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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 05, 2015 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
Some movies are awesome, some entertain, precious few touch deep. Then there are the less good examples which might have a run of the mill story line, but therefore at least technically done perfect and absorb their shortfalls with optical gimmicks, brilliant effects or talented actors. And at the end there are the real rotten flicks where you never know if you should laugh or cry…and that’s about the bulk of movies I’ve seen in recent years...

This typical teenie horror flick is nothing from all of this…it’s average from the beginning ‘til the end. Nothing outstanding, nothing is good but not really bad though. Only adjectives like trivial, boring or irrelevant cross my mind. Lack of interest comes up: a remake of a movie which already belongs to the mediocrities in the original version, fashioned up and brought to present time. There are no outstanding effects and the actors – you got it – average. The screenplay a kit of precisely defined components (maniac escapes from asylum, hunting a girl and by the way kills careless teens crossing his way), the direction doesn’t fail completely.

So what…a typical American scary kid flick where barely the 12 year old ones get the thrill. Exactly for this target group this film was produced: for high school kids just reaching puberty. For this reason the movie was shown in US theatres rated PG-13 (bombs, even Americans do not watch every snot) and for DVD an unrated version was quickly released to address perhaps the older horror buffs. Let the matter rest, guys because the movie isn’t even rough in this version. Some additional takes – a little bit of blood -, alternative frame material here and there…here too: BOARING.

For comparison:
the theatrical version (PG-13) and
the unrated version, both on DVD
4:26 Min.
The bleeding hand of the dead father can be seen a little longer
( 1 sec. )

5:46 Min.
Donna stands in front of the house and beckoning the police car. Here a tracking shot circling Donna is missing. In the unrated version the shot of the car passing by starts a litte earlier. Overall the unrated runs 5 sec. longer
( 5 sec. )

24:40 Min.
The murder of the maid is slightly censored First there is missing a side shot of Fenton stabbing a knife into her body
( 15 SF )

24:42 Min.
And then a closeup of her face
( 15 SF )

33:32 Min.
When Claire detects Fenton in the room, both versions are different cutted. In the unrated she already can see the back of Fenton through the crack in the door and then Fenton coming out of the corridor, Counter cuts on Claires face and finaly a shot on the jackknife ( 8 sec. )
In the PG first there is a front view of Claire calling for Michael, then a fast pan shot from the mirror to the corridor, and again a front view of Claire ( 5 sec. )
Total difference: ( 3 sec. )
Alternate Images


33:50 Min.
Only in the unrated are 2 shots where Fenton stabbing the knife several times in her body, also 2 inserts of Fenton. Absolutely bloodless the whole thing…
( 3 sec. )

42:17 Min.
Michael is stabbed to death. In the PG Fenton strikes out for the first stab, then it’s already cutted. In the unrated he stabs, yet another knee shot with one more stab and the following closeup of Michael’s face runs also a little longer.
( 1,5 sec. )

54:03 Min.
When Fenton hunts Lisa through the stairway only in the unrated there is one short take of him let the knife snapping open
( 0,5 sec. )

54:09 Min.
Again both versions are cutted different, where the unrated comes up with an additional take. Fenton still hunts Lisa through the corridors, and only in the unrated you find a closeup of the knife in his hand
Total difference: ( 2 sec. )
Alternate Images


54:25 Min.
Some more takes Fenton hunts Lisa throug the corridors.
( 17 sec. )

54:53 Min.
Right before Lisa pushes the button of the elevator there is a short cut onto the feet of the approaching Fenton in the unrated version
( 2 sec. )

55:16 Min.
Lisa breaks away from Fenton. An additional ultra short and dark shot more in the unrated
( 1 sec. )

55:24 Min.
After Lisa closed the door there are 4 more shots in the unrated where she can see through the door spyhole Fenton comming closer
( 7 sec. )

55:35 Min.
And again a shot through the spy hole on the approaching Fenton
( 2 sec. )

56:01 Min.
Yawn…another, fuzzy shot of Fenton, the following take of Lisa underneath the table as well starts a litte earlier – really spectacular….
( 3 sec. )

56:17 Min.
Double yawn…..Ronny looks for Lisa – an additional take of Lisa underneath the table
( 2 sec. )

56:34 Min.
Two differnet takes: Lisa sees Ronny approaching and keeps her mouth shut. In the unrated this happens in a knee shot, in the foreground the hand with the knife can be seen. On the other hand in the PG there is only a closeup of Lisa. There is no running time difference
Alternate Images


56:52 Min.
Two more takes: Fenton leaves, again the knife’s blade flashes and a counter cut on Lisa
( 6 sec. )

68:53 Min.
Another closer take on Michaels dead body
( 1,5 sec. )

72:22 Min.
A close up of Lisa with cutted throat.
( 2,5 sec. )

84:10 Min.
A ultra short take of the knife when Fenton tumbles out of the closet.
( 6 SF )

84:12 Min.
Another closer take of Fenton holding Donnas feet.
( 1,5 sec. )

84:15 Min.
Yet three more additional closeups, among again the knife
( 3,5 sec. )

84:22 Min.
The take of Fenton after the first Stepp runs longer in the unrated
( 1,5 sec. )

84:29 Min.
And again only in the unrated the knife can be seen
( 1,5 sec. )

84:35 Min.
After the first shot there is a counter cut on Donna in the unrated version and a front view of Fenton with bleeding chest
( 3 sec. )

84:39 Min.
After the counter cut, also included in the PG, only in the unrated Fenton gets a bloody shot right through his chest
( 1,5 sec. )

84:43 Min.
Two takes with bloody bullet-holes
( 2 Sek. )

84:53 Min.
An two more additional takes when Fenton eases down forward while you clearly see the bloody chest
( 3 sec. )

85:10 Min.
Once again a closeup of the dead Fenton and a counter cut on Donna standing up
( 3 sec. )