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Samurai Showdown

original title: Samurai Spirits サムライスピリッツ


SNES Version
Region: USA/Europa

Arcade Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Apr 14, 2015 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123

The game is a 2D Beat'em Up tournament where you have to fight and defeat several enemies one by one. Over the course of the tournament something awakens an evil force which at the end serves as the final boss. The game - also known as "Samurai Spirits" - has several sequels, a roleplaying game and e ven a few anime episodess. It was one of the first games where a "Rage meter" built up when you take damage so that you can effectively strike back with a lot of force. The game includes swords and other weapons which one could knock out of the enemies' hands; however, only your enemies could pick them up again. When you hit enemies with your sword, blood will splash out of the wounds. One could even cut enemies in half. This is a comparison between the international censored SNES Version and the uncensored Arcade/Neo-Geo Version.
During the intro there's a first small alteration since it says that Samurai do not fear "death". Apparently, that word was too risky. Now the text says that Samurai fear nothing. By the way - the sentence "A SAMURAI FEARS NOT DEATH" is another great example of glorious Japanese translations. ENGRISH at its best - even in the title itself ;)
SNES VersionArcade Version

Attacks can lead to blood splashing out of the enemy. The SNES Version includes the regular "yellow hits", however, also includes a few "orange hits" that appear a little like blood. However, the game's overall colors make it clear that deep red looks different.
SNES VersionArcade Version

The title cards that pop up in between the levels were toned down. Words like "Kill", "Die", and "Murderer" were censored and some sentences appear more harmless.
SNES VersionArcade Version

Both versions include finishing moves. When using certain button combinations you can cut your enemies up. Depending on the enemy, the animation is different. Earthquake for example gets cut in half, Nakoruru gets her legs cut off, and another enemy loses his entire arm along with his blade-hand. Most of the time, blood splashes out of the wounds. In the SNES Version, however, the enemies are defeated but they don#t die. Instead they sit back up. No blood, no corpse.
SNES VersionArcade Version

Whenever you win a fight in the Original Version you can see that small black ninjas carry the corpses of your enemies away while your character comments on his victory. In the SNES Version you also see the comment, however, the enemies remain in the background.
SNES VersionArcade Version