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Long Arm of the Law II

original title: Sang gong kei bing 2


  • Export cut
  • Original version
Release: Dec 06, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut export version and the uncut original version (both included on the British Blu-ray by 88 Films)

  • 10 Differences
  • Cut duration: 168 sec (= 2:48 min)

The film Long Arm of the Law, made in 1984, spawned several sequels over the years and is considered one of the pioneers of Heroic Bloodshed cinema. Recommended not only for fans of Hong Kong cinema. In 1987, the sequel Long Arm of the Law II followed, and both films have been available in the United Kingdom as a Blu-ray set by 88 Films since November 20, 2023 - the identically equipped US counterpart will be available from December 12, 2023. In general, this set is highly recommended for Hong Kong cinema fans.

In addition to the uncut original version, both films are also included as English export versions in the set. In the report for part 1, we already noted that only a small singing scene, of not too great significance to the plot, was trimmed. In part 2, however, the cuts are a bit more extensive. Again, a removed singing scene causes a significant difference in runtime, but besides that, there are further trims and notably several cuts in violent scenes. Biggy's brutal torture is significantly toned down here, and for this reason alone, one should actually dissuade interested viewers from this version.

By the way: The Chinese folk song was also missing from the Taiwanese version. On the other hand, the torture scene was heavily censored in the VCD version from Hong Kong. However, that version otherwise does not correspond to the export version by 88 Films, so we will cover that separately in a different report.

Runtime indications are arranged according to the scheme
Export version on British Blu-ray / Original version on British Blu-ray

00:37-01:33 / 00:37-02:03

The identical reference to Fortune Star is followed by a different Golden Harvest logo and then English vs. original credits.

Original version 29.7 sec longer

Export versionOriginal version

Note: In the 3rd minute, just like in part 1, a lot of green text (including beeping noises) appears again when our three protagonists are introduced and then even more text on a black background at the bottom of the picture. In the original soundtrack you only hear the score, in the English dub the text is read aloud. These overlays in the picture were missing in the similarly structured scene in the export version of part 1, but at least on this Blu-ray with the export version of part 2 they appear exactly as in the main film. It is possible that a corresponding reconstruction was omitted here due to the lack of a "clean" HD master.

25:33 / 26:03-26:14

After the conversation in the car, the birthday party of the Triads starts a little earlier with a few shots of a singer.

11.3 sec

30:11 / 30:52-32:01

Completely missing is how the girlfriend (Yip San) of King San aka David (Ben Lam) plays a piece on the piano and David is singing to it and then dancing with her. It is a typical Chinese ballad. Ah Fu (Chiang Lung) joins in, claps briefly and leads San out of the room into the next room - under the pretext that they need another player for mahjong.

Lyrics to the patriotic song according to the subtitles: "All oppressed people living under the sun are burdened by their debts of blood and tears. They seek revenge, they seek justice! Vengeance will be theirs! Bring down the powerful, release the people! Reverse roles with the master and finally see the sunlight!"

69 sec (= 1:09 min)

33:51 / 35:41-36:00

After everyone has greeted each other, a somewhat bumpy karaoke scene follows.

19.3 sec

40:05 / 42:14-42:25

The night-time meeting begins a little earlier and the boss swears.
There is also a short snippet of dialog at the beginning of the subsequent shot. Tung (Elvis Tsui) wants to know what the "fuck" his boss has just uttered means. Biggy (Alex Man) explains this with the well-known hand gesture.

Note: The Hong Kong VCD also cut this bit (in a different way). Such fecal language was not welcome in Hong Kong at the time.

10.5 sec

53:44 / 56:04-56:06

When Biggy is rammed against the car door, the shot in the export version breaks off in mid-motion so that you can't see the actual impact. He falls to the ground and is grabbed again.

2.4 sec

55:56 / 58:18-58:32

The torture on Biggy is longer. One of the men says "When I hit his chest, he'll open his mouth to scream, and a mouse will run down to his stomach. He'll definitely tell us then!"
This is followed by several blows with the iron bar.

14 sec

56:57 / 59:33-59:39

At the end of the shot, blood splatters on the thug's face, which he wipes off in a makeshift manner. More blows to the head follow in a long shot.

5.3 sec

57:00 / 59:42-59:48

In two slow-motion shots, Biggy is decapitated and his (wrapped) head flies first against the wall and then onto the floor.

6.5 sec

From 86:02 / 88:49 , the end credits above the still image are again in English vs. the original Chinese.

Export versionOriginal version

Slipcase of the UK Blu-ray set and cover of part 2: