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Tenebre (aka Tenebrae)

original title: Tenebrae


  • Anchor Bay-DVD
  • Arrow DVD
Release: Mar 22, 2014 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The Austrian DVD by Sazuma, which is identical to the British DVD by Anchor Bay, has been compared to the completely uncut British DVD by Arrow Video.

The Versions

Tenebre was released in different versions in several countries. The German tape is strongly cut and even seized. In Great Britain, a VHS which was cut by about 4 sec. was released and would later be rated as "Video Nasty". A tape that was released even later was cut for an additional second in one further scene and then rated 18+. A strongly cut R-rated version of the movie exists in the USA. This one is missing about 10 minutes of footage, both violence and plot had been cut.

Furthermore, there are many released which are titled uncut, but technically are not, especially the UK-DVD by Anchor Bay. As it can be considered a given that Anchor Bay used the same master worldwide (as usual), the US-DVD by the same label is affected as well. The German DVD by Raptor is (almost) uncut. Only about 1.5 sec. of a shot of a house in the beginning of a scene are missing. During the scene in the beginning, when the book is being read, the text on the pages is written in Italian. All the other compared versions show close-ups of an English-written text.

The British DVD & Blu-ray by Arrow Video are completely uncut.

It should be noted that the following cuts are not "deliberate" ones. They are master errors, film tears etc.

Comparison of Images

A little insight into the different image qualities of the named releases. This scene was chosen, that for the rerelease by Raptor, a blue filter was used during the flashback-scenes, to suggest the scenes were playing during nighttime.

Arrow VideoIllusions/XT-Video

SazumaAnchor Bay


The Report

The following report shows and describes the cuts of the Sazuma-DVD, which, as mentioned earlier, is identical to the British DVD by Anchor Bay.
There is a note at the scenes which are also missing on the XT-Video disc and therefore are missing on Raptor's Ultimate Collector's Edition (2-Disc Digipack), as well.

4 Cuts
Runtime difference = 24.84 sec.
Timecode: Sazuma DVD / Arrow DVD

The Arrow-DVD shows a black screen for one second in the beginning. The Sazuma-DVD starts the film right away.
(Not added to the number of total cuts)
1 sec.

The woman is shown backing off in a short, additional shot, as the homeless man appears in front of her window.
Note: This cut is also found on the Illusions/XT-Video DVD.
0.76 sec.

The last part of the scene with Peter and Anne in the hotel room is missing on the Sazuma-DVD. Anne is going to the dresser and puts the files down.
1.8 sec.

The second stab into the woman's stomach is missing in the flashback.
Note: This cut is also found on the Illusions/XT-Video DVD.
0.56 sec.

The scene of Jane putting on her new red shoes is longer.
Note: This cut is also found on the Illusions/XT-Video DVD. (5.24 sec.) The following scene is contained.

The first part of the following scene, showing Bullmer standing on the square, is missing, too. He is holding a magazine in his hand and takes a look at his watch. He then walks across the square.
21.72 sec. in total