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  • Unrated version
  • Workprint
Release: Sep 17, 2010 - Author: Leatherface666 - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Ireland Tape: (Without end credits) 1:32:40 (With end credits) 1:35:41
Workprint (NTSC): (Without end credits) 1:47:58 (With end credits) 1:51:08
2. min.
After the titles a sunset is missing.
88 sec

3. min.
The two idiots are driving along the street longer.
After that the driver calls the radio station. In the Unrated version they are also goofing around.
Many scenes have been switched around and put at the right place later.
12 sec

3. min.
Stretch answers the phone and talks to a woman.

4. min.
Here, one more cut to the studio can be seen.
2 sec

4. min.
After the idiots have pushed the van from the street it dashes on the meadow. + A shot of the idiots' car.
11 sec

5. min.
A short shot of LG putting on music is missing.
2 Sec

49. min.
Lefty is holding two little saws in his hand, him placing them back and putting on a belt is missing. After that he takes everything out, again, and closes the top. He looks up and sees Drayton's car driving by. He approaches it and watches Drayton talking to his sons about the victory and driving away.
95 sec

52. min.
Here, the legendary underground parking lot scene is missing.
Driving in the Chili van + a lot of dialogue between Bo Sawyer(Chop Top) and Drayton.
We see Bo sewing his puppet. Drayton driving and talking.
When they arrive at the underground parking lot there is anarchy. A bunch of teenagers are rioting. Car windows are broken, cars are sprayed on and so on.
When Drayton addresses them from the car they all circle around the car. Shortly before the situation gets out of control the door in the back flies open and Leatherface swings his chainsaw.
There is a lot of gore, heads are partially sawed or completely sawed off, arms, feet etc. are flying around, a separated hand still gives the finger and so on.
After their work is done they drive away and joke around a bit.
Lefty walks around in the catacombs with his saw and cuts something.
(The last part of this scene can be seen in the 64. min.. In the Workprint it reappears at the same spot.)
After that we see the family in the car, again, and the father is having a monologue.
Scene change:
A guy and two women are talking in a staircase and walk down the stairs. Leatherface appears and kills them.
410 sec = 6 min. 50 sec.

92. min.
The finale: Two short shots are missing which cannot be found in the deleted scenes of the Ireland tape, either.
When Bo Sawyer falls into the propeller a profile shot is missing, then Stretch screams in a very short close up and then we see some stuff falling out of the air shaft.
Altogether ca. 3 sec.