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original title: Tenebre


  • US cut (Unsane)
  • Original cut
Release: Aug 25, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the US version Unsane and the original version, both represented on Arrow Video's UK 2022 Blu-ray/4K Blu-ray.

- 31 changed scenes
- Difference: 639.8 sec (= 10:40 min)

Tenebrae (original title: Tenebre) by Dario Argento had a fair share of different versions in the past. In the UK the BBFC was not happy with several gory bits. Anchor Bay's DVD curiously had some alternative scenes and the Polish VHS is another story. In America, the film was originally released again under the title Unsane, for which about 10 minutes were removed and a song by Kim Wilde was placed over the credits.

In 2022 the 4K UHD premiere of the classic is now available in parallel in the UK (from Arrow Video in July) and the US (from Synapse Video in August). For this, you get the uncut original version in each of the sets as the main film on 4K Blu-ray and Blu-ray, while a second 4K disc also includes the Unsane cut in restored form for the first time. After we summarized a few odd moments in the report between the English and Italian versions of the original cut, which were shot in two language variants, we will now turn our attention to the US version, which deviates more extensively.

Essentially, there are a lot of trimming cuts here, so you won't miss anything significant for a large part of the running time. Of course, the alternative song by Kim Wilde, which Argento apparently was not satisfied with, is still noticeable over the end credits. Allegedly, the US version at the time also censored virtually all the violent bits. At least in the present reconstruction by Arrow Video, these are mostly still included, only in the second half of the film there are a few corresponding cuts. These will certainly weigh heavier for many interested parties. If you want to see a crisper version of the film, you can still give the US version of Arrow a chance - the uncut version is included in the set anyway.
Running time information is arranged according to the scheme
US Cut from Arrow Video / Original Version from Arrow Video
00:00-00:07 / 00:00-00:52

The US cut has only the English title card to start with. Then it sets in when the book is thrown into the fire.

In the original cut a few pages of the book are turned first and then read aloud in close-ups. As noted in the comparison between English and Italian version of the original cut separate shots with English texts were created here for the English version. Lastly, the shot of the fire starts a bit earlier, as the original title appears here.

Original cut 45.3 sec longer

The other credits and also the inserts/letters throughout the film are all in the original Italian version, at least in the Arrow reconstruction of the US cut.

01:29 / 02:14-02:20

The end of the first shot on the bridge is chopped off, creating a jumpcut.

6 sec

01:42 / 02:33-02:41

A first shot of Peter cycling from the front.

8.1 sec

02:14 / 03:13-03:25

Peter's arrival at the airport is a little longer.

11.7 sec

04:23 / 05:34-05:46

Before Elsa reaches for the book, she walks around a little longer.

12.2 sec

04:36 / 05:59-06:19

A longer tracking shot from the point of view of the killer watching Elsa.

19.2 sec

06:31 / 08:14-08:26

Elsa gets off the motorcycle.

12.1 sec

07:53 / 09:48-10:15

Elsa puts her bag on the table, opens the window and speaks briefly with the neighbor.

26.8 sec

08:33 / 10:55-10:56

Elsa backs away from the door in a brief first shot.

0.8 sec

09:12 / 11:35-11:46

Another shot through a curtain as the killer takes a photo.
Afterwards a first shot of Bullmer, who looks around irritated; "Did everybody get this release?"

11 sec

12:17 / 14:51-15:16

Bullmer talks a little longer with Peter. He asks about one of the reporters. Bullmer explains that this guy is hosting a TV program to which they would be invited shortly.

25.7 sec

19:27 / 22:26-22:42

First shots of the unknown woman (Eva Robins) on the beach. The men are watching her.

16.2 sec

21:15 / 24:30-24:56

Two first shots in the lounge. A woman at the bar rebuffs a guy who is hitting on her. Marion walks around and sweet-talks a few people while Tilde watches her.

25.4 sec

22:06 / 25:47-26:01

After Marion has left, Tilde stays behind alone and looks after her dreamily. A man comes along and indifferently she agrees when he says he's free for an hour now.

14.7 sec

22:34 / 26:29-26:38

The last shot with Peter and Anne in the room is a bit longer. Afterwards, you can see the house earlier: Here, light shines briefly from an arriving car.

8.9 sec

24:41 / 28:45-30:12

After Marion goes out of frame on the right, the tracking shot is actually much longer. It moves out of the window and up onto the roof. Music plays throughout and the camera continues around the building. In the middle of moving up the stairs, the US starts again.

86.8 sec (= 1:27 min)

30:04 / 35:35-35:55

Peter continues to complain off-screen that the pillows are too hard. Anne promises to take care of it. The follow-up shot of the elevator also begins a moment earlier.

20.1 sec

43:42 / 49:33-49:56

Before Maria arrives at the pool, she wanders around in another shot.

22.8 sec

47:12 / 53:26-54:06

Maria also wanders around inside for a longer time and flinches in between when the dogs bark off-screen.

39.7 sec

47:17 / 54:11-54:42

The shot of the apartment from above is clearly longer. Maria takes a few steps into the middle of the room and looks around again, disoriented.

31.7 sec

55:45 / 63:10-63:14

Probably a (reconstructed) error in the master: The shot of the two in the bushes is a little longer.

3.9 sec

59:45 / 67:14-68:01

The conversation between Peter and Anne is a bit longer. He slowly approaches her and a passionate kiss follows. She thinks that it is better to forget this little moment of weakness the next morning. Following this, the close-up of the eye begins a bit earlier.

46.7 sec

60:35 / 68:51

The first censorship cut: The woman from the beach gets another knife thrust into her now already bloody abdomen in close-up.

0.5 sec

69:01 / 77:17-77:40

Jane looks at the shoe a little longer. Then a first shot of Bullmer running around.

22.6 sec

69:37 / 78:16-78:54

Bullmer continues to look around, waiting for something to happen.

37.7 sec

69:55 / 79:11-79:38

Bullmer can be seen longer in the same shot. A boy is playing around behind him and is picked up by his father.

26.7 sec

77:52 / 87:35-88:01

The Filipina housekeeper sits in the room for a while longer and then walks out. Altieri also gets up and takes her jacket.

25.5 sec

78:46 / 88:55-89:01

The axe lands in another shot in Jane's arm and now chops it off. An extreme gush of blood spreads through the room.

6.6 sec

78:48-78:52 / 89:03-89:19

The US version moves a shot of the axe slamming here and then only shows the end of the shot where Jane goes down. Actually, this shot comes first and starts much earlier: Jane staggers around and blood continues to drip from her arm stump.

Uncut 12 sec longer

79:11 / 89:38-89:42

Curiously, the previously cut stab in the already bloody abdomen is now seen in the flashback. But shortly afterwards, the beginning of the tracking shot was removed here: The woman lies bleeding on the ground.

3.4 sec

88:17 / 98:48-98:57

Peter tries unsuccessfully to pull the metal tip out of his body in further shots.
However, you can see how he slumps down again shortly afterwards.

9.2 sec

Of course, badly representable in the cut report: Instead of the legendary original soundtrack of the remaining Goblin members Simonetti-Pignatelli-Morante, you hear the rather corny song "Take Me Tonight" by Kim Wilde in the US version.

Slipcase and reverse cover of the UK 4K-Blu-ray/Blu-ray combo by Arrow Video: