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Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening

original title: The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening


Censored GameBoy Verison
Region: USA

Uncensored Original GameBoy Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Nov 08, 2011 - Author: LordAnubis - Translator: Tony Montana
Link's Awakening was released in 1993. It was the first Zelda for the GameBoy. Similar to "Link to the Past", the game is being presented from the bird's eye perspective.

The first "Zelda to go" was so popular that it was remade for the GameBoy Color launch in 1998 and re-relased as "Link's Awakening DX".
Being one of the most popular games for this handheld device, the remake sold approx. 2.2 million copies.
It was also playable with the "old" GameBoy but there was one new labyrinth exclusively playable with the GameBoy Color.

Unfortunately, the Color Version has been slightly censored to remove sleazy and ambiguously scenes from the game.

Compared are the Originalversion from 1993 in black and white (Gameboy) and the German DX Version from 1998.

Gameboy Version (B&W, 1993)Gameboy Color Version (Color, 1998)

Please note: Because this comparison has been made with the German versions of both the original GameBoy and the GameBoy color version all screenshots only show German texts. We try to translate them by ourselves to give you an impression. But this will not be the exact text which one can find in the US version.

The censorship affects the old original US GameBoy version and most likely all international GameBoy color versions (including the US). The Japanese version is uncensored. While the original US GameBoy version had to be censored the German version did base on the Japanese version. That's why the old German version for the original Gameboy and probably all European versions as well were uncensored too.

However, for the later released GameBoy Color version they used the US version in Germany too. Because of that the German version and most likely every other European version for the GameBoy Color has the censorship as well.
Altered Texts
One meets a weird-looking but friendly guy at several spots in the game. He replies if one talks to him. In the Original Version, he replies ironically, sarcastically or humorously. The phrases are being randomly selected. In the Censored Version, those phrases have become pointless passages or little tips for the game:

The Mermaid and the Bikini

One of the quests is finding a lost item the mermaid has lost. As reward, one gets one of her scales. Here the game has been censored twice:

At first, she explains she's lost her bikini top in a wave while she was swimming. But she only speaks about a pearl necklace she's lost in the Censored Version.

Due to this alteration, the following filthy gag needed to be removed as well because it would have been out of context:
If one dives in the area where one has met the mermaid, she's upset and one's being yelled at to stop that. She's refering to her naked boobs of course. Although they're below the surface, Link can take a good look at the melons while he's diving. 5 years after its original release, the pure imagination must have been too much. So the comment has been replaced in the Censored Version. Now she explains to Link that she'd already searched that area.

Gameboy Version (B&W, 1993)
Gameboy Color Version (Color, 1998)
Hey! Stop it, you thug!!!I have already searched in this place.

Uncensored Japanese Version:Censored International Version:

Finding the Bikini Top / Pearl Necklace
The bikini top / pearl necklace can be found by giving a fishhook to a fisherman under the bridge. In return, he promises the first thing he catches which is the mermaid's lost item of course: the bikini top in the Uncensored and the pearl nacklace in the Censored Version. Furthermore, the comment including the word "sexy" has been replaced a much more harmless one:

Gameboy Version (B&W, 1993)
Gameboy Color Version (Color, 1998)
Your fishhook os going to be my sexy bekini-top now! Wow! *drooling*Your fishhook is going to be my pearl necklace now, good trade.

Returning the Bikini Top / Pearl Necklace
The text needed to be altered as well.

Gameboy Version (B&W, 1993)
Gameboy Color Version (Color, 1998)
Uiiii! There IT is! My bikini-top!
Hey, give it to me!
Give it back immediatly!
I will even give you a scale of mine!
Then one can chouse the answer: Yes or Lechz
There IS my pearl necklace! (...).

Gameboy Version (B&W, 1993)
Gameboy Color Version (Color, 1998)

The Life Model

Among other things, one visits a painter and his model. In the Original Version, she's wearing a towel and poses like she's kind of embarrassed. In the Deluxe Version, she's wearing zip and she doesn't look embarrassed either.

Gameboy Version (B&W, 1993)
Gameboy Color Version (Color, 1998)