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Tenebre (aka Tenebrae)

original title: Tenebre


  • Polish VHS
  • Arrow Video DVD
Release: May 02, 2014 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the cut Polish VHS by P.R. Warszawa and the uncut DVD (BBFC18) by Arrow Video.

Short Information

The Polish tape lacks two plot scenes in comparison to the uncut version. These scenes were, among others, also missing on the German tape, which is why there was no German dubbing at that time. This might also be the reason for the cuts on the Polish VHS.
The tape is completely uncut in terms of violence.


2 cuts
Difference in running time: 96.76 sec.

The rest of the difference in running time is due to several frame cuts. The two longest of these cuts are mentioned in the cut report, but all of the others are shorter than 10 frames and hence are not listed below.
Time index: Polish VHS / British DVD


The black screen as well as the first two seconds are missing in the VHS version.

2.96 sec.


The VHS doesn't show more of the scene after Elsa, the shoplifter, has put one of the books into her purse and the other back on the shelf. The store detective comes running towards Elsa, grabs her and drags her away, while she tries to get loose. The other woman picks up the book. The store detective asks Elsa for a receipt for the book, to which she replies that she just wanted to go pay for it. The detective takes her to his office. He checks her ID and then opens a book. He realizes that Elsa is an infamous shoplifter. She tries to talk her way out of it by offering him her address, which he than notes down. The detective gives her her purse and she leaves. The beginning of the next scene with Elsa and the bikers in the street is missing, too.

83 sec.


The end of the scene with Peter in the plane, where the traveling bag is shown, is missing on the VHS. The beginning of the next shot, in which the biker is riding along the street with Elsa, is missing, too.

5.56 sec.


The VHS doesn't show Detective Altieri coming to Detective Germani. They have a short conversation. The beginning of the next scene, with the shadow figure, is also missing.

13.76 sec.


A few frames are missing during the scene change between Jane and Bulmer, who is standing there waiting.

0.72 sec.