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Release: May 13, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R-Rated Version (exclusively available on the US DVD by Lions Gate) and the Unrated Version (UK Blu-ray by Icon Home Entertainment)

- 7 differences
- Length difference: 23 sec

The Rules of Attraction (2002) is based on a Bret Easton Ellis novel and it has something in common with the adaption of American Psycho: Both movies were censored for an R (American Psycho comparison).

As for HD releases, the US Blu-ray contains the Unrated Version - as is reads on the cover. That being said, the UK Blu-ray also contains the Unrated Version which comes as a surprise because it is not being mentioned on the cover at all. Considering that the UK DVD is censored (comparison), this was not to be expected. As one can see on Melonfarmers, the BBFC specifically stated in 2014 that they never rerated the movie hence the Unrated Version should not be on the UK Blu-ray in the first place. And yet, it is still available at this point (2018).

The US R-Rated Version on the other hand contains alternate footage of the rape scene at the beginning of the movie, the suicide scene is cut and prior to that, there are further cuts due to nudity or other indelicacies are being censored in different ways. Nonetheless, the R-Rated still contains similar scenes which makes the alterations kind of arbitrary.

Time index refers to
US R-Rated DVD (in NTSC) / Unrated Version (UK Blu-ray)
05:09-05:17 / 05:09-05:26

When Townie pukes on Lauren's back, the image freezes in the R-Rated Version - followed by a few further freeze frames of the film student, the teddy and a few more of her. When "Lauren" pops up on the screen, her face is still clean.

The Unrated Version on the other hand shows the film student one more time. He screws up his face but then he is being fascinated as well. Townie gets cracking and one can see Lauren's cheek with puke all over it.

When the rewind effect begins, the first 10 frames of the shot of Lauren with puke on her back are missing as well.

Unrated Version 9.2 sec longer

19:58-23:38 / 20:07-23:47

In the R-Rated Version, the pictures on the porn magazine are blurred.

no difference

R-Rated VersionUnrated Version (UK BD)

Even though predestinated for issues with the MPAA and occassionally mentioned as alteration on the internet, the close-ups from the book about STDs in minute 42 identically equal. Apparently, this was still alright, in spite of the explicit pictures of private parts because it 2 only 2 frames per STD at the max.

53:07 / 53:16-53:18

The close-up starts a little earlier: The tongue is coming out.

2.1 sec

53:29-53:34 / 53:40-53:47

Alternate porn footage while Paul is on the phone in the background.

Unrated Version 1.5 sec longer

R-Rated VersionUnrated Version (UK BD)

66:55 / 67:08-67:18

A part of the tracking shot at the beginning of the "Dressed to get screwed" party is cut.

10.3 sec

71:37-71:41 / 72:00-72:04

The R-Rated Version only contains the first 2 seconds of the shot. In the Unrated Version, the girl cuts herself almost up to the elbow.
As compensation, the subsequent shot of her starts almost 4 seconds earlier (with actual new footage, unlike the UK DVD). As for the length, there is...

no difference

R-Rated VersionUnrated Version (UK BD)

Victor's quick montage from minutes 82 to 86 contains some explicit nudity which is remains uncensored in the R-Rated Version.

103:00-103:04 / 103:23-103:27

In the R-Rated Version, the flashback of the rape here contains the alternate shot of Lauren as well - no puke on her forehead in the R-Rated.

no difference

R-Rated VersionUnrated Version (UK BD)