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Scream 3


  • Theatrical Version
  • Assembly Cut / Workprint
Release: Oct 02, 2023 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The Theatrical Version was compared to the Assembly Cut / Workprint.

Scream 3

After two encounters with the masked killer, Sidney has retreated to the seclusion of the California mountains to protect herself from the traumatic events of the past. During the shooting of the movie Stab 3, the film crew and actors are haunted by a new series of murders. Dewey and Gale investigate with the police and discover that the murders are connected to Sidney's mother. So, Sidney must face the killer once again...

Assembly Cut surfaced with many additional scenes

There have long been rumors about additional scenes for Scream 3, but without concrete evidence. In August 2023, Twitter user ViewerAnon showed screenshots of a scene where Ghostface programs his voice changer, noting that he possessed an Assembly Cut from October 1999. A few days later, this Assembly Cut was available for download on Meanwhile, the link has been removed, and only a reference to the upcoming 4K UHD of Scream 3 remains. The Assembly Cut is essentially an early workprint version of the film with a notable runtime of 142 minutes. It is entirely in black and white and features multiple counters and timers on-screen. There are many significant and minor differences between the Assembly Cut and the Theatrical Version. There are completely new scenes, alternative footage, extended scenes, and re-ordered scenes. The editing report is extensive, so here's a summary of the key differences:

  • Right at the start, Cotton's murder unfolds differently. In the Assembly Cut, the killer plays a game with Cotton, hinting that he's stuck in traffic with him. Cotton gives the wrong answer, and the killer races him home because he wants to kill Cotton's wife Christine. Cotton arrives too late and finds Christine's body in the closet. In the Theatrical Version, the killer first chases Christine and kills her while Cotton is already in the house.
  • There are more scenes with Gale and Dewey. Their rekindled romance is much better developed in many places here.
  • Randy's video is longer with further details.
  • In a new scene, Ghostface programs his voice changer.
  • There are more scenes of Sidney at her home, both at work, when her father visits her, and during her anxiety attacks after the calls.
  • In a new scene, Sarah drives to the film studio.
  • The scene where Dewey, Gale, and Jennifer drive to the party was re-shot. In the Assembly Cut, it takes place during the day, and in the Theatrical Version at night.
  • Mark doesn't appear further in the finale. It's only mentioned that he's calling for backup. Only the Theatrical Version shows him being attacked by Roman.
  • Sidney is not shot by Roman at the end of the Assembly Cut. Therefore, the reference to the bulletproof vest is also missing.
  • The Assembly Cut has different music. The mix probably wasn't quite finished yet, because sometimes the music is very loud and therefore feels much more threatening than in the Theatrical Version.

The Assembly Cut is a sensational version of the film. Although it fundamentally follows the same structure as the Theatrical Version, it differs in numerous respects. A must-watch for fans of the series.

Image comparison:

Theatrical Version:

Assembly Cut:

Run times:

Theatrical Version: 116:35 Min. Assembly Cut: 142:08 Min.

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The Theatrical Version shows a shot of the helicopter flying over the streets.

In the Assembly Cut, the helicopter can be seen circling over Hollywood. This is followed by a camera pan over Los Angeles at night. Finally, the helicopter is seen earlier in the sky.

Theatrical Version: 5 sec.
AC: 33 sec


The opening scene with Cotton differs between the theatrical version and the AC.

In the theatrical version, Cotton complains on the phone to his agent Andrea that he could risk his reputation if he made a cameo in a slasher film, then asks for the NAVY Seals script. His second cell phone rings. A woman's voice answers. She says she dialed the wrong number, but recognizes Cotton's voice. The woman says Cotton has a sexy voice. The latter is flattered, but wants to talk to his agent on the phone first. He tells Andrea that he needs to talk to someone else. Cotton takes his cell phone again and asks where the woman is. She asks what his girlfriend would think. Cotton asks how the woman knows he has a girlfriend. The voice changes and says that he is just outside his girlfriend's bathroom door. The voice wants to play a game with Cotton. He asks questions and if he answers them wrong his girlfriend dies. The voice wants to know where Sidney is. Cotton threatens that the man should keep his hands off Christine. The man hangs up.

Cotton races the car to his girlfriend. Christine gets out of the shower. Cotton tries to call Christine, but gets stuck in traffic. You can see the phone line cut at Christine's house. Cotton continues to speed home. Christine gets dressed and suddenly hears music. She turns off the stereo and calls for Cotton. The killer fakes Cotton's voice and chases Christine through the apartment. Christine manages to lock herself in, but the killer chops at the door with a knife.

Cotton comes home and arms himself with a poker. He discovers the damaged door, which he breaks down. Christine is armed with a golf club and says Cotton attacked her. She punches him while the killer approaches from behind. Christine is killed. After a brief struggle, Cotton also dies. Earlier, the killer tells him that he has lost the match because he did not tell him where Sidney was.

The movie title is displayed.

In the Assembly Cut, Cotton's conversation with his agent is significantly longer. Alternate takes are used almost throughout. He says he doesn't want to make a cameo in Stab 3 and is told he is too Jewish for the Navy Seals movie. His second cell phone rings. A woman's voice answers. She says she dialed the wrong number, but recognizes Cotton's voice. The woman says Cotton has a sexy voice. The latter is flattered, but wants to talk to his agent on the phone first. He tells Andrea that he needs to talk to someone else. Cotton inquires about the woman's name, since they do have phone sex. The woman's voice comes on about Cotton's girlfriend and says he should pay attention while driving before she hangs up. Cotton calls back and wants to know how the woman knows he is in the car. The woman says he's stuck in traffic and Cotton looks around. The voice suggests having a movie quiz while they are stuck in traffic. Cotton says the call is a joke from one of his colleagues. Cotton asks what happens if he answers a question wrong. The voice says that she will then go to Cotton's girlfriend's house to murder her. Cotton tells the woman to calm down and let her ask the first questions. The voice wants to know the name of the movie with the killer car. Cotton thinks about it and says it's a Stephen King adaptation. He says Carrie and continues to think. The voice says that his girlfriend Christine didn't want to hear that answer.

A car pulls away from the traffic jam. Cotton pushes some cars aside to follow the car. As he speeds home he tries to reach Christine while he sees the other car in front of him. Cotton arrives home and calls for Christine. From upstairs he hears the shower. He goes into the bathroom and turns off the shower.

Suddenly the phone rings. Christine says she's been waiting at Starbucks for half an hour. Someone from the set called her house, Cotton says she should call the police right away, send them to the house and then call him again. Cotton hears a noise and picks up a bat. All of a sudden, the phone rings again. Christine says the police have been notified. Cotton tells her to stay where she is because there is a woman in the house. Christine gets angry. Suddenly, music is heard. Cotton stays on the phone and turns off the stereo. He hears Christine running home. Cotton sees the open window and thinks the woman is outside. Christine tells him over the phone to get the football bat out of the closet. When Cotton opens the door, Christine's body falls out at him. The killer shows up unexpectedly and stabs Cotton. He shows him the device he used to disguise the voice and says Cotton's show is canceled before continuing to stab him.

Theatrical Version: 8:49 min.
AC: 12:42 min


The scene with Sidney on the farm comes in the Assembly Cut at [00:16:05].


The Assembly Cut shows two shots of the locked gate before Sidney is seen.

AC: 6 sec


Sidney can be seen longer walking along the path with her dog.

AC: 3 sec


Sidney walks up the steps to the house.

AC: 9 sec


In the theatrical version, there is a dissolve to another shot of Sidney as the caller reports that she is being beaten by her boyfriend.

In the Assembly Cut, Sidney continues to be seen as the caller reports that she is being beaten by her boyfriend. It fades to another shot of Sidney on the phone and then to a clock. Sidney ends the call. She goes to the kitchen to get her dog some food. On the side, she turns on the television. There is a report about Cotton's murder.

Theatrical Version: 7 sec.
AC: 1:05 min


The scene where Gale gives her talk comes in the Assembly Cut after Cotton's murder at [00:13:45].


The Theatrical Version features Gale, who says that future journalists need to remember one thing.

The Assembly Cut shows an alternate take of her. Gale adds that the fellow students could become competitors.

Theatrical Version: 4 sec.
AC: 13 sec


The theatrical version shows Gale with the mic. She says that you should not stop at anything.

The Assembly Cut shows an alternate take of Gale. She takes the microphone in her hand.

Theatrical Version: 2 sec.
AC: 5 sec.


The Theatrical Version cuts to the woman, then briefly to Gale.

In the Assembly Cut, Gale is seen earlier and then longer. In the next shot, the audience is seen earlier.

Theatrical Version: 2 sec.
AC: 4 sec


When Gale answers "yes" to the question, she is seen in close-up in the theatrical version.

The Assembly Cut shows her at the lectern.

Theatrical Version: 3 sec.
AC: 3 sec


After the student asks if it was worth it, the Theatrical Version cuts to Gale as the woman says they are now out of time.

Assembly Cut shows two shots of the students, then Gale at the lectern. Silence. Cut to the woman who says that they now have no more time.

Theatrical Version: 1 sec.
AC: 8 sec


In the Theatrical Version, the students are seen earlier as they run up the stairs.

Theatrical Version: 1 sec.


The same shot is longer in the Assembly Cut. Gale can be seen looking up. Mark is looking at a blackboard and looks down at her. He calls out her name. Gale runs upstairs.

AC: 17 sec


Mark says that Gale has worked for many magazines. Gale is seen earlier in the next shot. Gale's "Thank you." was simply placed on the next shot in the theatrical version.

AC: 6 sec


In the theatrical version, the shot in which Gale is seen starts earlier.

In the Assembly Cut, Gale and Mark can still be seen. Mark says "... but also because you knew him." The "but also" was removed for the theatrical version.

Theatrical Version: 1 sec.
AC: 4 sec


In the Assembly Cut, Gale adds "you have my word". After that, Mark can be seen earlier.

AC: 2 sec


The theatrical version shows a close-up of the photo of Maureen.

In the Assembly Cut, we continue to see Gale and Mark, who shows her the photo.

Theatrical Version: 5 sec.
AC: 3 sec


The theatrical version once again shows the photo of Maureen.

In the Assembly Cut, here comes the scenes of Sidney on the farm. The next scene in which Sidney learns of Cotton's death is at [00:19:11].

Theatrical Version: 4 sec.


After Sidney learns of Cotton's murder, she stuffs the dog food back into the bag. She brusquely rejects her dog, but apologizes to him shortly afterwards.

AC: 18 sec


The shot of the reporter walking through the crowd starts earlier. A camera pans across two advertising posters to the reporter.

AC: 8 sec


The two police officers are seen at greater length in the theatrical version.

In the Assembly Cut, John continues to tell the cops that there is no connection between the murder and the movie. Mark asks if they will order more security for the studio. The producer (played by Roger Corman) says they will. Mark agrees.

Theatrical Version: 1 sec.
AC: 11 sec


In the Assembly Cut, the actors are seen earlier on the set. In the theatrical version, the dialogue was superimposed on the previous scene.

AC: 1 sec


Angelina is seen earlier in the Assembly Cut. Again, the dialogue was moved forward in the Theatrical Version.

AC: 1 sec
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