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1.08 Soon Your Own Eyes Will See


  • US TV Version
  • US Blu-ray
Release: Nov 13, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the US TV Version (Chiller / TV-14) and the Blu-ray Version (Shout Factory / Not Rated).

91 differences, among them
- 13 additional scenes (incl. 2 recuts)
- 57 extended scenes
- 5 extended scenes in the TV Version
- 3 removed scenes (incl. 2 recuts)
- 1 scene with alternate footage
- 2 additional scenes with alternate footage
- 2 scenes with alternate footage & alternate audio
- Length difference: 602.84 sec resp. 10 min and 2.84 sec

Slasher is an American/Canadian horror show. Co-produced by the Canadian network Super Channel, the show premiered on Chiller (US basic cable). The first season consists of 8 episodes and the pilot aired on 03/04/2016. In Canada, the show started on 04/01/2016. Since 05/25/2016, the show is available on Netflix US.

In the US, the Blu-ray of the first season was released on 07/12/2016. Compared to the TV Versions, the Blu-ray Versions are longer.

Time index refers to
US TV Version / Blu-ray Version
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00:00 / 00:00

Longer recap.

25.2 sec

00:34 / 00:59

The shot of young Cam sneaking into his parents' bedroom from his point of view runs slower on Blu-ray. Resulting from that, there is a length difference even though both the actual footage and his mom's comment are identical.

9.52 sec

Extended Scene
02:42 / 03:17

Young Cam longer.

0.68 sec

Additional Scene
02:46 / 03:22

Additional shot of young Cam on the way back to his room while Alan is still with his dead wife, yelling "No! No!" from the off.

4.56 sec

Extended Scene
02:56 / 03:36

Sarah's conversation with Cam is longer.
Sarah: "Oh, come on. It's smiling. It's wrong."
Cam: "No, it's not. It…"
Sarah: "Look at it."
Cam: "Yeah, OK. Yeah, it's a smile. A ridiculous smile."
Sarah: "Well, it's not very scary."
Cam: "I bet you never thought this was possible. Havin' fun."

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

6.04 sec

Additional Scene
03:31 / 04:18

A longer part of the conversation about Waterbury and The Executioner is missing.
(Cam: "Waterbury. It had a problem. Lots of problems. Lots of secrets.) And um…"
Sarah: "What?"
Cam: "The Executioner… He kinda cleaned up this town. In his own sick way."
Sarah: "I mean, yeah, but… murdering eight people?"
Cam: "Yeah, I'm not condoning his actions. I'm just saying that… I don't, I don't know what I'm saying. Forget it. Sorry."
Sarah: "Yeah. What you're saying… I think you're right."
(Sarah: "There's a lot of darkness in this town and it's not just The Executioner.")

46.76 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
03:39 / 05:12

Sarah longer in the TV Version.

TV Version 0.56 sec longer

Extended Scene
03:55 / 05:27

The Blu-ray contains a little tracking shot from Cam and Sarah's hand to the door frame where Alan suddenly appears. The TV Version cuts straight to Alan resp. the tracking shot is missing.
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Also, the subsequent shot of talking Alan entering the room starts a bit earlier on Blu-ray. Due to that, that contentwise identical dialog starts a little later. (no screenshots)

3.72 sec

Extended Scene
04:34 / 06:10

Cam's comment is longer.
Alan: "She seems in fine spirits."
Cam: "Yeah. She is. 'When the storm passes by, the wicked are gone.' Proverbs 10.25. See? I did pay attention in Sunday school."

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

After the last identical shot of Cam resp. after his last identical words, the TV Version shows Alan looking in Cam's direction (please see 2nd screenshot). Cam does not say a word.
On Blu-ray, he speaks from the off. The reason for that is simple: One gets to see an exclusive shot of Cam beforehand and the identical shot of Alan here illustrates his surprise about Cam quoting from the Bible.

20.08 sec

Extended Scene
04:37 / 06:33

Goth Girl longer.

1.48 sec

Extended Scene
04:39 / 06:37

The two women longer.

1.36 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
05:16 / 07:15

Sarah longer in the TV Version.

TV Version 0.48 sec longer

Extended Scene
05:17 / 07:16

Robin's comment about Halloween is longer.
Robin: "Speaking of… I wasn't gonna throw one this year but…"
Sarah: "You're doing it for Justin."
Robin: "Yeah. Yeah. Halloween was like, uh, Christmas and id and a drag show all rolled into one for him. So, it felt sort of wrong not celebrating it. You know…"

Sarah nods: "Yeah."
Robin: "Anywho, uh… Seeing as how I forgot my garlic and holy water, I should make like Dracula and fly but I will see you at The Eh Frame tomorrow night."
Sarah: "Hmm."
Robin: "Yes. Sarah?"
Sarah: "No, you know, I just wanna stay in bed and eat my weight in candy."
Robin: "Babe, it's your birthday."
Sarah: "Exactly."

Robin: "I'm not giving up on you. You will be doing the Monster Mash with me tomorrow night."
Sarah: "Yeah, you know what? Just dream big."

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

18.68 sec

Extended Scene
06:03 / 08:21

Alan longer.

1.36 sec

Extended Scene
06:24 / 08:43

Cam and Alan longer.

2.32 sec

Extended Scene
07:36 / 09:58

Alan longer.

1.4 sec

Additional Scene
08:16 / 10:39

Additional shot of Alan. At first, he gets up. Then he checks under the bed.

9.84 sec

Extended Scene
08:25 / 10:57

Alan longer.

1.28 sec

Extended Scene
08:28 / 11:02


1.48 sec

Extended Scene
08:34 / 11:09


3.08 sec

Extended Scene
09:23 / 12:02

Sarah longer.

0.84 sec

Extended Scene
09:44 / 12:23

Dylan's conversation with Sarah is longer.
Dylan: "It's your birthday. Babe."
Sarah: "Yeah. Best present you can give me is just to leave me alone."
Dylan: "Sarah, listen. I screwed up. I admit that. I don’t even have the words to express how sorr…"
Sarah laughs: "You don't have the words."
Dylan: "Listen, babe. You wanted me to remove myself from the story, I did that."

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

7.28 sec

Extended Scene
10:28 / 13:15

Again, Dylan's conversation with Sarah is longer.
Dylan: "Sarah, you are the single most important thing to me in the world."
Sarah: "And you only came to that conclusion after everything had gone to hell."
Dylan: "That's not true."
Sarah: "It's too little, too late. Now, please. I'd like you to leave."

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

6.68 sec

Extended Scene
10:40 / 13:34

Sarah after kicking Dylan to the curb. Only the Blu-ray shows her taking a deep breath.

5.52 sec

Additional Scene
10:45 / 13:44

The scene with Cam and Alan in the church is considerably longer. Cam enters while Alan is kneeing on the steps in front of the altar.
Alan: "Come, Cameron. Come and pray with me."
Alan puts out his hand. Cam stands next to his dad and reaches for the hand. Alan starts praying.
Alan: "'Have mercy upon me, O God. According to your loving kindness, according tot he multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Was me thoroughly of mine iniquity and cleanse me of my sin. For I acknowledge my transgressions and my sin is ever before me.'"
When Cam realizes that is dad is weeping, he asks: "Dad? Why are you crying? Dad?"
Alan sits down on one of the steps.
Alan: "I'm sorry."
Cam takes a seat next to his dad. After a little while, Alan continues. With his comment "You know, some parents… It taks time to love their children.", the versions are back in sync.

Well, they are almost back in sync because when Alan says "You know, some parents", the TV Version shows an exterior shot of the church and Alan speaks from the off while his entire comment is on-screen on Blu-ray - obviously because adding an exterior shot in the middle of a scene does not make any sense at all. As for the footage, the versions are back in sync in with Alan's "It takes time to love their children.".
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

81.08 sec

13:57 / 18:18

Black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 2.48 sec longer

Additional Scene / Partial Recut
14:00 / 18:18

Sarah is packing her stuff. At ssome point, she goes to the front door in order to pick up the newspaper. Right before she is at the door, the versions are back in sync.

33.2 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
15:01 / 19:52

Sarah and Dylan longer in the TV Version.

TV Version 0.56 sec longer

Additional Scene / Alternate Footage
15:38 / 20:28

Sarah's conversation with Dylan is longer on Blu-ray…
(Dylan: "I'm glad – I'm glad we came here because… you wanted the truth, Sarah and… and you got it. Maybe more truth than you bargained for.")
Sarah: "What are you talking about?"
Dylan: "This is me, Sarah. I have nothin' left to hide. For the first time since we've met. And the irony is… we had a better shot of makin' it if we met now."

…resp. the TV Version contains a small distance shot - without any kind of dialog.

Moreover, the Blu-ray contains an additional exterior shot.

24 sec

Extended Scene
15:40 / 20:55

Cam longer.

0.88 sec

Extended Scene
15:44 / 20:59


1.32 sec

Extended Scene
15:49 / 21:05

On Blu-ray, Cam knocks first. Not until then, he picks the lock.

Furthermore, the cam pans from his face to his hands while being busy picking the lock. In the TV Version, there is a small cut when the cam pans from his face to his hands. (no screenshots)

4.8 sec

Extended Scene
15:53 / 21:14

Cam longer.

0.12 sec

Extended Scene
15:55 / 21:17


1.2 sec

Extended Scene
15:57 / 21:19

Ditto. Well, to be exact, not the shot of Cam is longer but the front door. On Blu-ray, Cam shuts the door completely.

2.08 sec

Removed Scene / Recut
16:04 / 21:29

This is where it gets interesting. The TV Version now contains parts of the footage of Sarah packing her stuff (please see 14:00 / 18:18). To be more specific, one only gets to see the beginning of that scene here. As soon as Sarah puts away the urn with her grandmother's ashes, the second scene of Sarah packing her stuff begins. At that point, the Blu-ray is back in the game. (no screenshots)

Compared to the Blu-ray, the first (recut) packing scene is 17.32 sec longer on Blu-ray.

TV Version 15.88 sec longer

Extended Scene TV Version
16:20 / 21:29

The subsequent shot of Sarah is slightly longer in the TV Version.

TV Version 0.28 sec longer

Extended Scene
17:01 / 22:09

After Sarah just happens to find a little wooden box, the shot of its content is longer on Blu-ray.

3.92 sec

Extended Scene
17:09 / 22:21

Before Cam shows up to bust Dylan, Dylan's comment is longer.
Dylan: "Or we could do a piece on what to do with all your Halloween crap the day after. Right? Like the Jack-o'-lantern, all the candy you don't want your kids to scarf down. Maybe recycling your costume into your bedroom. Sound fun?"

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

A word regarding this alteration: Normally, when watching the TV Version, one does not actually realize that there is additional footage on Blu-ray. However, the end of Dylan's comment sounds broken here because one only gets to here "Maybe sound fun?" which simply does not make any sense.

2.28 sec

Alternate Footage / Alternate Audio Track
17:26 / 22:40

Dylan's arrest is also different. Wen Cam pushes Dylan's head on the desk, the versions continue differently.

TV Version:
Cam pushes Dylan's head on the desk.
Cam (off-screen): "You have the right to remain silent."
He then takes Dylan away.
Cam: "You can refuse to answer any questions. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law."
While Cam is reading Dylan his rights, Dylan says to his co-workers: "C – Call Sarah. Tell her to meet me at the station."

Cam pushes Dylan's head on the desk. Dylan does say a single word, then a shot of Cam.
Cam: "Verna McBride, Justin Faysal…"
Now, one gets to hear Cam and Dylan speaking at the same time.
Cam: "Brenda Merritt…"
Dylan: "You're making a mistake."
Cam keeps talking while cuffing Dylan: "Trent McBride. June Henry, you sick son of a bitch!"
Cam then takes Dylan away. On his way out, Cam names further victims.
Cam: "Alison Sutherland, Iain Vaughn and Tom Winston."
Dylan (to his co-workers): "C – Call Sarah. Tell her to meet me at the station."

7.2 sec
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Alternate Footage / Alternate Audio Track
17:35 / 22:57

The TV Version contains a single shot of Sarah in profile. The Blu-ray shows her from the front at first, then in profile. Moreover, Cam says "Hey, Sarah." before leaning over. The TV Version then shows Sarah from the front a little earlier. Recently afterwards, this is also the case on Blu-ray except the Blu-ray is a little closer to the action.

0.68 sec
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Additional Scene
17:58 / 23:20

Right after that, the Blu-ray contains an additional scene. Officer Sharma comes in and talks to Cam.
Sharma: "Chief? We're done here. You want me to take Sarah to the hotel? We have to impound their car."
Sarah shakes her head.
Cam: "Uh… No, thanks. I got it. Just uh… we're good. Thanks, Sharma."

13.84 sec

Additional Scene
18:20 / 23:57

Cam's conversation with Sarah is longer.
(Cam: "Sarah. There is no telling what goes on in the mind of a… a criminal.")
Sarah: "I just wanna close my eyes and never open them."
Cam: "You go ahead, I'm here. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere."
(Cam: "We married the wrong people.")

14.72 sec

Extended Scene
19:12 / 25:04

Here, the sex scene with Sarah and Cam starts. Almost any shot is slightly longer but all that is completely redundant. Probably because one does not get to actually see anything at all. Since this is all so trivial, I decided to sum it up to one alteration. (no screenshots)

13.48 sec

20:11 / 26:15

Black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 1.16 sec longer

Extended Scene
20:12 / 26:15

The post-coital shot is slightly longer.

0.04 sec

Additional Scene / Alternate Footage
21:04 / 27:08

When Cam interrogates Dylan, the scene starts earlier on Blu-ray.
Cam: "Now, why don't you tell me why we found a box full of evidence in your house?"
Dylan: "What the hell are you talking about?"
Cam shows Dylan a photo of the box with a newspaper article about (former) Chief Vaughn.
Cam: "Do you deny that this is your box? Hmm? Or is it Sarah's?"
Dylan: "OK. (I need to talk to my lawyer.)"

With Dylan's "I need to talk to my lawyer.", the versions are basically back in sync except alternate footage is being used here. To be more specific, one gets to hear said comment during an exterior shot of the polie station. This shot is also on Blu-ray but without the off-screen dialog.

Alternate footage: The TV Version shows Cam Dylan in profile while the Blu-ray contains a close-up of Cam. Cam's reaction to Dylan's statement that he would like to talk to his lawyer is different as well.

TV Version: "No, you need tell why we found a box full of goddamn murder scenes souvenirs in your house."

Blu-ray: "No, you need to tell me why you kept a box full of goddamn souvenirs from the murder scenes."
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

19.84 sec
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