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  • European Version
  • US Version
Release: Jul 14, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the European Version (German Blu-ray) and the US Version (US Blu-ray)

- 1 scene with alternate footage
- Length difference: 32.4 sec

Michael Mann's cyber war thriller, inspired by the Stuxnet incident and starring Chris Hemsworth, was a phanomenal box office bomb. Mainly due to vital marketing screw ups, most of the audiences simply did not notice it. Sure, there are some genre specific weaknesses regarding the IT stuff and similar to Miami Vice, Blackhat lacks a sophisticated content. But as usual for Mann, the movie looks really terrific.

Curiously enough, an unexpected discovery was made regarding the home theater releases. It had not been noticed until one of our readers pointed it out to us. Consequently, we decided to take a closer look. And as a matter of fact, the European Version (e.g. the German and the UK Version) is 32.4 seconds shorter. A little background information about a suspect has been removed. Allegedly, he has ties to a latino gang.

The reason for removing that is unknown but it is not the first time Michael Mann did something like that - Heat has been slightly altered for its Blu-ray release, further examples are being mentioned in the Heat comparison. In this case however, an alteration for political reasons can't be ruled out. But then again, there is also a chance that ties to a gang would be considered too confusing for an international audience. Either way, this small detail is completely for the story.

All in all, it is a bit upsetting that the US Version has not been released worldwide. But then again, this detail is so trivial that one might as well get one of the European releases.

Running time refers to
European Blu-ray / US Blu-ray
26:40-26:53 / 26:40-27:26

Until Pollack points to the suspect list on the monitor includin a zoom-in to Lazano, the versions continue differently.

In the US Version, Lozano's profile is an issue for an extended period. During the first 3 seconds (also in the European Version), one gets actually to hear the following:
- "What's on his neck?".
- "Kid had tattoos."
- "You have any routine surveillance tapes?"
- "Right there."
Several surveillance camera recordings follow.
- "Face of stone."
Carol calls Pollack: "It's me. Can you have someone jump on the NCIC database? Search for Latino males under 30 with priors in, I don't know, anything like carding, identity theft, who were in West Texas prison gangs. Our cowboy has a tattoo on his shoulder. He's with Los Zapotecas."
Pollack is sitting in front of his computer and says: "I'm sending you something right now."

In the European Version, the latino gang connection is completely missing. Instead, the European Version immediately cuts to Pollack walking around in several offices while being on the phone. Before a cut to Nicholas and Chen Lien, he instantaneously tells Jackson he was sending him something right away. Then the rest of the shot with Pollack.

US Version 32.4 sec longer

The European Blu-ray lacks the R-Rated logo subsequent to the end credits.

5 sec