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German Extended Version with English audio. Regional Code 2

To Live and Die in L.A


The War of the Worlds

The People Under the Stairs

Thelma & Louise


Innocent Blood


  • Unrated
  • Extended Version
Release: Sep 23, 2010 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the German VHS (Unrated Version) with the German DVD (Extended Version).

The mixture of mafia, vampires and horror, combined with grotesque comedy, has been extended in three scenes only for the German DVD. The German DVD is also based on the Unrated-Version so that it is the longest version worldwide.

Running time German Tape (Unrated) 1:48:52 min credits (included)
Running time German DVD (Extended) 1:50:15 min credits (included)

3 addtional scenes in the DVD Version
Running time of the new scenes: 83 sec
1:32:21 min
Tommy (Vic Noto) and Vinnie (Jerry Lyden) enter Sallie Macelli's (Robert Loggia) office. Sallie wipes some blood off his mouth. Frank (Tony Lip) and Ray (Kim Coates) are on the couch. Tommy talks to Sallie and expresses his concerns. Sallie thinks about it.
19 sec

1:35:21 min
Here's a typical John Landis tracking shot with background music. High-angle shot of a neon sign. Now the camera goes down to two "ladies" and follows them. The red mustang with Joe Gennaro (Anthony LaPaglia) and Marie (Anne Parillaud) arrives. Joe confesses to her that he didn't know where to find Sallie because he's out of ideas. Marie doesn't reply to that, instead she gets out of the car.
29 sec

1:43:18 min
While Sallie's burning, she talks about it to Joe and Marie.
35 sec