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  • International Version
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 11, 2016 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
As often in this genre, there are two different cuts of the Hostel rip-off Parlor. Besides an Unrated Version, there is also a shorter version which is supposed to be some kind of R-Rated Version but it has never been rated by the MPAA. And this is where we come in.

Both the German and UK releases only contain the shorter version. In the US however, the longer Unrated Version has been released on Blu-ray and DVD. And this Unrated Version is really worth it. It is 5 minutes longer and it contains more sleazy dialogs, mre sex, more nudity and of course more blood and violence. Basically, the two essential torture scenes are longer. All in all, the Unrated Version seems more violent.

Compared are the International Version and the US Unrated Version, both by Tiberius Film.

The Unrated Version contains 23 additional scenes with a total length of 326.63 seconds (~ 5:27 Minuten).
3:21 Minutes
The titel is different. In the Unrated Version, the movie is called "Anarchy Parlor". In the International Version, the movie is simply called "Parlor".
no difference

UnratedInternational Version

5:14 Minutes
The girls' conversation about Jesse is longer. He is cute, rich and Stephanie wants to sleep with him on the trip. The girls laugh.
13.26 sec

5:33 Minutes
A girl approaches Jesse on the dance floor. Brock wants to know from the girls what the problem was that Jesse would not rather suck on her breasts. Then Jesse shows up at the table.
10.39 sec

5:52 Minutes
Kelly is not sure about the invitation to the party. For that reason, Kevin asks Jesse if he knew the girls from the dance floor. Brock says it did not matter and tells him not to be such a pussy. Then he points out the girls' amazing tits.
9.09 sec

7:30 Minutes
Amy goes down the stairs to the restroom. She catches a couple in the act which is why she leaves.
28.95 sec

17:22 Minutes
Brock grabs the blade on the case and makes some sex moves about Uta with it.
27.24 sec

33:55 Minutes
Further shot of Brock's tattoo getting peeled off.
2 sec

34:00 Minutes
The deed is done.
4.38 sec

35:10 Minutes
Additional shot of Brock's ear getting cut off.
2.46 sec

35:14 Minutes
The artist finally yanks off the ear. Blood is leaking.
7.34 sec

35:53 Minutes
The camera pans to Brock.
2.84 sec

38:02 Minutes
The artist uses the tool to peel off Brock's skin a little longer.
1.71 sec

38:38 Minutes
The Unrated Version also shows how Brock's skin on his back gets removed.
12.55 sec

39:00 Minutes
A few more inches and the skin is completely off.

2.84 sec

45:09 Minutes
The group is walking across the bridge.
19.73 sec

47:18 Minutes
The boys and girls are walking across the street until they find a tattoo parlor. They pass the entrance and Kevin goes inside by himself. He asks for Uta. The customer is not amused, acts like a tough guy and tells Kevin to get lost. Kevin runs off in a hurry.
57.27 sec

59:24 Minutes
Kevin, Stephanie and Kelly argue longer whether or not to follow Uta in the basement.
9.38 sec

1:03:03 Minutes
Zala's lapdance is much longer.
34.87 sec

1:08:27 Minutes
With her finger nail, Uta loosens the skin on Stephanie's back.
5.51 sec

1:08:35 Minutes
Uta starts skinning her.
1.79 sec

1:08:54 Minutes
Close-up of Stephanie's throat being slit.
2.29 sec

1:18:47 Minutes
The artist and Uta argue about Amy. He then punches her in the face and gives her a clear warning.
12.10 sec

1:25:05 Minutes
Zala removes the piercing pliers between her legs, tosses the pliers in the corner and gets up. She calls for Uta and Jesse, then she keeps looking.
42.75 sec

1:26:31 Minutes
Uta gets back Zala's genital piercing.
15.89 sec