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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Feb 08, 2012 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
In the UK, the series The Inbetweeners, which produced three seasons between 2008 and 2010, was very successful. It is about the four friends Will, Simon, Jay and Neil, who to say the least do not have the best chances to get together with the girls of their dreams. After the show built up a large fanbase, it was decided to produce a movie, which was supposed to be the last chapter of their story. In it, the group goes partying in Greece while at the same time being on the lookout for "Pussay", as they say themselves.

Although all this is not very original and probably cannot compete with the more stylish (and as predictable) US comedies, the movie was a hit at the British box office. The original rating for this movie by the BBFC was a "18" rating. The studio then decided to trim down some scenes highlighted by the BBFC in order to achieve the commercially more interesting BBFC 15. The TV series received the BBFC 18 rating, too, but it is definitely more grave when the same happens to a movie in cinemas. Therefore it is from an economic point of view understandable that the studio did this.

The home cinema releases differ quite a bit. The DVD only features the BBFC 15 theatrical version, whereas the Blu-ray contains both the original BBFC 18 version and an extended cut, which is again four minutes longer. These four minutes do not give any new insights into the movie, but certainly add more material that fans of the movie will like.

Comparison between the Original Version (BBFC 18) and the Extended Cut (BBFC 18) (both taken from the UK Blu-ray by Channel 4).

10 alterations, including

3 extended scenes with alternative footage
3 scenes with alternative voiceover
1 extended scene
1 extended scene in the theatrical version
1 additional scene

The extended cut is 229,36 sec resp. 3 min 50 sec longer than the theatrical version.
Extended Scene with Alternative Footage
0:18:18: Richard earlier makes it clear that he is a bit weird and there is also a bit of alternative footage. In the Theatrical, Richard can be seen first and then Neil and Jay looking at each other whereas the Extended shows Richard in a full shot and then the extended dialog:

Will: "Sorry...Do we know you?"
Richard: "Anyways, here's a good one for you, right. Get a torch and walk along the beach at night and you get to watch people fucking. They're all drunk and you get to see tits and cocks and that. If you're into cocks. Which it looks like he is! Ha-ha!"
Extended Cut 10,4 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut

Extended Scene
0:19:58: The boys talk about the advantages of masturbating while wearing a condom.

Jay: "If the build-up gets too much for you mate, you can always borrow one of my johnnies, have a wank royale."
Neil: "Oh, cheers, Jay!"
Will: "A what?!"
Neil: "A wank royale. A wank with a johnny on. It's a bit more expensive, so I tend to save it for special occasions."
Simon: "Birthdays, Christmas, the Champions League final..."
Neil: "Exactly."
11,8 sec

Extended Scene with Alternative Footage
0:25:13: This extension is rather big. After the boys do not really know how to start talking to the girls, Will makes different suggestions in the two versions.

Theatrical Version: He can be heard from the off saying that his colleagues were useless. Then he turns to Alison and introduces himself, starting their conversation.

Extended Cut: This version is a lot longer. Will goes to the toilet with Neil and Simon and they talk about their options to improve the situation.

Will (to Alison): "Sorry, will you excuse us a moment?"
They get up, cut to the toilet.

Will: "What's going on?"
Simon: "What do you mean?!"
Will: "What do you think I mean?! Why aren't you talking to the girls?"
Neil: "I get, like, words making sounds in my head, but they don't come out."
Will: "Well, that's easy to fix. Just say them! Move your mouth and say them!"
Neil: "Well, I can't pork any of them anyways, cos of Nicole. But it would be nice to make a connection, like on them TV shows, when people make connection."
Will: "Oh, this is hopeless."
Simon: "Well, I don't exactly see you charming your way into their knickers."
Will: "I just danced for the first time in my life! It's hard to know what to follow up with."
Simon: "Maybe you could pretend to not have the personality that you've got. Like... pretend to be someone cool"
Will: "Thanks, Simon. Thank you. Big help."
Neil: "Yeah. Actually, it's probably best you don't even try."
Will: "No, I am going to try. If anything, I'm gonna try too hard."
Neil: "Now, she is well out of your league. Like well, well, well out of your league."
Will: "So? All girls I like are out of my league. What's the point of going for girls in my league? Look at me! Imagine my league!"

Jay (drunk) enters the room and urinates on the floor. His friends are irritated, but he has a reason, of course.

Will: "Oh, God."
Neil: "Er, Jay, mate? I think you missed the toilet."
Jay: "Are you saying I can't hold my drink?"
Will: "You are pissing your drink all over the floor."
Jay: "So? It's still the toilet. This whole room's the toilet. Neil? Can you chuck me a paper towel? Ah, whipe the drip from the knob. Birds don't like it when it tastes pissy."

He leaves the room and Will talks about their plan again.

Will: "Okay, come on, guys. We've done the hard bit. Let's not fuck this up."
Simon: "I just can't think of what to say!"
Will: "Just talk about something you love. Something you're passionate about."
Simon: "Right. Oh, cool. Got it. I know exactly what to say."

Afterwards, the order of the chat scenes is different as well.
Extended Cut 89,88 sec longer

Alternative voiceover
0:27:47: Will's voiceover during the chat scenes is different, too.

Theatrical Version: "Meanwhile, Simon had finally found a subject he was sure, Lucy would love."

Extended Cut: "Meanwhile, Simon was on a roll."
no difference in time

Extended Scene in the Theatrical Version
KF: 0:33:47: At one point the Theatrical Version is actually longer. After Neil joind Will and Simon on the balcony, the dialog was shortened in the Extended Cut. However, the Extended features an additional scene with almost the same content shortly afterwards.

Simon: "Don't you feel bad about Nicole?"
Neil: "Who?"
Simon: "Nicole, the girlfriend you just cheated on?"
Neil: "Oh, no, no. Cos we weren't kissing and only the tip went in. Any more than the tip is cheating, and I'd never do that, cos I've got ethics."
Simon: "Right..."
Neil: "Anyone want breakfast?"
Simon: "I'm going to go to the Palace Hotel, where those girls we met last night are staying."
Will: "Yeah, we need to find someone to stalk, other than Carli." (Neil haut Will daraufhin). Will: "Ow! Not me, Neil!"
Simon: "Lucy reckons their rep can still get boat party tickets, actually."
Will: "Yeah, I'll come. Alison was nice. Neil?"
Neil: "Can't, I had a nightmare. I left my trunks in England, didn't I?"
Simon: "You can always wear your Calvins. They're practically the same."
Neil: "Can I, Will?"
Will: "Um, yeah, I suppose."
Neil: "And can I bring a ball?"
Will: "Yes, Neil. Yes, you can."
Theatrical Version 37,6 sec longer

Additional Scene
0:36:45: As mentioned: the dialog starts after Jay counted his ant bites. Neil's moral principles and the boat party are the topic here as well.

Will: "I'll tell you what does bite, though. Ants."
Jay: "86, 87, 88. 88 fucking bites."
Will: "Ooh, sorry. I asked for two poached eggs."
Kellner: "Is poached, look."
Will: "No, this is fried. And "an egg", singular."
Kellner: "Yes, poached. I promise with all my heart."
Will: "So, you're promising me, with all your heart, that this is two poached eggs?"
Kellner: "Yes. Burger?"
Jay: "Oh, that's mine."
Neil: "Oi, I'm starving! Where's my bacon sandwich?"
Jay: "I thought you'd have eaten enough pig last night..."
Simon: "Mate, what were you thinking?!"
Neil: "I dunno. She was saying all this dirty stuff and she looked a bit like Will's mum. So I thought, why not?"
Will: "She did not look like my mum, Neil."
Neil: "She did a bit."
Will: "No, she did not."
Jay: "Bet she did when she had his cock in her mouth."
Will: "Brilliant."
Simon: "Don't you feel bad about Nicole?"
Neil: "Who?"
Simon: "Nicole, the girlfriend you just cheated on?"
Neil: "Oh, no, no. Cos we weren't kissing and only the tip went in. Any more than the tip is cheating, and I'd never do that, cos I've got ethics."
Simon: "Right... Well, see you lot later."
Jay: "Where are you going?"
Simon: "I'm going to find those girls. They should be at the hotel. Lucy said her rep could still get boat party tickets."
Jay: "Oh, wow. That's an interesting story."
Simon: "Well, it is, actually, because guess who's going to be there - Carli."
(Jay boxes into his groin). Simon: "Ow! Look, she invited me to the party. She said she missed me. There's got to be a chance she's..."
Neil: "On all fours, sucking that bloke off?"
Simon: "No, she wants us to get back together. What bloke?"
Jay: "Look, you're meant to be here to forget about Carli."
(Neil boxes Jay in the groin). Jay: "Argh! Not me, Neil!"
Will: "I'll help you find them, Si. They were fun. It'll be good to see them again. Alison was nice."
Jay: "Fine, fuck it. I'll help. Shouldn't be too hard to find. Probably spot the lard arse I got stuck with from outer space."
Will: "Neil?"
Neil: "Can't, I had a nightmare. I left my trunks in England, didn't I?"
Jay: "Just wear your Calvins, mate. They're practically the same."
Neil: "Can I, Will?"
Will: "Um, yeah, I suppose."
Neil: "And can I bring a ball?"
Will: "Yes, Neil. Yes, you can."
102,28 sec

Additional Scene
0:50:51: Will and Simon discover a drinking competition in a bar. The guests are cheering for a man drinking beer. At a second glance, Will realizes that it is his school's headmaster. He calls out for him, but he lets them know that they should leave fast. When they comply, Will comments: "At least somebody's enjoying themselves."
34,56 sec

Alternative Voiceover
0:58:12: When the boys and girls start drinking, Simon is saying different things from the off in the respective versions.

Theatrical: "Clearly, Alison was out of my league. But then all girls I like are out of my league. Look at me. Imagine my league. It had to be worth a go."

Extended Cut: "Obviously, we're now rated as so sexually non-threatening, these girls were happy to drink with us. But to be fair, I'd take that every time."
No difference in time

Alternative Voiceover
1:00:56: Will can be heard from the off, he is pondering his inability to get together with Alison.

Theatrical Version: "Obviously, Alison and me was never gonna happen. And yet. And yet. No, I had no fucking chance."

Extended Cut: "Alison was hopelessly out of my league. And yet. And yet. No, I had no fucking chance."
No difference in time

Extended Scene with Alternative Footage
1:13:18: When Jay tells Simon that he tore up the boat party tickets, Simon reacts thoughtful in the Theatrical Version. In the Extended Cut, however, he goes on to attack Jay and the two wrestle briefly. Will plans to look for his bed on the ant hill in both versions and when they go to him, the versions are in synchronicity again.

Theatrical Version:

Simon: "Yeah, no. Makes sense."
Will: "You two go on, I'm just going to have a little recovery snooze."

Extended Cut:

Simon: "Yeah, sure. Makes sense. You fucking arsehole!"
Jay: "Yeah? You want me to fucking mash you up again, do ya?"
Simon: "Yeah!"
Jay: "Yeah?"
Simon: "Yeah!"
Neil: "Oh, you two... can't I even have a piss out of the end of my cock in peace?"
Will: "You two go on, I'm just going to have a little recovery snooze."
Extended Cut 18,04 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut