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  • BBFC 18
  • Not Rated
Release: Oct 27, 2009 - Author: Jason - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored BBFC 18-version from Vestron Video International and the Not Rated-version from Sony.

Some films challenge even hard-boiled action fans and No Dead Heroes is one of them. The violence in this war-action film has no purpose whatsoever and there is plenty of it. Starting from the quite impressive body count, which is between 150 and 200 here, the film covers all imaginable ways of inflincting pain on the human body. There are explicit and cruel torture scenes, employees are burned as a means of gratification and a rape scene, which is thoroughly planned and enjoyed by the rapist, is of course a must as well. And all that is done just for the fun of it.
The English version is longer than the German one but in order to get a BBFC-rating the worst scenes had to be removed.

The run-time references for the removed scenes were taken from the censored version. The remaining time difference results from the different speed of the NTSC and PAL version, the opening logos of the US-version and the rounding of the run-time of each scene to half and whole seconds.

run-time of the BBFC-version: 1:20:34 Min. (1:18:26 min. without credits)
run-time of the US Not-Rated-version: 1:26:06 Min. (1:23:53 Min. ohne Abspann)

9 scenes are censored = 1 min. 50 sec.

As for today, both versions are not available on DVD.
front credits:

Both logos from the US-tape are not on the BBFC-tape.
14 Sec.

Questioning of the prisoners

Ivan tortures a man with a burning cigarette, which he stubs out in the prisoner`s face. One of the other prisoners gets his fingernails removed with a pair of pliers in a disgusting way, which makes him scream out of pain.
20 sec.

Rescue of the prisoners:
The soldier is gored with a bamboo spear in a close-up.
1 sec.

More soldiers are killed silently: The one Vietnamese who is lying in the water gets a knife stabbed into his kidney and parts of it still stick to the knife after it has been removed from the wound. One of the others gets an arrow pierced through his genitals into his body from below. Another one gets his throat slit by Sanders.
10 sec.

Another soldier, who has also been dragged into the water, is stabbed to death.
2,5 sec.

Same procedure with yet another one.
3,5 sec.

Questioning of the (former) leader of the camp:

Sanders makes a cool posture,throws his lighter back over his shoulder and walks away; the leader of the camp, who is bound to a tree, painfully burns to death while screaming.
14 Sec.

Rape of Barbara:

The leader of the camp undresses, sits down on the bed and pulls off Brabara`s slip. Then he penetrates and starts raping her, while Barabrara is trying to grab the hidden knife.
53 sec.


Barabara is shot down. The bullet holes are visible and bloody and the whole scene is shown in slow-motion.
4,5 sec.

One shot of the dead Barbara is missing.
1,5 sec.