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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Feb 07, 2010 - Author: Jason - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the uncut Theatrical Version, presented by the German DVD from Laser Paradise, and the Japanese Laserdisc Extended Version from Jasrac.

Takashi Ishiis "Gonin" has been released as an Extended Version in Japan exclusively. Some character expositions are more detailed and the movie is a bit more explicit in terms of violence. All in all the Extended Version is very well-made, but as a Japanese movie released in Japan there are no other languages or subtitles of course; a release outside of Japan is not likely. So this version is above all an object of interest for collectors of rare film versions.

The running time data has been taken from the Theatrical Version.
The remaining difference derives from the different running speeds in PAL and NTSC as well as the rounding of the running time of certain scenes

Theatrical Version: 1:44:27 Min. (1:40:58 Min. without ending credits)
Extended Version: 1:59:33 Min. (1:55:46 Min. without ending credits)

20 Extended / Alternative storyline sequences = 9 Min. 51 Sec.
7 Extended / Alternative violence = 1 Min. 55,5 Sec.
3 cut scenes = 1 Min. 59 Sec.
1 audio censorship
Opening credits:

The logo of the Japanese production company is missing in the Theatrical Version.
10,5 Sec.


Cut scene
The Theatrical Version shows shots of dancing people in Bandais club, including Mitsuya (without wig) kissing a girl and Bandai watches all this – this is missing in the Extended Version.
The EV already shows the flashback in which Bandai sees Mitsuya beating up a man with a baseball bat in a back alley. The passport being picked up is seen a bit earlier without changeover effect in the EV.

Theatrical Version:

Extended Version:

32 Sec.

After Hizus recruitment:

Extended storyline sequence
The Extended Version features an alternative dancing sequence in Bandais club: Mitsuya dances with a woman while Bandai watches (shots are different from the Theatrical Version).
A young man pushes the woman away and dances with Mitsuya – he is the younger one of the two killers later sent after the "Gonin". Bandai keeps watching but eventually leaves.
95 Sec.

Cut scene
Right after this scene the EV is missing a short shot of an industrial area.
3 Sec.

First meeting of the "Gonin":

Extended storyline sequence
Hizu leaves Mitsuya on the floor. He talks to Bandai, then points his gun at Jimmy & Nammy.
The Theatrical Version shows a short shot of Mitsuyas face.

Theatrical Version:

Extended Version:

The Theatrical Version is missing
14 Sec.

Der Überfall:

Extended storyline sequence
Ogiwara tries on various masks while muttering to himself. Then he takes his gun a bit earlier.
38 Sec.

Jimmy & Nammy after the robbery:

Extended storyline sequence
Nammy stuffs some money under the pillows and plush toys of the other prostitutes.
17 Sec.

Extended storyline sequence
The Theatrical Version slows down during Jimmys and Nammys argument about the passport, then fades to black while we hear that Ookoshis men have already found them. In the EV th scene continues and the couple rents a hotel room.
Nammy takes off her clothes and goes to bed while Jimmy seems sort of lost. He hands her the backpack with the money and suggests that she takes it and travels to Thailand alone. She slides towards him, places herself in front of him and fumbles on his (still closed) pants. She starts crying and after a bit of dialogue they both cry and kiss.
Change of scenery: They arrive by train at a train station (...obviously). As they walk towards a shop Ookoshis men are already after them. As soon as they get to them the movie fades to black.

Theatrical Version:

Extended Version:

The Theatrical Version is
217 Sec. shorter.

Jimmy with his dead girlfriend / Jimmys death:

Extended violence
Jimmy mourns his dead girlfriend a bit longer and two flashbacks are shown. A man appears behind Jimmy, obviously one of Ookoshis men who has come to take him away. Jimmy resists and the confrontation ends rather violent.
46 Sec.

Audio censorship
After Jimmy has been shot in the EV he gurgles and groans in the off. This is not heard in the Theatrical Version.
No time difference

Ogiwara comes home:

Extended storyline sequence
Ogiwara is seen earlier as he climbs the stairs.
3 Sec.

Extended storyline sequence
Ogiwara approaches his house in another shot.
3,5 Sec.

Extended storyline sequence
Ogiwara climbs back onto the pedestal and shakes out his shoes to remove the dirt..
17 Sec.

Extended violence
The Theatrical Version remains in the long shot after Ogiwara has closed the door behind him.
The Extended Version zooms in on the dead girl at the piano as he closes the door. After the door is closed the camera zooms in some more.

Theatrical Version:

Extended Version:

The Extended Version runs
7 Sec. longer.

Extended storyline sequence
Changes order of scenes:
Theatrical Version: Ogiwara goes into the room of his dead children / Ogiwara goes into the bathroom, fills the bathtub with water and steps in front of the mirror.
Extended Version: Ogiwara goes into the bathroom, fills the bathtub with water and steps in front of the mirror / Ogiwara goes into the room of his dead children.
The scene in the childrens room is shot in alternative angles in the EV :
Ogiwara is seen earlier, stepping into the room next to the room of his children. In his imagination they both run past him; then he waves off some flies.
23 Sec.

Alternative storyline sequence
In the TV the shot is positioned much higher for a while as Ogiwara enters the room so we see the two children sitting on the bed next to each other.

Theatrical Version:

Extended Version:

No time difference

Extended violence
Ogiwara steps away from the bed and the camera zooms in on the dead girl and pans over to the baseball bat.
11,5 Sec.

Extended storyline sequence / Voilence
Ogiwara stands in front of the mirror longer. Then he starts to "shave" – he smears toothpaste into his face and wipes it off with the toothbrush. The camera pans to the door where we see his dead wife.
64,5 Sec.

Alternative storyline sequence
In the Theatrical Version the bathroom door is seen longer while Ogiwara sings and moves around in the tub.
In the Extended Version we see him earlier, sitting in the tub next to his wife who is still alive in his mind.

Theatrical Version:

Extended Version:

No time difference

Extended violence
Another shot of Ogiwara in the tub with his dead wife beside him; he takes off his glasses.
16 Sec.

Alternative violence
In the Theatrical Version Ogiwara holds the hand of his dead wife and talks to her
In the Extended Version pans back to the door. Ogiwara puts on his glasses, strokes her knee, talks to her and giggles.

Theatrical Version:

Extended Version:

The Extended Version runs
13 Sec. longer.

Extended violence
After the killer has opened the door holding the hand of his wife and turning his head towards the door.
4 Sec.

Extended storyline sequence
Another shot of Ogiwara.
1,5 Sec.

Alternative violence / Extended storyline sequence
Theatrical Version: Shot of the killer / Ogiwara falls back into the tub / another shot of the killer.

Extended Version: Ogiwara falls back in a different shot; his dead wife is clearly visible. He slowly slides towards her knee.
The killer puts down his weapon and wipes the door handle with a towel while we see the two dead people in the tub. He throws the towel on the floor and leaves the room.

The Extended Version runs
18 Sec. longer.

Extended storyline sequence
The dialogue between the two killers starts earlier and is therefore longer.
10 Sec.

After Ogiwaras murder:

Extended storyline sequence
Bandai & Mitsuya walk along a railway embankment, talking. Bandais cellphone is ringing but he ignores it..
43 Sec.

At the bus station:

Extended storyline sequence
Bandai arrives at the bus station and enters the men's room where Mitsuya stands at the urinal. Bandai stands next to him and they talk a bit. Mitsuya leaves the romm and leaves the bag with the money with Bandai.
42,5 Sec.

Extended storyline sequence
The killer sticks his gun under the door and pulls the trigger.
1 Sec.

Extended storyline sequence
The killer pulls back his gun.
1 Sec.

Finale im Bus:

Cut scene
After the killer has fallen into the seat the complete rest is missing: Both are slowly dying in their seats. The small travel group returns and the driver does not notice the two dead men while counting the people. The bus drives away and we see several shots of the dead men and the dead Mitsuya. The credits roll and the movie fades to black.
The Extended Version only shows a short black screen before the credits start to roll.

Theatrical Version:

Extended Version:

The Extended Version is missing
84 Sec.