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Mr. Nice Guy

original title: Yatgo ho yan


  • HK Theatrical Version
  • Japanese Version
Release: Jun 12, 2010 - Author: Jason - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the uncut Hong Kong Theatrical Version, taken from the Taiwanese DVD from Funny, and the Japanese Extended Version, taken from the Laserdisc from Towa Video.

As of many Jackie Chan movies, of "Mr. nice guy" too an Extended Version has been released for the Japanese market, providing a new storyline scene that enhances the character development as well as a devotement at the end of the film. unlike other Extended versions, this one has been released on DVD as well (there even exists a double DVD set containing both versions).
Of course the new scene does not make the movie significantly better but unlike earlier Extended Versions of Jackie Chan movies, this one is interesting for the international market as well since the main part of the spoken dialogue is still in English.

The time indexes are taken from the Theatrical Version.
The remaining differences derive from extensions less than a second long that are not mentioned here as well as rounding.
HK: 1:35:26 Min.
JP: 1:37:33 Min.

2 extended scenes = 1 Min. 53 Sec.

Jackie, his foster father and his colleague with his son Romeo, both of the children and Lakeisha are having dinner together. Lakeisha can hardly wait for the screening of "The Big Story" while Romeo compliments Jackies cooking. His father says that he never compliments his cooking to which Romeo replies that he had to put up with his fathers cooking for 30 years while his marriage lasted only 5 years (whatever this may have to do with each other). Lakeisha asks whether good food is more important to him in a marriage than love. His father answers that that's just the way it is and that this would not have happened if his son would have become a cook instead of a policeman.
Then follows a conversation between Grandpa, Jackie and the children who agree that it is better to be a cook than a policeman because it is less dangerous and the kitchen is a safe place. Grandpa tells of when he and Jackies father had their own restaurant when he promised to take care of Jackie and keep him out of trouble. romeo listens with his mood dropping since this clearly is aimed at him. He says that it would not have been bad if his and Jackies father would have asked him what he wants for himself to which grandpa replies that it is a pity that his own son does not listen to him as well as Jackie does.
Jackie finds the situation increasingly uncomfortable and gets up to go get the dessert. One of the children asks his father if he can become what HE wants when he grows up. Romeo looks at his father reproachfully and says that they will discuss this when his son has gotten a little older.
103,5 Sec.

Ending credits:

Right after the regular ending credits the Japanese version features a text screen in memory of a person that has passed away, with a devotement from Jackie Chan himself.
9,5 Sec.