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  • Theatrical Release
  • Extended Cut
Release: Mar 12, 2008 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Four weeks before the third installment of the series hit theaters worldwide, providing us with personal problems of a dorky super hero yet again, Sony released an about eight minutes longer version of the predecessor. Only a bonafide optimist would expect something else than a result of "Marketing 1.01" from this version of the film.
However, this new version is almost not worth mentioning. It's a little bit for everyone: more action, more humour, more sweet talking. It doesn't make the movie any better or worse.

Theatrical release (TR): 122:15 Minuten
Extended Cut (EC): 130:12 Minuten

The abbreviation ALT in the following cut report means "alternate material" and refers to the Extended Cut only.
Pizza delivery

ALT Six little recuts and changes make the EC slightly longer. The boss yells a bit more at Peter, than turns to one of his American employees who doesn't understand his language. EC is 13 sec longer

Peter dresses longer in the janitorial and makes a lot of noise. 5 sec

ALT As Peter puts the cleaning tools back into the janitorial the TR has an extended shot from distance. The EC has an extended close-by shot. TR is 4 sec longer

Peter smiles at the desk lady. He then notices rests of cobweb on the pizza box and removes them. 16 sec

TR There's a longer shot of him walking towards the desk lady. 1,5 sec

Peter leaves without the money and walks back towards the janitorial. The desk lady tells him about the elevator. Peter turns around and waits an awkward long moment for elevator. Eventually an elevator door on the other end of the hall opens and Peter walsk by the desk lady again. He waves at her friendly after he entered the lift. 18 sec

Birthday party

Harry emphasizes again that he intends to kill his father's murderer. 11 sec

ALT After Harry got up he looks at a picture of Peter and Norman Osborn and talks more about the desire to find his murderer. EC 11 sec longer

Peter walks towards Harry and shows sympathy before the lights go out and MJ and Aunt May enter with the birthday cake. 43 sec

Outside the house MJ tells Peter that she's seeing someone. Peter asks ironically "Therapy?" but MJ means a guy. Peter has only little hope for a chance with MJ here. 28,5 sec

Again a short scene with Peter and MJ outside. 5,5 sec

ALT The fade out at night with Peter lying on the bed is different. In the EC he turns on the police radio and listens desolately. 6,5 sec

Doctor Octavius
ALT Octavius introduces his wife Rosie to Peter. Then there are different shots of Parker asking Octavius about the machine. EC is 14,5 sec longer

ALT The sit-down at the dinner table is editied differently. EC is 4,5 sec longer

The conversation about T.S. Elliot is a moment longer. 7 sec

ALT The ending in the launderette is slightly different. EC is 0,5 sec longer

Theatre visit

ALT The end of the car chase is different. In principle it's the same shot of the busted crooks but the EC shows Peter in the car taking off his mask. The framing was changed there as well. EC is 2,5 sec longer

More material of Peter standing in front of the usher. 3,5 sec

At the end of the scene Peter tries to get into the theatre once more but the usher gets rid of him with clear gestures. 12,5 sec

In the elevator

ALT The complete elevator sequence with Spider-Man is different. In the TR the other man is sceptical, he talks to Spidey about the nice costume and it becomes clear that he thinks he's talking to a crazy fan instead of THE Spider-Man. In the EC the man introduces himself as a Public Relations expert who knows that it's Spider-Man standing in front of him. And he instantly makes him an offer to help with Spidey's marketing. TV shows, a children's book, cologne - it's all no problem. The ideas come out of his mouth as he gestures a wild brain-storming. But since Spider-Man doesn't have a bag for the man's card, let alone any interest in his offer the situation gets calmed down and both of them wait in awkwardness for the elevator to arrive. But it's going slowly - even after Spider-Man pushed the button again. EC is 34,5 sec longer


Peter sits in a lecture but he doesn't listen. Instead he draws a sketch of Octavius's experiment causing an explosion. 28 sec

At the hospital

There are two more shots of the man getting electrocuted by a lamp. This might be a censorship cut for the PG-13 rating. 1 sec

ALT The scene with the chainsaw and the attacking of a woman with protective glasses was edited differently in both versions. EC is 0,5 sec longer.

Right afterwards the mechanical arm speeds towards the woman with the glasses. 1,5 sec

First fight
During the first fight both of them crash into a room of the multistory building, brawl briefly and fall back out. 14 sec

ALT Right before Octavius thrusts Spider-Man away they fight longer at the house wall. The end of that shot is present in the TR as well but it differs slightly. Basically the EC uses an alternate computer generated shot. EC is 5 sec longer


MJ shops with a friend. They talk about the proposal. The friend asks MJ if her fiancÚ is the one true love and stokes doubt in MJ with her stubbornness. 83 sec


ALT The conversation with the doctor is a little longer. EC is 10 sec longer

ALT Dito. 9s

ALT And again the docotr analyzes Peters or rather Spider-Man's problems. He isn't very helpful though. 51 sec

The conversation with uncle Ben is a little longer. 10 sec

Jameson dressed up as Spider-Man and jumps around in his office. 23,5 sec

Second fight

Both of them keep fighting on the side of the train while it passes through the next stop. 5,5 sec

A larger extension of the fight in which Octavius keeps crshing Spidey against the roof and the side of the train. While hanging on the side Spidey crashes into several signs and eventually gets hit by a train driving in the opposite direction. In spite of this incident still unharmed Spidey swings back to Octavius. 41 sec