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  • PG-13
  • Unrated Version
Release: Feb 17, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Comparison between PG-13 rated version and Unrated version.

Shutter> is the mediocre US remake of the 2004 Thai horror film. Benjamin and Jane are newly wed and spend their honeymoon in Japan. During a night drive Jane runs over a young woman which mysteriously disappeared after the accident. What seems like a nightmare soon becomes reality when shapes of the woman start to appear on Ben and Jane's photos.

The majority of the new Unrated material are uninteresting scene extensions which might have been cut because of the running time. Two violence extensions have been made: Bruno falling to the ground and the finale in which Benjamin injures himself.

Jane wakes up, gets out of bed and walks to the window.

The following sentence of Benjamin has been moved to the prior scene.

16 Sek.



The cars both stop. Bruno talks to Jane.

Bruno: "So, it's a loft conversion, but it's much nicer on the inside. No, no. Let me get that."

He opens the door and leads them both upstairs.

Bruno: "All the comforts of home. Right this way."


In the PG-13 we only see both cars a moment longer.

Unrated: 20 Sek.
PG-13: 2 Sek.


The showing of the house has been extended.


Benjamin: "Yeah"

Bruno: "Let me show you the darkroom over here for the black-and-white prints."

Benjamin takes a look at the dark room.

Bruno: "Yeah? Will it work? It's good?"
Benjamin: "Yeah, yeah. Better than good."
Bruno: "Good. All right. Well, let's head upstairs, and we'll check out the rest."


Benjamin is seen a little longer, followed by a cut on Jane.

Benjamin: "Yeah"
Bruno: "All right. Well, let's head upstairs, and we'll check out the rest.""

Unrated: 17 Sek.
PG-13: 3 Sek.


Another cut of Jane and Megumi sliding off the car.

Unrated: 4 Sek.


Jane tries to find her way in Tokyo.

She talks to a pedestrian.

Jane: "I'm sorry. Excuse me. Can you show me how to get to- I'm looking for, uh-"

The pedestrian just keeps walking.

Unrated: 13 Sek.


Benjamin does more shots of the models.

Benjamin: "Emi, can you bring that pipe just six inches out from your mouth."

Unrated: 11 Sek.



Benjamin walks to the front and hears a mysterious voice.

Stimme: "You left me here."

He sees a shape which turns out to be one of the models.

Benjamin: "What did you say?"
Model: "What?"
Benjamin: "What did you just say to me?"
Model: "Nothing."

Benjamin, a little confused, walks back to his camera.

Benjamin: "Okay. Here we go. Uh, Sandra, can you bring your leg out a little bit? Thank you."

The camera pushes in on Benjamin scratching his neck.


In the R-Raetd shows the end of the push-in on Benjamin. Same shot.

Benjamin: "Okay. Here we go."

Unrated: 40 Sek.
PG-13: 9 Sek.


Jane follows Ritsuo through the room.

Unrated: 4 Sek.



More dialogue between Murase and Jane. Benjamin translates.

Benjamin: "What are you? Not the skin. This is not us. We are spirit. Just alive. The spirit is energy. When the body dies, the flesh rots. The spirit leaves, but the energy remains. Light is energy. The camera catches light. That's how this works."
Jane: "But what makes them appear?"


Alternate shot of Jane and Murase.

Jane: "What makes them appear?"

Unrated: 46 Sek.
PG-13: 5 Sek.


After the phone call we see another shot of Bruno.

Unrated: 4 Sek.


Bruno hits the floor.

Unrated: 1 Sek.



Benjamin and Jane are coming back home.

Jane opens the window and notices the withered flowers on the table. She walks over to Benjamin and hugs him.


An alternate shot of New York.

Unrated: 60 Sek.
PG-13: 4 Sek.


Jane is seen longer followed by a shot of her winding up the camera. In the next shot we see her a little earlier.

Unrated: 5 Sek.


Jane is in the kitchen and tries some of her cooked meal.

Unrated: 8 Sek.


Benjamin holds the lamp to his neck. He does it longer.

He collapses and pulls the power chord out of the lamp.

Benjamin: "You'll never win."

He holds the chord to his head and pushes the release.

Unrated: 47 Sek.