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The Devil Rides Out

Pan's Labyrinth


Grand Theft Auto


European PSX Version
Region: Europe

PC Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Sep 22, 2011 - Author: Martin Tsang - Translator: DaxRider123
With "Grand Theft Auto" DMA Design in 1997 released a surprise hit. Even though the pixelated graphics were bad even for it's time, the unusual gameplay and the ability to explore every part of the city, spiced with a lot of action, made GTA a huge hit. The European version was not censored in terms of violence - whenever you hit an enemy, blood splatters and when you drive over someone, you will leave a blood trail behind. However, the European PSX version lacked 4 female characters to choose as your game character. This censorship affects all the European PSX versions except the UK version.

This is a comparison between the German PC version (first print) released by Take 2 Interactive (when you switch the language to "German" it's equal to the PSX version) and the German PC version (first print) released by Take 2 Interactive (USK 16) with the setup "English language".
Deleted Characters
The original version of the game includes 4 male characters and four female characters named "Katie", "Mikki", "Divine", and "Ulrika". These characters were edited out of the European PSX versions.