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Vikings: Season 5 Vol 2


Warrior: S1

Annabelle Comes Home

Maniac Mansion


Censored NES Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored C64 Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Oct 31, 2011 - Author: Motoko - Translator: Tony Montana
In 1990, the popular adventure from LucasArts was also released for Nintendo's NES. But at the request of Nintendo, some things needed to be altered. Mainly, Edna's sexual references, the words "kill", "pissed" and "sucked". Further alterations are images of women / female mummies because that wouldn't suitable to the family-friendly company policy. Some swear words had be removed as well.

An interesting article about the censorings of the NES Version can be found here.

Compared are the Censored US NES Version and the Uncensored US C64 Version.
Pictures of the uncensored C64 version are represented on the left side. The pictures on the right site are taken from the censored NES version.

Sexual References

One opens shower curtain and cousin Ted and a message from nurse Edna appear. The message "for a good time - Edna" has been altered to "call Edna".

When one gets tossed in the dungeon by nurse Edna, she actually says: "How silly of me! I should have tied you to my bed!". Playing the game with a female character, she says: "You're lucky you're not a boy or you'd be in BIG trouble now!"
But Nintendo prefered the following comments:" You'll be safe here until the police come, dearie." "Just you wait until I talk to your mother!" "I have half a good mind to talk to my husband!"

To pass Edna without being noticed, she can be distracted with a phone call. In the C64 Version, she reckons a sexual motivation behind this call: "Hello? Who's there? Is this a prank phone call? It doesn't sound like a prank phone call... there's no heavy breathing. Here, let me show you how to do it..."
In the NES Version, she believes it's her cousin Ted: "Cousin Ted? Is that you? I've been waiting for your call. I haven't heard from you since your operation. Let me tell you what's been happening. It was 20 years ago today..."

Naked Women

A statue on the second floor needed to be removed.

The workout area lacks the Playboy calendar and a poster of a female mumy.

Bad word: Kill

The room with the gaming machines lackt the game "Die Enemy Die" plus "Kill Thrill" became "Tuna Diver".

When one enters the secret lab at the end of the game, one encounters Purple Tentacle who says: "Dr. Fred made me do it... he forced me to go along with his plan! It's all his fault, I'm innocent! He's right in there... get him... arrest him... kill him. He's mad ... I'll help you. I'm your friend, you can trust me. AGGGGGGGG!!!" "Kill him" has been removed for the NES Version, the comment "Put a stop to his dastardly deeds." added. Furthermore, one has to "to go along with his evil plan!"

Bad Word: Pissed

When draining the pool - the water is being used to cool the reactor - a cutscene follows. Dr. Fred is pretty upset and fears the rage of the meteor. The comment "Boy, is the meteor going to be pissed." has been turned into the more harmless one "Boy, the meteor is going to be maaaad!"

Dr. Fred reveals to his son Ed the meteor needed his beloved hamster. When Ed refuses to sacrifice his pet, his dad says: "You're going to piss off the meteor." In the NES Version, "piss off" became "tick off".

Bad Word: Suck(ed)

In a cutscene, Dr. Fred reveals Sally's destiny to her: "Well, my dear. Hope you're having fun! Within minutes it'll all be over. You'll be hocked up to my machine getting your pretty brains sucked out." In the NES Version, the expression "sucked out" became "removed".

As a result of that, the "Disco sucks!" poster in the Green Tentacle's room has been removed as well. But Nintendo doesn't seem to have a problem with the word suck in general because the meteor cop calls the Purple Tentacle "Suckerface" in the NES Version, too.

Swear Words and Misunderstandings

Originally, the programmers of the NES Version intended to use following expression in the credits: "NES Scumm System". Among programmers, scumm stands for the term "Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion". But due to the similarity to the word "scum", it needed to be removed. A pennant in Ed's room had the words "SCUMM U. RAH!" on it. On the insistence of Nintendo, that comment was supposed to be removed as well but the programmers simply colored it with the color of the wall so that the actual text is still on it. In the C64 Version, the pennant reads "L.F.L.U. Rah!" which means "Lucasfilm Ltd. University".

The poster in Dr. Fred exam room doesn't say "Chewy caramel center" anymore. Instead it says "Pretty brains" now.

Ed tells his mom Edna that he's worried about his dad Fred: "He hasn't been at dinner for 5 years and he's been bringing those bodies down into the basement late at night." This could imply that Dr. Fred would eat these bodies which is why the text has been changed to "He hasn't slept in 5 years".

After the victory over the Meteor and saving the house from a nuclear disaster, Dave, Dr. Fred and Sandy assemble at the front door. After Dr. Fred asked Dave how to thank him, Dave says: "Cash would be nice!!". In the C64 Version, Dr. Fred replies: "Don't be a smart ass!" In the NES Version, he replies: "Don't be a tuna head!"