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Uncut British 4K UHD with both versions


So I Married An Axe Murderer

National Lampoon's Vacation

The Last of Us

To Live and Die in L.A




  • US cut
  • Original version
Release: Oct 19, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
50:24 / 60:12-60:13

Toby balls up in another close-up.

0.9 sec

50:37 / 60:26-60:27

The baddie inside gets up a little earlier.

1 sec

50:59 / 60:50-61:01

A henchman outside gets an announcement over the radio about where they should attack next. He passes this on to the other men.

10.9 sec

51:51 / 61:53-61:59

Malik crawls around inside a bit and then is shot at. He tries in vain to reach for a weapon.

6.2 sec

51:56-51:58 / 62:04-62:12

The US version shows a shot of the shooter from outside which actually just comes a bit later. Then you only see how the phone is shot and Toby closes the door or leaves the room.

Actually, in the original version, after shooting the phone, Toby grabs a baddie as a human shield. This one is then riddled by the shots of the guy outside. Toby kicks the lifeless body to the side before he goes to the door.

Uncut 6.9 sec longer

53:03 / 63:17-63:20

After a handful of irrelevant frames were shortened shortly before, another shot of Toby throwing pots and the dodging baddies is missing here.

2.7 sec

When Toby kicks the bad guy across the room at 54:29 / 64:47 along with the table, a few unimportant frames are missing.

55:42 / 65:59-66:03

Between Deliverance's further flirty talks with Malik, you see a couple of baddies firing shots.

3.3 sec

57:13 / 67:34-67:37

As Malik holds Deliverance while romantic music plays, a close-up of Deliverance has been trimmed. The follow-up shot also starts a little earlier.

3.5 sec

58:14 resp. 58:18-58:20 / 68:38-68:40

How another attacker is pulled down into a split by Toby has been pushed back a bit in the US version (while Deliverance comments on how great Toby is). The shot is insignificantly shorter as a result.

Original version 0.4 sec longer

58:22 / 68:46-68:51

Toby finishes off a next attacker earlier.

4.7 sec

58:51 / 69:20-69:21

Deliverance peers out from her hiding place a little longer.

1.1 sec

58:53 / 69:23-69:24

Die nächste Aufnahme von ihr beginnt auch einen Moment früher.

1.1 sec

60:21 / 70:53-70:55

Again, a shot of Deliverance dancing starts a little early.

1.8 sec

62:19 / 72:53-72:58

Vic can be seen a little longer, ducking away from oncoming smoke.

5.6 sec

66:48 / 77:28-78:31

A first shot of Vic in the car calling for Hedgehog. He comes staggering into the car, injured, and they talk briefly about why everything went so wrong, even though they've actually been doing the job for a while.

63.2 sec (= 1:03 min)

68:12 / 79:55-83:06

Introduced by a long shot of the setting sun, we see a conversation between Toby and Malik in the car. Malik asks about Toby's family. At first Toby is hesitant and remarks excitedly that he can't find Michelle's birthday card. Malik gives him the card back and the mood shifts because it becomes clear that Michelle has already passed away. Toby tells that he himself got the order to kill her. He didn't follow through though, as with her he realized what plans the government really had. Two days after he received the birthday card, Michelle had been killed and it gnaws at him that he could not save her.

191.3 sec (= 3:11 min)

68:45 / 83:39-83:47

Another shot of the two, while the film Apollo 13 is being mentioned.

7.9 sec

69:00 / 84:02-84:29

First shots inside the bar. It pans over from the bar to the stage.

27.3 sec

72:52 / 88:21-88:36

Before the baddies arrive through the fog on foot and on motorcycles, there is a brief shot of Vic and Hedgehog, with Hedgehog making a dumb comment; "Maybe turbo-drive's superior firepower got lost somewhere."

15.2 sec

74:05 / 89:49-90:13

Toby's vocal performance is much longer at the beginning. He mentions that Malik and he have known each other for a day now and have been through a lot. Malik acts innocent and Toby mentions that Malik should fight for his love.

24.1 sec

75:18 / 91:26-91:28

As everyone looks around in slow motion, you only hear ominous score buzzing in the US version - and the shot of the gray-haired man is a bit longer. He is still nodding here.

1.8 sec

75:24 / 91:34-91:39

In an additional medium long shot, the car drives up to the guy who is drawing his gun.

5.1 sec

75:45 / 92:00-92:01

A girl at the counter gets scared.

1.1 sec

76:02 / 92:18-92:21

Before the glass is shot out of the gray-haired man's hand, you first see him rearing up briefly.

2.6 sec

76:06 / 92:25-92:26

The glasses fall off the table a moment longer.

0.7 sec

76:12 / 92:32-92:34

A brief shot of shooting baddies.

2.1 sec

76:18 / 92:40-92:44

The motorcyclist rides around in more shots shooting civilians.

4.1 sec

76:27 / 92:53-93:05

In between you can see Vic and Hedgehog snapping at each other a bit. Guys walking by are partly pushed aside by them.

11.7 sec

76:32 bzw. 76:34-76:39 / 93:10-93:16

The motorcyclist firing more shots was pushed back a bit and inconsequential close-ups were trimmed in the process.

Uncut 1.4 sec longer

78:40 / 95:20-95:22

After Malik has fallen to the ground, there is another short close-up of him.

1.7 sec

86:40 / 103:20-103:26

Before the close-up of the computer screen, you can still see a shot of the person typing.

4.9 sec

Shortly after, a commentary by Mr. Lau was re-dubbed. The fighter in the finale is referred to as an "advanced model" in the credits, and here they apparently purposefully adjusted it accordingly.

Original version: "Boost the implants into overdrive."
US cut: "Boost the implants on the advanced model."

87:59 / 104:45-104:58

Vic beats Malik longer. Hedgehog also gets up again.

13.1 sec

89:23 / 106:22-106:28

Vic staggers back a little longer, hit by the shot. Hedgehog looks perplexed and Malik shoots him down as well.

6.6 sec

90:23 / 107:28-107:32

Advanced model slumps a little longer.

3.4 sec

92:28-92:30 / 109:37-109:42

One shot of the explosions was removed and two others were reversed in order.

Original version 3.4 sec longer

After identical end credits, the original version has a bit more black screen before the final logo of Filmrise, because another piece of music runs to the end here. This explains the slightly higher running time difference.