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Body Parts


Wake of Death


  • NL Blu-ray
  • R-Rated
Release: Feb 12, 2014 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut NL Blu-ray version, taken from the identical German DVD, and the uncut US DVD by Columbia Tristar (Rated R).

The cut version used for both the Dutch Blu-ray and German DVD of “Wake of Death” has been cut by about 4 minutes, or more precisely 239 seconds NTSC (229,4 seconds PAL) in a total of 22 cuts. Unfortunately, these cuts were not made very subtly, there are noticeable jumps in the audio track and sometimes even sentences were cut shots. From time to time, one or two frames of the cut shots were even left in the movie.

Note: In contrast to every other release worldwide, the US DVD is not anamorphic. Due to the high Bitrate of about 7 Mb/s, however, its quality is not much worse than on the other releases.

Running times:
Cut Version without ending credits: 1:26:10 NTSC → 1:22:43 PAL
Uncut Version without ending credits: 1:18:54 PAL

The time designations always refer to the cut version, the cut lengths are in NTSC format.
The company logo of „Dej Productions“ is missing.
4,91 sec.

The gory headshot hitting the woman in the restaurant can be seen. The vut version only shows the gangster pulling the trigger.
0,7 sec.

A few shots of Sun Quan and Cythia, the former draws a knife.
25,29 sec.

After Sun Quan attacked the Cynthia, the KJ is lacking the shot of her blood splattering against some fish. The following shot of Sun Quan is missing as well.
4,46 sec.

A ganster is being hit by van Damme's bullet in the chest.
0,79 sec.

Two more gangsters get shot.
2,54 sec.

Some parts of the SM scene are missing. The man is being whipped by the domina.
13,58 sec.

A ganster is getting shot by van Damme.
0,92 sec.

The opponent gets hit several times by van Damme and then falls down the staircase to land rather hard.
5,08 sec.

Before van Damme shoots Andy Wang, who is tied to the bed, there is a short dialog.
Van Damme: „That’s for my wife!“
Andy Wang: “Fuck you!”
2,42 sec.

A lot of blood splatters against the all after the shot.
1,42 sec.

Max drills into the corrupt cop's wrist.
10,25 sec.

Van Damme: „Tony. He wants to call the police.”
Guy with beard: “Give him a fucking court order.”
Van Damme: “Max, finish him.”
14,08 sec.

The corrupt cop is worked at with the drill some more. At the same time, Max and Raymond are screaming at him.
15,92 sec.

More drilling, this time it is the policeman'S knee.
Raymond: „You wanna get killed, you piece of shit?“
Policeman: “Oh, Jesus!”
Max: “That’s our good boy. You’re enjoying this this? This is terrific! Now you tell me of this fucking Sun Quan! Where the fuck do I find him?”
16,75 sec.

Max: „You have the only real fucking pain in your body, do you understand me? Raymond, drill his fucking head off!”
Raymond does as he is told.
Max: „Raymond, clean up.“
Raymond cleans up the blood-stained sheets at the ground.
Max takes his cell phone and says: „Tony, tell Ben: Pier 19. Katrina. Tonight.“
42,33 sec.

Van Damme kicks his opponent on the ground again (only in the off).
3,21 sec.

After van Damme's car explodes, some enemies are running around on fire. Van Damme shoots them.
19,71 sec.

A gangster falls down the tower after being killed and rams a pipe on his way.
5,88 sec.

The killer whets his wife and attacks the bearded guy. He hits van Damme's friend with it several times.
17,92 sec.

The fight continues. The bearded guy tries to kick the killer but is hit in the groin with a knife. He then tumbles against a container, the killer beats his head against it and then stabs him in the chest.
24,75 sec.

Van Damme hits his enemy in the face two more times in the off.
6,1 sec.