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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jan 28, 2010 - Author: Frank666 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The VHS-version, based on a pay-TV recording, has been compared to the Director's Cut DVD.

Runtime VHS-version 1:52:45 (1:50:08 w/o credits)
Runtime DVD-version 2:01:09 (1:58:25 w/o credits)
The Columbia-Picuteres-Logo
11 Sec.

Comparison of the titles being faded-in:


Another shot of Jacy (Cybill Shepherd) and Duane (Jeff Bridges) kissing.
2 Sec.

Another take of Sonny (Timothy Bottoms).
4 Sec.

The take in front of the movie theater is longer/starts earlier (you can even make out a jump-cut at the point the VHS-version starts)
4 Sec.

New scene: Sonny is sitting in the cafe and talks to the waitress Genevieve (Eileen Brennan).

Genevieve: I hope you ainīt down about Charlene.
Sonny: I ainīt blue about her.
Genevieve: What are you blue about then?
Sonny: Ainīt nobody to go with in this town. Jacyīs the only pretty girl in school, and Duaneīs got her.
Genevieve: Iīd call that his tough luck. You donīt have to eat so fast. You ainīt in a race. Jacyīd bring you more misery than sheīll ever be worth.
(Sonny pays)
Genevieve: Did your dad give you this?
Sonny: He needs all heīs got.
Genevieve: Wouldnīt hurt you to take something from him once in a while. I donīt know. You and Duane both in a boarding house. Him with the mother and you with the father. Donīt seem right. And your dadīs taking too many pills, you know.
Sonny: Yeah.
Genevieve: But Iīm no one to talk. I never got on with Mama. I still donīt.
Sonny: Say, I hear Danīs going back to work soon. I guess youīll be quitting before long.
Genevieve: Honey, we got $ 4000 worth of doctor bills to pay. I will probably be making cheeseburgers for your grandkids.
87 Sec.

New scene: Duane, Sonny and Jacy in the car.
Duane (imitating sport coach): Know what the trouble is with you? You ainīt got no school spirit. (apes spitting) *ding*
Jacy laughs and Sonny sings the school's hymn. Duane and Jacy sing along.
42 Sec.

Another take of Jacy crossing her legs.
2 Sec.

New scene: Sonny and Ruth Popper (Cloris Leachman) in the car
Sonny: Is it something bad?
Ruth: No. Itīs something… very…
18 Sec.

Prolonged scene.
Guy with hat: Weīre his best customers. He canīt run us off. Can he?
Duane: Lucky I fell asleep. Iīd hate not being able to shoot no pool.
23 Sec.

New scene: Sonny is driving along the street and looks into the shops.
43 Sec.

New scene: Duane and Sonny are sitting in the cafe.
Duane: Why donīt we just go someplace? Iīm sick and tired of this town. You are the only friend I got here…
Sonny: Go and stay gone?
Duane: …except Jacy. No, I donīt know. Hey, we go to Mexico. Be back sometime Monday.
Sonny: Would the pickup make it?
Duane: Yeah. How much money you got?
Sonny: Thirty bucks, about.
Duane: Well, I got 40. We can make it on that. Come on!
Sonny: Okay.
Genevieve: You guys want… hey, where you going?
Sonny: Mexico.
Genevieve: Where?
46 Sec.

Prolonged scene. Duane steps out of the screen.
1 Sec. (28 frames)

This scene is six seconds longer in the theatrical cut

New scene: Car drive. Sonny is looking out of the window crying.
40 Sec.

Prolonged scene: Jacy and the guy are kissing, hugging etc. each other in the billiards-cafe.
136 Sec.

Prolonged scene in the billiards-cafe.
Sheriff: Sonny, you and these boys come with us. If thatīs the way it is, no telling what weīll find.
8 Sec.

The first take of this prolonged scene replaces the last shot of the theatrical cut:

No cut.
This scene was shown earlier in the theatrical cut (01:15:46)
Ruth Popper renovating.

New scene: Jacy and Sonny driving.
Jacy: Ever hear from Duane?
Sonny: Got a postcard.
Jacy: I really feel sad about that.
Sonny: He makes 320 a month. Said he brought a car.
Jacy: Iīll always be a little in love with Duane. We just had too much against us. It wasnīt easy being the one to break up.
27 Sec.

Additional shots of Duane beating Sonny.
1 Sec. (27 frames)