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  • US cut
  • Original version
Release: Oct 19, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut US version and the original version (both included on 88 Films' UK 4K UHD).

- 79 differences
- Difference: 1031.7 sec (= 17:12 min)

With Drive, director Steve Wang (Guyver - Dark Hero) duly showcased martial arts talent Mark Dacascos. Britanny Murphy, who later became much more famous, is also seen in an over-the-top supporting role. In just under two hours, the inclined genre fan gets a lot of unrestrained action and pseudo-cool dialogues, as so often in films of all kinds that were released shortly after the first Tarantino flicks. In any case, the production company was probably a bit skeptical precisely because of the long running time. Hence a version was created for the US market that was cut by around 17 minutes, which we deal with in this report.

Fortunately, this US version is now only a historical eyesore. In 2021, a Blu-ray was released in America with the original version as the restored main feature and the U.S. version archived as a Open Matte bonus feature. Since August 29, 2022, the worldwide 4K UHD premiere has even been available in the UK. Here, too, the original version in 4K with HDR is the main feature and the US version was added as an HD version. On the UK release the US cut also comes with the original aspect ratio.

What can not be documented further in the cut report, but has a significant impact on the atmosphere of the US version: The film has been given a new (cheap) techno soundtrack. Similar to many Asian films with horrible Hip Hop infliction, this should probably create a contemporary and more upbeat vibe for the US audience - and consequently often the world market. But here as there, it doesn't fit too well. At least one can attest that the rather restrained score of the original version actually seems a bit lame here and there, especially in direct comparison.

When it comes to the cuts, the first thing that can be pointed out is a lot of changes mainly for trimming reasons and, as expected, a large part of it is hardly noticeable without explicit knowledge. Especially the baddies Vic and Hedgehog are allowed to say and discuss more random things in several scenes. Apart from that, it is noticeable that Toby's past with Michelle has been consequently left out of the film. There is also hardly anything left of Malik's problematic relationship. Everything that is just "ballast" besides the action has been deliberately reduced.

Last but not least, it is rather disappointing for viewers of the US cut that a few violent bits have been removed and action scenes in general have not been spared from cuts. For example, US viewers are not shown how Hedgehog is also shot by Malik or how the bartender is gunned down at the beginning towards the end of the scene. It's hard to say how much of this is intentional censorship or simply done for trimming reasons as well, but such cuts in particular remain annoying. In any case, the original version is clearly preferable.

Running times are arranged according to the scheme
US version 88 Films / Original version 88 Films

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Note: The two 88 Films versions start with exactly the same logos. On the US Blu-ray from MVD, 21.5 sec of logos were missing at the beginning and these 21 sec would have to be subtracted accordingly for all running time details in order to have the matching timecodes of the MVD Blu-ray.

By way of introduction, here are two comparison images from the versions of the US Blu-ray from MVD released in 2021. Here, the US version was available in 1.78:1 Open Matte and was somewhat blue-greenish in color.

US cut (MVD Blu-ray)Original version (MVD Blu-ray)

The 88 Films Blu-ray has the US version in the correct 2.35:1 format. As mentioned, this version was used for the rest of the report. In addition, the original version is available in 4K. As usual, slight color differences to the correct picture quality on the TV have to be taken into account due to our HDR->SDR conversion on the screenshots.

US cut (88 Films Blu-ray)Original version (88 Films 4K-UHD)

Immediately above the first credits, a significantly different soundtrack is noticeable. In the US it feels more dynamic.

02:13 / 02:13-02:53

Toby kneels behind the pallet for much longer. He pulls out his cell phone and looks at a short sentimental message from Michelle. She misses him on his birthday and doesn't want to wait another three months. Toby comments that his trip would soon be over.

40.5 sec

02:46 / 03:26-03:27

The wire rope is coiled insignificantly longer.

0.6 sec

03:08 / 03:49-03:50

The baddies are seen a moment earlier.

1 sec

03:25 / 04:07-04:09

Before you see Toby at the box, the baddies run away a little longer.

1.7 sec

03:35 / 04:19-04:22

The baddies come down the stairs a little early.

2.6 sec

05:54 / 06:41-07:03

The bartender asks Malik why he wastes so much time writing love songs that no one wants to hear - especially not the women who left him. Malik sarcastically thanks his "doctor".

22.6 sec

07:45 / 08:54-09:00

The baddies still shoot the bartender and Malik looks shocked.

5.9 sec

10:11 / 11:26-11:28

You can see Vic whimpering on the ground again.

2.5 sec

10:13 / 11:30-11:32

The closer shot of him also starts a little earlier....

2.3 sec

10:16 / 11:35

...and is a bit longer as well.

0.6 sec

10:51 / 12:10-12:11

Before the car comes to a stop, Toby is seen for a moment longer.

0.5 sec

11:39 / 12:59-13:04

In response to Toby's criticism of smoking, Malik says that he might die of a gunshot wound anyway.

5.5 sec

12:53 / 14:18-15:30

An exterior shot of the bus and then first scenes on the TV. Vic and Hedgehog talk critically about the program. Vic, however, thinks it's good that you would still see real criminals here. While Hedgehog switches to Walter the Frog, Vic complains about having to keep the boss Mr. Lau informed by phone.

71.5 sec (= 1:11 min)

12:59 / 15:36-15:38

After the rest of the frog scene, you see Vic again.

1.5 sec

13:42 / 16:21-16:22

Vic can be seen a little earlier.

0.9 sec

14:54 / 17:34-17:38

On Toby's warning (at the traffic control) not to do anything stupid, Malik thinks that it would be already 6 years too late for that.

4 sec

15:42 / 18:27-18:31

Two more reaction shots of the cops before Malik gets his papers back.

4.6 sec

16:58 / 19:46-19:49

A little trimming on the car ride. Malik's "I thought we were going to the police station" was placed over the surrounding shots.

2.9 sec

17:00 / 19:51-19:55

The car ride is also a bit longer and Malik asks: "Hello?"

3.9 sec

This scene, by the way, is also a nice example of how the US version unnecessarily added extra tootling over the soundtrack.

19:18 / 22:13-22:27

Vic scoffs at whether Toby and Malik have become friends - as it often happens in hostage situations. Malik wants to bring the topic back to the videos and Vic cuts him off.

13.9 sec

20:16 / 23:25-23:28

A first shot of Hedgehog and another close-up of Toby and Malik giving knee kicks.

3 sec

23:12 / 26:24-27:04

Another baddie runs around and is disarmed by Toby. Then Vic comes up the stairs and is knocked out with a water hose. On the ground he grabs his gun, fires a few shots at the two and gets up again.

39.7 sec

23:54 / 27:46-27:57

Toby and Malik still startle and realize that water would do quite well for their hot hands. Accordingly satisfied, they react to the cooling in a container.

11.4 sec

28:21 / 32:25-33:13

Toby and Malik enter the apartment earlier and wonder about the decor. Toby holds up a family photo and jokes regarding the other man at Carolyn's side that Malik has changed quite a bit.

48.2 sec

29:47 / 34:39-34:48

Carolyn and Malik discuss the "cheeseburger" insult a little longer.

9.7 sec

30:11 / 35:12-35:14

Malik groans a little earlier.

1.7 sec

30:52 / 35:55-36:04

The camera moves from higher up to the left and down at the beginning of the shot.

8.9 sec

31:03 / 36:15-36:45

Malik and Toby talk earlier/more extensively about the relationship with Carolyn. Toby wants to know how long they have been divorced and Malik admits that they have always put off taking that step. Toby says that she would still love him.

30.2 sec

32:02 / 37:44-37:52

Toby walks away longer. The follow-up shot of Malik in the car also starts insignificantly earlier.

7.7 sec

32:39 / 38:28-38:42

A long first shot from the ticket booth. Toby gets in line.

13.8 sec

As another striking soundtrack change, it should be mentioned that the rocking song during Toby's escape in the 33rd/39th minute did not appear in the original.

34:28 / 40:31-40:47

Our duo drives around a little longer, grooving to the music.

15.8 sec

35:00 / 41:19-41:25

Mr. Lau can be seen earlier from behind; "Isn't travelling wonderful now that the Orient Express is operational?"

6.1 sec

37:48 / 44:13-44:52

Toby turns to the side, annoyed, and Malik talks to him about the implant in Toby's body. Toby explains a bit about how this has improved his abilities - and that the clients were only interested in creating the perfect assassin.

38.5 sec

41:46 / 48:50-49:10

Hedgehog and Vic are seen earlier in the parking lot. Vic criticizes Hedgehog's fast food consumption because he has to suffer from the resulting flatulence in the car.

19.6 sec

42:46 / 50:10-50:31

Malik still finds Toby's cell phone in the car and looks at Michelle's birthday message with amusement.

21.6 sec

45:08 / 52:53-54:15

Deliverance flirts with Malik for way longer and expresses skepticism about the two's car, which is riddled with bullet holes. She makes another face and Malik sends her away. She should rather talk to Toby about it.

82.5 sec (= 1:22 min)

46:06 / 55:13-55:19

A few cars drive up.

5.8 sec

47:01 / 56:14-56:25

Vic wreaks a little more havoc in the room at the beginning of the shot.

10.4 sec

48:10 / 57:33-57:36

The beginning of a shot is missing, with a gun being driven up to the masked baddie.

2.4 sec

48:44 / 58:10-58:20

The baddies go to the door and Vic sets the explosive device - the close-up of which is included again.

10.3 sec

48:58 / 58:34-58:36

The baddies are heading for the door a little earlier again.

1.3 sec

49:12 / 58:50-58:54

Vic signals to his men and they move toward the door.

4.8 sec

49:19 / 59:01-59:07

More skirmishing at the door again.

5.9 sec

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