coming out of the kitchen holding a meat cleaver and wearing a bloody apron. The RE shows some hatchlings on TV.
RE = 4 sec.
DC = 10,3 sec.

R-RatedDir. Cut

59:53 (50:39) The guy tells Billy Bob that he has to get some money for the liquor. Another shot on Billy Bob.
DC = 11,4 sec.

61:42 (52:40) Shot of Sally's corpse & cut to the others.
DC = 3 sec.

66:19 (57:20) Zombie-Jethro is ripping some flesh out of Andy's shoulder.
DC = 1,2 sec.

66:20 (57:22) Andy is spraying some deodorant in his face.
DC = 1,8 sec.

66:24 (57:29) Jethro starts screaming. Cut to the present people and close-up of Jethro's wound.
DC = 7,7 sec.



66:31 (57:41) Shot of Jethro with a shovel stuck in his neck.
DC = 1 sec.

66:34 (57:45) Again.
DC = 0,6 sec.

66:37 (57:48) The DC features Wilbur picking up the head and throwing it away screaming afterwards. Cut to Bob. The replacement scenes in the RE only show shot glasses.
RE = 4,4 sec.
DC = 4,4 sec.

R-RatedDir. Cut

66:42 (57:54) Colse-ups of the foamy skull.
DC = 4,4 sec.

70:52 (62:06) The pictures of Bob's hallucination differ a little.
RE = 24,7 sec.
DC = 16,3 sec.

R-RatedDir. Cut

72:09 (63:15) The scene in the cave in which Bob is cutting the corpse open and ripping out it's guts is completely missing in the RE. Due to his trip he is babbling and seeing strange things which he is pulling out of the corpse whily his friends watch disgusted.
DC = 141 sec.

72:56 (66:24) After Bob sprayed the zombie hand it is longer visible. Then Bob again, talking.
DC = 5 sec.

73:08 (66:40) One can see how the other zombie hand dissolves after contact with the spray. Cut to the faces of the people around. Spray zersetzt.
DC = 14,1 sec.

74:12 (67:57) After Billy Bob choked: The DC continues with a shot of the butchered pig and a cut to Billy Bob.
DC = 4,8 sec.

74:17 (68:07) Shot of the Zombie-Mom who is gnawing on a piece of meat.
DC = 2,5 sec.

75:17 (69:09) Shot of the zombie hitchhiker.
DC = 3,7 sec.

75:44 (69:40) The zombie rips open the soldier's throat and is eating his flesh. Afterwards he takes a photo of his victim and is putting the polaroid on the corpse.He then walks on, cut to the black soldier.
DC = 21,8 sec.

76:18 (70:37) The RE lacks some blood and the aftermath when the zombies attack the gay soldier.
DC = 19,7 sec.

76:23 (71:02) Zombie eating scenes.
DC = 12,8 sec.

76:52 (71:43) The black soldier runs into Zombie-Ferd. He shoots him in the belly which doesn't really hurt him. Ferd now squishes the soldier's heard. Afterwards he eats an eyeball that fell out. The cut finishes with some zombies walking by.
DC = 55,3 sec.

76:59 (72:45) Some zombies with ugly make-up are missing.
DC = 8,5 sec.

77:15 (73:10) Again.
DC = 11,6 sec.

77:21 (73:29) Ditto + zombie mom with child.
DC = 4,1 sec.

79:12 (75:23) Lisa is backing off. Cut to Wilbur, who is attacked by zombies.
DC = 8,1 sec.

79:34 (75:53) Wilbur is being mangled by the zombies. Cuts to Lisa and the fat guy (I think he doesn't have a name), who is hitting a zombie with his liquor bottle.
DC = 44,6 sec.

80:07 (77:10) DC: Lisa. RE: Zombies.
RE = 2,6 sec.
DC = 2,6 sec.

R-RatedDir. Cut

80:12 (77:15) Bob is running away from the zombies and throws up.
DC = 12,2 sec.

80:28 (77:44) Lisa's screaming. Bob is being torn apart. After that the zombies turn to Lisa.
DC = 32,5 sec.

80:52 (78:41) Lisa is stopping shortly behind a tree. The grunting of zombies can be heard.
DC = 16 sec.

81:16 (79:20) Two shots of chewing zombies are missing in the RE.
DC = 2 sec.

81:22 (79:29) The RE ends with Lisa running in the house and showing her in a psychiatry in the last shot. This means that 8 minutes (!) of the ending have been cut. DC: Lisa is being attacked by two zombies in the house (Mom & Dad). Lisa can push one of them (Mom) aside. Mom is being hit by a wood slat, knocking her out for the moment.

Lisa is fighting with Dad. She pours hot water in his face and hits him with a hammer in the skull.

Now it's Mom's turn again. Lisa is grabbing a machete and beheads her. The head is rolling out of the house.

Suddenly somebody is grabbing Lisa's leg. It's Billy Bob, who is lying on the kitchen table with his lower body missing. Lisa is taking a spoon and rams it into his skull.

She can catch her breath for a minute and checks the house. Somebody comes down the stairs. It's Junior. Lisa is taking a rifle and shoots his head off. Afterwards she is going outside.

Some scenes of zombies eating intestines are missing as well as some cuts to Lisa.

Afterwards one can see Lisa running around. She is sitting down on the ground when suddenly Ferd is standing right in front of her. He is trying to rape her when she takes a corn cob and stabs him in the eye.

She is standing up, running away and and is collapses. Suddenly somebody is standing in front of her. It's the tobacco man, who talkst to her. After a black screen the movie continues as in the RE.

Total length of the last cut 475 sec.