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Censored SNES Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored PC Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Oct 01, 2011 - Author: Der_TOT_64 - Translator: Tony Montana
The PC game Doom was released by Id Software in 1993. It changed the order of priorities of the first-person shooter genre. The Doom Engine enabled bigger levels with a fluent gameplay. Almost one year later, the first transfering to the games console Atari Jaguar, also done by Id Software, followed. In comparison to the PC Version, the Jaguar Version was slightly different and improved. For instance: the Jaguar Version lacks the Cyberdemon, Spectre and Spidermastermind. These boss levels were replaced by other ones. Furthermore, some standard levels were partially or entirely altered. Later on, the Jaguar Version was transfered to the Game Boy Advance (but the transfer was censored). A detailed list of any differences between the Jaguar and PC Version can be found in "The Doom Wiki" on the internet. The SNES Version was developed by Sculptured Software in 1995.

The critics of the Jaguar Version were mainly good or very good. The only point of criticism was the missing music in the single levels. For some reason, the music was only in the level summaries.
The critics of the SNES Version were ok. Some people considered the SNES Version brilliant, others called it average. The reason for that was the hardware of the SNES itself. Even with a Super FX Chip, the result still looked bad - in comparison to the other versions. 5 levels were completely missing in the SNES Version, the textures had a lower resolution and the sound effects needed to be altered as well because the memory of the cartridge was limited.

You're a member of naval special forces unit. When you get the order to kill civilans, you attack your own commander who gave the kill order and take him out instead. While the body is on his way to Pearl Harbor, you're being transfered to the mars for disciplinary reasons. On the mars, the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) is working on classified army projects. The UAC is doing research in interdimensional space travelling. The UAC achived the transportation of objects between the moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos. But very recently, some volunteers either vanish into thin air or return as freaking nut jobs because the gates between the moons became unstable. The UAC still claims to have it under control until an incoming emergency call. You're going to be send to Phobos with as part of a special unit. Having arrived, you can hear noises of a fight and the screaming of your messmates in your radio. Suddenly it becomes silent. Now you're the last remaining member of your unit and you need to the invaders.

Compared are the censored SNES Version and the uncensored Jaguar Version (= Original PC Version concernig the violence).

The SNES Version lacks the blood when you're being shot at.

Jaguar VersionSNES Version


The splatter has also been removed for the SNES Version. The enemies just drop dead.

Jaguar VersionSNES Version

Differences of the versions

Here an example for the differences of the SNES Version (identical in content to the PC Version, except for the necessary limitations) and the Jaguar Version: the level "Hell Keep" (Episode: Inferno - Level 1).

Jaguar VersionSNES Version